What’s your Mars sign?

Your sun sign represents your inner self, but your Mars sign indicates your best mode of action. When blocked, Mars energy can surface as anger and frustration, but when channeled correctly you’re able to fire on all cylinders.

Keep your sun sign and ascendant (rising sign) in mind as you read your Mars sign, and perhaps try a combination of all three.

To find your own Mars sign, go to
or contact Jenny at jennyblume@iprimus.com.au to order a chart reading (see details below). If born on a ‘cusp day’, when Mars changes signs, it’s possible that your sign may be the one before or after. Please keep in mind that Australia and NZ are half a day ahead of the UK, so you might want to try the day before and check which feels better.

Mars in ARIES – fast and furious

People with Mars in Aries often gravitate towards adventurous, adrenaline-pumping activities. Past-paced sports and competitive pastimes tend to appeal, although enthusiasm can wane as the novelty wears off. Anything too slow or boring will lose you, so choose pursuits that get the heart pumping and challenge your inner athlete. Power yoga, jogging, marathons, touch football, boxercise, motor racing, cycling, go-carting, sky diving, mountain climbing … mix it up, and shock a few people in the process!

Mars in TAURUS – staying power

People with Mars in Taurus tend to enjoy the good life, but when they have a goal in mind, their determination and staying power can be impressive. Once momentum builds, your energy levels are strong and steady, making you a great motivator for less dedicated types. Nature-based activities like walking, golf, horse riding and jogging may appeal, along with pursuits that require strength and endurance; being ruled by beauty loving Venus, anything that involves music, theatre or dancing should also hit the spot. A love for the land and gardening is often present when Taurus features in a horoscope, so backyard blitzes might keep you busy as well.

Mars in GEMINI – energy to burn

People with Mars in Gemini often resonate with fast, high intensity workouts: aerobics, cycling, jogging and group fitness sessions should hit the spot and help to calm the nerves. Interval training was made for this sign! If you can talk and catch up on the goss at the same time, even better. Dance classes like Zumba and tap also fit well, along with cycling, walking, jogging and racquet sports such as badminton and tennis. As this Mars sign tends to be jittery, regular, stress-relieving exercise isnt a luxury, it’s essential. Table tennis, anyone?

Mars in CANCER – the homebody

People with Mars in Cancer can be prone to weight gain (hello, sweet tooth), so regular exercise is important. Being a water sign, swimming and aquaerobics might appeal, along with aquatic pastimes like sailing, fishing, snorkelling, cruising or canoeing. Being the zodiac’s homebody, online yoga or fitness DVDs can also work well, along with group sessions with family and friends. Team pursuits, like netball, bowling and basketball, might also hit the spot, along with smaller gyms and women’s health clubs.

Mars in LEO – childlike joy

People with Mars in Leo would do well to look back to childhood for inspiration. Active, flowing yoga might reawaken your inner gymnast, along with trampolines, tightropes or circus skills. This energetic sign tends to be enthusiastic, impulsive and ambitious – and if adventure or adrenaline is thrown into the mix, all the better. The only obstical is an annoying on-again, off-again lazy streak (and even worse, ruining your latest hairdo!). In the end though, anything involving people or performing is perfect: group walks, social tennis, beach volleyball, singing, dancing, Zumba, it’s all good.

Mars in VIRGO – eye for detail

People with Mars in Virgo are generally quite sensible about health and exercise … when they can find the time. Regularity is the magic key for this productive, busy sign, so if need be, draw up a schedule and stick it on the fridge. Activities that require precision, like Pilates, tai chi, ballet and Iyengar yoga often appeal to this Mars sign, along with bowling, tennis, golf, and of course, walking. In addition, they often derive great satisfaction from crafts and gardening projects. Just try to reign in that perfectionist streak, and don’t overdo it. No one’s perfect.

Mars in LIBRA – balance and beauty

People with Mars in the stylish sign of Libra sometimes avoid exercise, as sweaty activities can leave them cold – that’s unless dancing or socialising is involved. If exercise is a stop-start affair for you, finding a friendly women’s gym or a chatty exercise buddy could make all the difference. Away from the dance floor, look for activities that encourage symmetry, like walking, swimming, rowing, Tai Chi, hatha yoga and Pilates, or join a social sporting club. Netball, anyone?

Mars in SCORPIO – focused intensity

People with Mars in Scorpio love to feel fit and strong, so if you’ve fallen into bad habits, find a personal trainer, join a good gym or try martial arts like karate, judo or kick-boxing. Squeeze in a few after work jogs or lunchtime power walks as well … with Mars ramping up your determination, you might end up climbing mountains or running marathons. Sexual energy is often quite strong in this Mars sign, so why not spice things up by learning belly or pole dancing, or go Latin. Cha cha cha.

Mars in SAGITTARIUS – wild and free

For people with Mars in Sagittarius, fresh air is a magic elixir, so head for the great outdoors. Symbolised by the centaur, horse riding fits well with this sign, along with archery, cycling, walking, running and bushwalking. Anything that allows you to switch off and feel the wind in your hair. Racket sports like tennis and badminton can also appeal to Sags, along with more spiritual practices like yoga and Tai Chi. Find ways to combine fitness, adventure and travel, and staying healthy should be a breeze. Indian ashram anyone?

Mars in CAPRICORN – slow and steady

People with Mars in Capricorn understand the value of hard work and routine, in fact, their staying power is often legendary. Athletics, distance running, rock climbing (they are ruled by the mountain goat) and competitive sports may appeal when younger, but knees and joints may need TLC when older; stretching and strengthening exercises are particularly important for people with Capricorn in their charts, so try to mix things up. Hiking, sailing, beach walking, weight lifting … it’s all good.

Mars in AQUARIUS – off the beaten track

Being the zodiac’s eccentric, people with Mars in Aquarius like to make a splash. Aquatic sports like swimming, sailing, surfing and aquaerobics should sooth your inner water baby, though being an air-ruled sign, flying – on trapezes, trampolines, flying foxes or quite literally, in airplanes – might take your fancy, while kite flying may appeal to more cautious types. If you hear the call of the wild, look for endurance-style sports and pastimes – like hiking or mountain biking – that challenge you and get the heart pumping!

Mars in PISCES – escapist dreams

For people with Mars in Pisces dancing is like an astral wonder-drug, along with artistic and watery pursuits like swimming, snorkeling, boating, fishing and painting. If you can’t find a pool, look for a gym that offers Zumba or bliss out with tai chi or relaxing yoga classes; in time, you might even consider teaching yoga or meditation. If competitive sports leave you cold, recharge your batteries by getting back to the basics – fresh air, gardening, walking – or spend time in beautiful parks or out-of-the-way places. Travelling often appeals to this dreamy Mars sign, but at heart, it’s all about finding your inner zen.

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