Retrograde pros & cons

Yikes, retrograde season is now in full swing. Joining Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus and Pluto (all in their retrograde phases) is Mercury!

Mercury retrogrades (from Sept 27 – Oct 18) tend to bring delays and mix-ups, but don’t panic … when you work with them, not against, they can actually be quite useful.

Occurring three or four times a year, and lasting for roughly 3.5 weeks, retrograde phases are ideal for reviewing, reworking, revisiting and researching.

Falling in the sign of Libra, this Mercury retrograde will focus on relationships, fairness, equality, balance and harmony – the classic Libran themes. And being Mercury, communication, or lack of it, may also come under scrutiny. Misunderstandings will be rife, so if you want to say something, say it clearly.

The trick is to avoid big decisions and major purchases, and instead, use these ‘go-slow’ periods to finetune plans and mull things over. If you DO push on through, be prepared for delays or unforeseen changes.

It can be helpful to know which ‘astrological house’ is affected in your horoscope – ie, falling in the second house, it’s likely to bring a review of budgets and spending, while in the sixth house it could see you researching health- or work-related issues – but for everyone, the Libran themes will still feature.

Is your work-life balance out of kilter? Does your relationship need pepping up? Do you seek more harmony in your life? Are household tasks shared equitably? Are lines of communication open and clear? Are you giving more than you receive? Are you being treated with respect?

There’s no doubt that retrograde phases can be frustrating – sometimes incredibly so! – but to keep things running smoothly, regular reviews and tune-ups are essential. With a little luck, the October 6 new moon (in Libra) could usher us into a more kind, fair and harmonious phase.

PS Around the week of October 18, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury will all shift back into forward motion. Pluto shifts back on October 6, just leaving Uranus. Interesting!

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