Astrology gift guide


Need to buy gifts for friends or rellies? Simply find out their star signs and I promise you’ll be guided in the right direction.


March 21 – April 20
For Aries, big and bold is their natural style, so steer clear of pastels. With energy to burn, anything involving fun and fitness should hit the mark.
For him: sporting gear, sunglasses, sunhat, red bicycle, Swiss Army knife, red necktie, waterproof watch, travel bag, surfboard or bodyboard, go-kart or sky diving session.
For her: dance classes, diamante jewellery (or real diamonds!), exercise bike, fitness gear, bright scarf, oversize bag, colourful walking shoes, drop earrings, ruby ring.
For kids: anything that shakes, rattles and rolls, snorkel set, pogo stick, superhero dress-ups, skateboard or rollerskates, sun hat, surf mat, flippers, basketball hoop, rebounder net, suction darts set.


April 21 – May 21
It’s all about luxury for this earthy, sensual sign, so don’t scrimp on quality. If it looks, feels, tastes or smells good, you’re unlikely to go wrong.
For him: music, silk tie, iPod dock or good quality sound system, slippers, leather wallet, shoulder massage, gourmet food or wine, bbq tools, cooking class voucher.
For her: fine linen, kitchen gadgets, scarves, leather purse, photo frame, cookbooks, crystal glasses, serving platter, wok, classic perfume, expensive cosmetics, fancy gumboots, hydroponic gardening kit.
For kids: plush farm animals, necklace, junior chef set, blocks, craft materials, moneybox, embroidery kit, keyboard, skin-care products, foreign coins, farmstay.


May 22 – June 21
Plain equals boring for this fun-loving sign so opt for funky colours and daring designs. Books and magazine subscriptions are guaranteed to win hearts.
For him: non-fiction books, bookends, kindle or iPad, stunt kite, walking shoes, pen set, digital radio, pet bird, cinema tickets, magazine subscription, cards or poker set.
For her: coffee table books, leather gloves, nail polish, lavender hand cream, butterfly motifs, wind chimes, magazine subscription, ipad mini, diary, manicure voucher.
For kids: books, manicure set, dominos, tap lessons, puppets, bracelet, tennis racquet, origami, bongos, calligraphy set, walkie talkies, rollerskates, Scrabble, Bananagrams.


June 22 – July 22
Cancerians love cocooning, so quality kitchen and homewares are always a hit. Shimmery blues and silver are their colours and pearl their ruling stone.
For him: swimmers, wetsuit, fishing gear, wallet, cookbook, poker set, cashmere sweater, framed family photos, antique decanter, underwater camera, goggles or snorkel set.
For her: glass vase, pearls, silver jewellery, scrapbooking kit, baking molds, cute camera, teapot, fine China mugs, antique sherry glasses, lacy knickers, classic homewares, photo album, pearls.
For kids: teddy bear, dolls house, toy castle, watercolour paints, beach gear, embroidery kit, tea set, Game of Life, model boat, bath toys, tent, beach gear, locket necklace.


July 23 – August 23
Leos love to be spoilt, at least now and again. Cosmetics and haircare products should win the day, along with anything that glitters like the sun.
For him: leather briefcase, patterned scarf, sports bag, sundial, back massage, sunglasses, gourmet foods, cheeky underwear, home brew kit, gym membership.
For her: colourful head scarf, gilded mirror, costume jewellery, scented candles, crystal sun-catcher, salon voucher, theatre tickets or season pass, name brand makeup, toiletries case.
For kids: plush toy animals, sporting gear, sparkly shoes, trampoline, jewelry box, dress-ups, roller blades, active games like Twister, coits set, gymnastic or dancing lessons.


August 24 – September 23
Choose gifts that promote healthy living and you’ll be on the money. Being nature lovers at heart, Virgos adore all shades of green, brown and blue.
For him: Fitbit style health monitor, hydroponics kit, binoculars, bird feeder, bird bath, bonsai, Bluetooth speaker, tool box, antique abacus, rain gauge or weather station.
For her: scented plants or herb box, essential oils, quilting set, yoghurt maker, juicer, Pilates DVD and mat, health-related books, storage boxes, teapot, herbal teas.
For kids: miniature toys, games and puzzles, toy chest, stickers, Spirograph, dolls house, foreign coins, moneybox, sewing set, craft kit, microscope, Monopoly, Stockmarket board game, alphabet chart.


September 24 – October 23
Librans are on a mission for peace, love and harmony, so anything that conjures up romance should hit the spot. Their flowers are roses and daisies.
For him: wine rack (or fridge), gourmet meal, blue or silver silk tie, leather wallet, crystal decanter, whiskey glasses, ipod dock or sound system, aftershave.
For her: delicate jewelry, dancing lessons, rose quartz crystal, lingerie, scented candles, floral perfume, crystal glassware, glass vase, quality silk flowers, flowering pot plants, tablecloth and serviettes.
For kids: crystals, kaleidoscope, dolls and teddies, flower press, calligraphy set, music box, dancing lessons, tutu, toy castle, bubble wand, movie or theatre tickets, pencils or watercolour paints.


October 24 – November 22
Scorpio’s colours are black and deep red, so pastels are hardly their cup of tea. Opt for lush fabrics and rich flavours, and you won’t go wrong.
For him: good wine or port, snorkel set, magazine subscription, leather gloves, spy movies, scorpion in glass, boules set, puzzles, cheeky toys, antique jewelry, tiger’s eye ring.
For her: champagne, crystal goblets, angel cards, coloured glass, funky homewares, exotic perfume, spice set, flower press, opal ring, black lingerie, crystal cluster, herb garden, astrology gift certificate.
For kids: science or anatomy books, mysteries and fairytales, magic set, pet insects, ant farm, sporting gear, silver locket, perfume kit, pirate set, kids spy gear, kaleidoscope, crystals, karate lessons.


November 23 – December 22
Archers love the wind in their hair, so gifts that can be used outdoors fit well. Purple and blue are their colours, with topaz their ruling stone.
For him: antique maps, atlas, travel guides, weekend away, walking shoes, backpack, tent, sports bag, badminton or archery set, tennis lessons.
For her: travel books, portable charger, amethyst or sapphire jewelry, foreign homewares, sporting gear, day pack, purple bicycle, beach towel, sunglasses, exotic plants and flowers, orchid (real or silk), bird feeder, terrarium.
For kids: cuddly animals, rocking horse, Little Pony, Totem tennis, surfboard, adventure stories, hiking boots, backpack, sleeping bag, compass, suction archery set, tennis set, craft box.


December 23 – January 20
Even as kids, Capricorns understand the notion of quality over quantity. Choose earthy colours and classic designs and you’ll be their good books.
For him: fact books, weather vane, barometer, grandfather clock, electric toothbrush, desk set, letter opener, silk tie, magazine subscription, leather briefcase, upmarket toiletries.
For her: lotions and potions, silver photo frame, storage box, gardening gear, potted herbs, weather station, wind jacket and gumboots (for when it finally rains), perfume, silver necklace, movie voucher.
For kids: Lego or blocks, comfy couch, toy chest, silver locket, piggy bank, retro clock radio, waterproof watch, kids cooking set, pottery wheel, pet rock kit, clay or Fimo.


January 21 – February 19
Water-loving Aquarians adore all things blue (think oceans, mountains, sky). Being individuals, they should appreciate anything unusual or handmade.
For him: stunt kite, swimmers/snorkeling gear, telescope, board games, puzzles, electronic devices, aquarium, torch, fountain, flying lessons, flight simulator.
For her: beach gear, unusual lamps, retro jewelry, orchid, turquoise jewelery, patterned platters, kitchen gadgets, coloured glass, retro wall prints, aquamarine or larimar jewelry.
For kids: aquatic or space themes, dress-ups, canoe or blow-up boat, remote control toys, origami, glitter make-up, crystals, fact books, canoe, sailing lessons, houseboat holiday.


February 20 – March 20
Pisceans love anything that stimulates the imagination, so forget about being practical and have fun. Their colours range from sea green to aqua blue.
For him: concert tickets, fine wine, canoe or boat, music, ipod, slippers, romantic dinner, fishing or beach gear, retro tin toys, artwork, hammock, canoe, aquarium, flippers.
For her: melodic windchimes, dream diary or journal, amethyst jewelry, reflexology or aromatherapy session, foot care products, candles, silk scarves, essential oils, electric oil burner, aloe vera plant, herbs, crystal sun catcher, an astrology reading with me!
For kids: fairytale books, hanging mobile, paints and painting easel, bath bomb kit, sailing lessons, dress-ups, bubble blower, cubby house, swing set, sparkly jewelry, ballet slippers, fish tank, dream encyclopaedia.

c Jenny Blume 2019

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8 feng shui tips for a lucky 2019

2019 Year of the PIG

The Chinese New Year (on February 4 and 5) is the perfect time to lift the vibe, so set the ball rolling with some DIY feng shui. Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Pig!

1 Beautify your entrance

An inviting entrance will draw more luck and good fortune into your home, so lavish it with love to create a bright, uplifting space. Paint, weed, wash down your door, and give your doormat a good wash (or if you’ve had a rotten year, buy a new one!). For an extra special sparkle, add solar lights to the garden or trees – and not just for the festive season, but all year round.

MOON PLANTING GUIDE: Flowers and veggies planted under fertile moon signs tend to thrive. Best planting days in February: 6, 7, 12, 13, 16, 17 … plus vines on Feb 24 or 25.

2 Declutter and clean your kitchen

Clutter can act as a barrier, trapping you in the past and making it difficult for new people and opportunities to enter your life, so if you don’t love, need or use an item, pass it on. To attract prosperity, give your your kitchen an extra-special clean, fix leaking taps and try to use all of your hotplates (to encourage a steady income).

3 Rev up romance

From February 4, 2019, the strongest romance energy will will flowing into the NORTH sector of your home, so give any rooms here a special spruce-up, along with the garden outside. Clear clutter, then add healthy pot plants, flowers, lucky bamboo, suncatchers, crystals, a birdbath or romantic images to activate the fortuitous energies!

4 Move your mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can draw light or pleasant views into a room, but reflecting dark or ugly areas will emphasize problems. Consider what is being reflected, and ask, ‘do I want more of it?’ If need be, cull mirrors, for having too many can bring confusion and turn peaceful homes into mirror-mazes. Click here for more about mirrors.

5 Lift the vibe

Energy in homes and offices can become stagnant, so fling open your windows and burn some sage to banish any bad vibes. For an extra energy boost, burn citrusy oils like bergamot and lemongrass. Then make up an everyday spritzer – with water and a half teaspoon of kaffir lime oil – not just for your home, but for yourself and your car as well!

6 Reassess artwork

Depictions of sadness or violence can conjure up negative feelings, while images of beautiful places or loved ones help to promote a sense of peace and wellbeing. Sunrises, flowers and rural scenes are especially fortuitous. If you’re looking for romance, place romantic images in the south west sector, and limit family photos in your bedroom!

7 Place a salt cure in the SW

If your bedroom or front door falls in the south west sector, placing a ‘salt water cure’ there should help to lift the vibe and harmonise the feng shui (from Feb 4, 2019). It may seem odd, but these cures can suck up negative energy like a hoover. See my salt water cure page for details or if you need support, consider booking a session with me.

8 Energise your home’s ‘tai chi’

From February 4, the auspicious ‘8 water star’ moves to the centre of your home, known as the ‘Tai Chi’, so give this area a good clean and declutter, then spritz with Kaffir lime (see tip 5) or a space clearing spray, then place crystals, lucky objects, candles or a beautiful lamp there to activate the lucky energy. Enhancing this sector should help  support your career as well.

Pay special attention to the NORTH WEST too, as this sector could attract more travel, helpful people and business success in 2019. Have a wonderful new year!

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Feng shui compass sectors

sheng cycle - 2013

Want to try some DIY feng shui? I’ve draw up a simple feng shui compass sector chart (known as a Sheng cycle), to get you started.

The old system, known as ‘Black Hat Sect School’, where the front door is used, has been largely discredited, as it was over-simplified when it first appeared in the West (in the 1980s). It was based on the compass school formula, where each direction resonates with an area in life.

Your home’s compass sectors can be found with a compass or by looking at google maps or google earth, although readings may be up to 10 degrees out, as feng shui consultants factor in magnetic declination to get a ‘true north’ reading, versus map north.  Alternatively, take note of where the sun sets (west) and rises (east).

Feng shui works on many levels, but at it’s core, ‘compass sectors’ rule particular areas of life. If family relationships are rocky, try sprucing up your home or living room’s eastern sector, starting with a good clean and declutter, then boost the energy with plants or flowers. Lucky bamboo is also a good enhancer, along with happy family photos.

Career is in the north, finances in the south east, romance in the south west, travel and helpful people in the north west, and so on. You’ll find them on the Bagua map, above. Feng shui works on deeper, more complex levels as well, but even simple changes can help to shift energies and lift the vibe.

If you’d like to book a space clearing or professional feng shui consultation email for a quote.

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Lucky feng shui for 2017

chinese-astrology-fire-rooster-2017As we move into the Year of the Rooster, your home’s feng shui and prosperity points will begin to shift. Fire rooster ruled years tend to be unpredictable and a tad hyperactive, but don’t panic, for the rooster can be highly stimulating, inventive, romantic and exciting too. He likes to strut his stuff!

To attract luck and prosperity in 2017, grab a compass and place a few celestial cures around your home and garden on February 4. Feng shui cures are usually applied on the Solar New Year (which is always February 4) rather than the Lunar New Year (January 28).

Of course, you can place cures at any time in 2017. The principle of ‘better late than never’ applies when it comes to creating good feng shui in your home or office. And don’t forget, the New Year is an ideal time to clear your cupboards and cast out anything that you don’t use or love. If you need help or a Space Clearing click here.

• Residents of east facing homes should attract loads of good luck this year. Place red objects (such as flowers or candles), lamps, crystals or sparkling sun catchers in the eastern part of your home or garden to enhance your good fortune.

• The south east is also extremely lucky this year – great news if your home faces this direction, or your bedroom falls in this compass sector (ooh la la!). Add candles, lamps and splashes of red for extra pizazz.

• If your home or front door faces towards the south, feng shui ‘cures’ should be placed to harmonise the energy. Metal windchimes, bells, red objects and lucky bamboo should all work well. Avoid crystals or water features here (just for this year). Consider setting up a salt water cure for extra protection. Click here for instructions.

• To attract love and romance keep your home’s south west as clean and attractive as possible – and this year, avoid too much renovating, metal (such as wind chimes) or water in this sector. Display romantic images, burn sweet smelling oils, plant herbs, display flowers (silk are fine), or simply throw open the curtains and let the sunlight stream in.

• Flower essence drops are helpful for many people, particularly in times of change and transition. Check out a few suggested blends under your star sign forecast.

Wishing you a wonderful new year, Jenny x

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Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017, the year of excess and inspiration! With Jupiter blowing everything out of proportion and unpredictable Uranus fanning the flames, life certainly won’t be boring. These over-the-top stars want it all, but don’t get too carried away, especially on the financial front. With Neptune obscuring the facts, risky ventures might prove to be just that.

On the flipside, these eccentric, passionate patterns could work wonders after dark, not just for lovers, but for artists and performers as well. As we search for escapism, music, comedy and old-style entertainment could enter a golden era. You might even feel a yearning to sing or dance yourself … or a yearning to express yourself could reveal your inner artist. Bring on the fun and games!

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Colour therapy at work

Colours can have an instant impact, but they can also affect us in more subtle ways.

Red is well known as an appetite enhancer (KFC and McDonalds might be onto something!), making it an ideal choice for restaurants and fast food outlets, but if you want to turn people off their food, use purple, mauve or black.

Yellow stimulates the mind, making it a perfect choice for call centres or workplaces where people need to stay alert. Yellow can also work well in schools and study areas, as it aids concentration.

Shades of orange and yellow can also be used to lift the spirits and cheer up patients in hospitals, while bright orange is said to lessen emotional shock – making it an excellent hue for emergency rooms.

pinkprisonShades of pink and peach tend to calm people down, making them ideal colours for prisons, hospital waiting rooms and counseling centres. Some US prisons have even tried painting cells pink, and as a result, noticed less aggression*.

Blue can also calm the mind and reduce stress, but day in day out, some people can find blue a depressing colour – especially if a person’s spirits or energy levels are already low.

Shades of turquoise and aqua, on the other hand, are creative, invigorating colours, making them ideal for media industries and design-related professions. As they aid communication, they can also be a great choice for boardrooms and conference centres.

Green is the colour of balance and growth, making it ideal for health industries, mediation rooms and legal offices. It can also help patients to heal, making it a perfect colour for rehab centres.

*In 1979, directors of a Naval correctional centre in Seattle, US, painted some prison confinement cells pink in order to determine the effects this might have on prisoners. The rates of assault before and after the interior was painted pink were then monitored.

According to the Navy’s report, “Since the initiation of this procedure, there have been no incidents of erratic or hostile behavior during the initial phase of confinement”. Only fifteen minutes of exposure was enough to ensure that the potential for violent or aggressive behavior had been reduced, the report observed.

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