Astrology readings

cropped-jennyblume100dpi.jpgIntuitive astrology readings

Curious what’s in store? I offer personal readings for $80/30-35 mins or $140/60-65 mins (by phone or at Tweed Heads NSW). You’ll be amazed by how much we cover, and how much insight into yourself, your relationships, your career, your life purpose and the future you will gain.

In addition to predictive readings, I love looking at relationships and family dynamics. Parents can gain deeper insights into children and learn more about potential schooling styles, hobbies and talents. Alternatively, I can assess couples compatibility or find best wedding dates, business launch dates or fertility dates (using your lunar cycle).

Along with personal readings I write weekly forecasts for Woman’s Day and New Idea.

To book email or call 0411 631 940

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Client reviews

” … I’ve just listened to my reading again and OH MY GOD it’s so crazy how I can relate to absolutely everything that’s unfolded since the reading! Can wait to book in for another one later in the year.” – ER, January 2022

“Jenny was SO accommodating and kind. She understood why I was reaching out for a reading even more than I did and was able to help bring me much needed clarity and answers in regards to my path and my future. I was able to walk away from the reading feeling clarity, feeling a sense of direction, and being warned about things to look out for that will not benefit me down the track.
I couldn’t recommend Jenny more ❤❤ ” – JV, May 2022

“Jenny is such a beautiful warm reader with a wealth of knowledge. She is very talented at bringing together all the pieces of your chart and making it easy to understand! The most talented reader I’ve come across for astrology! The accuracy is incredible.” – NC, April 2021

“Thank you again for my reading … so insightful … has lifted a weight off my shoulders!” – DR, October 2021

My session with Jenny was so insightful and full of meaning it’s like she had read my mind and put it all out infront of me in a simple way I can process. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone wanting to know more about their life and direction x” – IK, August 2021

“Jen has a very deep knowledge and gift in astrology. The reading was enlightening, guiding and confirming for me and I left feeling a sense of hope and possibility. Thanks again for your reading … it was amazing!’ – KW, February 2021 

“Amazing energy, loved my astro reading by Jenny …. so accurate and spot on …. highly recommend this lovely lady …. truly talented and gifted. Thanks Jenny x” – MH, February 2020

“After looking into a number of astrologers I came across Jenny. She was able to accommodate me on short notice and provided me with a very informative and insightful reading over the phone.
Jenny was lovely, passionate and made things easy to comprehend. I plan to seek her guidance in the future and would highly recommend her.” – AL, August 2020

“What a beautiful, kind, compassionate and articulate woman. Astrology sessions with Jenny leave me feeling confident and proactive about what is to come in my life. Jenny offers in depth insight and wisdom across all aspects of life. Very grateful to have such a wonderful astrologer :)” – TH, August 2018

“Jenny is a wonderful, intuitive and warm astrologer who has helped to provide guidance and insight at times when it has been difficult to find the right path.” – SA, January 2018

“Every year at the Chinese New Year, I ask Jenny to do the feng shui for my house to balance the energies and to adjust the cures. I also have Jenny calculate my astrological chart … I find Jenny is extremely knowledgeable and accurate in her predictions.” – IK, December 2017

“What an inspiration you are! Everything you mentioned was 100% accurate and you have cemented my ideas and leanings beautifully. Thank you so much for your amazing reading.” – KS, June 2017

“Jenny, thank you so much for a great reading. It was spot on in so many aspects …” – DS, May 2017

“So many fantastic ‘coincidences’ have occurred in my life since Jenny’s visit, and I wanted to convey the positive effects her space clearing and remedies have had on my life and relationships. Thank you!” – WP, May 2016

“I can highly recommend Jenny – she has an extraordinary gift. After my reading I felt more focused, reinvigorated and had greater clarity. There’s nothing like it to get out of a funk!” – ST, August 2016

“I just wanted to tell you that I found a reading you did for me back in the 1990s. I have listened to it about four times and wanted to tell you how amazingly accurate it was. At the time I thought it was good but looking back now it is soooo good. The grown up me sees all of my characteristics you described and I am blown away by your skills!” – JS, (from mid 90s)

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