Space Clearing

Space clearing, or spiritual house cleansing, can be likened to spring cleaning your home or workspace on an energetic level. Various rituals and procedures clear negative energies that may have built up; these energies are often created by previous occupants, arguments or illnesses. Afterwards, the vibe generally feels much lighter; health and sleep often show a marked improvement. Pets can reap rewards as well, especially if anxiety has been a problem.

When are space clearings most beneficial?
After renovating or moving into a home or office
When you feel ‘stuck’ in life and need a lift
If you feel anxious or depressed
When the feel of past occupants is hanging around
If you feel that your house may be haunted
After a serious illness, death or breakup

What’s involved?
Space Clearing involves some preparation both at your end and mine, with the procedure taking roughly 1.5 – 2.5 hours. All clearings are concluded with a four corner house blessing to protect and harmonise your space.

Jenny lives in northern NSW and consults locally – covering the Gold Coast, Tweed Valley and Byron regions –  and Sydney when visiting (every 3-5 weeks).
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Jenny is a fully qualified astrologer and feng shui consultant. When consulting she combines various feng shui schools, including Form school, Compass school, Flying Stars and BaZi. She offers seminars and consultations in the Sydney, Gold Coast and Byron regions, and for the past 12 years has been writing destiny columns and weekly star signs for Woman’s Day (Australia & NZ), Courier Newspapers and Real People, UK.

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Woman’s Day Space Clearing story – May, 2012