Feng shui for romance

Looking for more romance? A great place to start is in your bedroom! Ideally, adult’s beds should have space on both sides, with matching or similar sized bedside tables and lamps – even if you’re single.

Start by adding attractive colours, moody lighting and soft textures, such as cushions or throws, to your bedroom, to create a warm ‘yin’ energy. White bedrooms may look stylish, but they can often feel too ‘yang’ and cold.

When practical, arrange items in pairs: rabbits, birds, candles, flowers and hearts are all well suited to bedrooms. Mandarin ducks are also a symbol of romance. Avoid displaying too many family photos in your bedroom.

Check what’s happening in the south west of your home – and within your bedroom – for the SW sector rules romance. Plant flowers in this part of your garden, burn fragrant oils, add romantic images and give this part of your home and garden a good clean.

Finally, don’t forget the power of smell. Ylang ylang’s exotic qualities work as an aphrodisiac for many, while essential oils like Cedarwood, Jasmine, Patchouli, Pine, Rose and Sandalwood can also increase desire.

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Color & art advice

Well-chosen colours can not only harmonise your environment and provide a psychological lift, they will improve your feng shui.

Sometimes, simply switching art or mirrors around, or adding a specific colour, will lift the whole vibe. I pay particular attention to the mood and psychological impact of colours, plus look at a room’s natural light and assess which feng shui sector they fall in. For example, greens tend to resonate with the east, while earthy, warm colours often suit south or SW sectors.

Being a designer of 30 years, advising on colours and artwork is a specialty. I include basic colour advice in all feng shui reports, or alternatively, I’m happy to consult or advise at an hourly rate.

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Feng shui consultations 

As a professional Feng Shui Consultant my goal is to enhance the energy within your home or workspace; as cures are implemented, your health, wealth and relationships should quickly feel the positive effects.

Onsite feng shui reports start from $350 for home units; homes average $450-780, depending on size, distance and complexity. Prices include an onsite visit, EMF check, an 8-12 page written report (emailed within 1 week) and followup advice.

When consulting I use a combination of traditional feng shui schools, including compass school, form school and flying stars (a more complex system that factors in time). I also assess balance, energy flow, colours, plants and artwork.

Your written feng shui report will cover relationships, health, finances, career, travel, children and creativity. Suggestions for strengthening and enhancing these areas will be made, along with instructions for ‘cures’ if needed. Simple changes can make a big difference!

For a quote call 0411 631 940 or email thetinstudio@gmail.com

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