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Feng shui offices with Jenny Blume

Feng shui is rapidly gaining in popularity, not only with home owners but with businesses, large and small. It’s a little-known fact that Meriton, Citibank, Virgin, IBM and Microsoft all utilise feng shui.

Over the past 10 years, I have had great success helping businesses prosper and grow. Staff turnover has decreased after my consultations, and workplaces have become happier and more harmonious.

One national corporate client tripled their turnover in the following year, while other clients have expanded and moved to larger premises. See client reviews below.

Business feng shui consultations

*invite more positive energy into your business
*choose an auspicious location or office space
*create more harmony among staff
*place cash registers and desks in best positions
*check for high electromagnetic fields
*attract more work or customers
*choose supportive colours and artworks
*rearrange furniture to improve feel and flow
*activate your feng shui prosperity points

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Feng shui and desk position

When positioning desks, it’s worth keeping these points in mind:

  • When you sit at your desk you should be able to see the door if possible
  • The person who sits closest to the entrance may be distracted by petty details
  • Those who sit with their back to the entrance could suffer backstabbing
  • If you share an office, avoid sitting back to back with another person
  • Avoid sitting directly face to face as this can create conflict

If people sit back to back or face to face, desks should ideally be staggered. Small barriers can also be created with photos, plants, and even room dividers.

In an open office, ensure the aisles are wide enough to allow positive energy to flow through. Subtle colors also help, since vivid shades are too active in a busy space.

Above copy from Atrium Properties, with thanks. Link below.

Find out if your shop or office has good feng shui BEFORE moving in, not after.
I can check your potential office or retail space using google maps and streetview. After assessing surrounding landforms and compass directions, a flying star feng shui chart can then be drawn up, to assess its potential for attracting business success and good relationships.
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Client reviews

“I opened a new office in early 2018. I was previously working from home and work was going well. As soon as I opened the new office, work dropped off the face of the earth. No matter what I did, I couldn’t make anything work and almost closed my business. A customer told me one day that there was a bad feeling near my back door. I asked around and somebody told me due to the building being so old and next door to a pub, it can get a bad energy. After some research on Google I found Jenny and got her in to do a clearing. From that day onward, I have never been busier! I can’t thank Jenny enough. Whatever she did, it worked!” – JS, June 2019

“Just wanted to say thank you. Things really improved after we employed your cures. Months after the space clearing and Feng Shui report, we are feeling quite vibrant and successful. Our relationship is getting better and better, and our work is becoming really meaningful. Our home is such a comfortable place to be, and we feel lucky and grateful every time we walk in the door. Thank you!” – PY, January 2018

“I must let you know how effective your recent space clearing and feng shui consultation was. As you know my main issues were negativity, anxiety, poor sleeping patterns and restlessness. My three rescue dogs whom were also very anxious due to their past sad experiences, were immediately calm and settled … and they continue to be which astounds me, and for that I’m very grateful. I can’t thank you enough!”  – JA, November 2015

“We have now worked with Jenny on our office and our home. We were experiencing poor results with our business when we decided to engage Jenny’s services. As a result of an office space clearing and implementation of feng shui remedies the fortunes of our business were reversed resulting in improved work environment for staff and a turn around in profit. We highly recommend Jenny to assist you in enhancing your home or work environment.” – AW, October 2014

“I moved into an inner city terrace late last year, and the vibe felt strange right from the start. I felt quite unmotivated (I work from a home studio) and just wasn’t as ‘up’ as I normally would be. The back bedroom actually felt quite spooky, and when I mentioned this to a friend she told me about Jenny.

“I decided to get Jenny in to do a space clearing, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. The vibe seemed to improve almost overnight, and my work picked up too. She gave me some great feng shui tips as well, and suggested a new position for my bed which has really improved my sleep. Thanks!” – MB, April 2012

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