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If you’re looking for help or guidance, welcome!

Having practiced astrology and feng shui for many years (30 years as an astrologer and over a decade in feng shui) my goal is to create space for success, harmony and happiness in my clients lives.

My specialties are:

  • Feng shui advice and reports
  • Astrology readings & relationship advice
  • Space clearings and house blessings
  • Colour and design direction

Results can you expect

Clients have benefited from unexpected job offers, better relationships, improved health and fertility, more relaxed pets, surprise windfalls, increased business, enhanced creativity, better sleep in children, more romance and a fresh sense of energy and optimism. The results speak for themselves (see client reviews).

Where do I work?

I work by phone, email or in person around the Gold Coast, Tweed, Byron Bay, Sydney and NSW Central Coast regions; I’m also happy to travel. Call 0411 631 940 or email jennyblume@iprimus.com.au to book or chat about your situation.

Astrology readings

Curious what’s in store? I offer personal readings for $80/35 mins or $140/60-65 mins (by phone or Tweed Heads). You’ll be amazed by how much we cover, and how much insight into yourself, your relationships, career, life purpose and the future you will gain.

In addition to predictive readings, I love looking at relationships and family dynamics. Parents can gain deeper insights into children and learn more about potential schooling styles, hobbies and talents. Alternatively, I can assess couples compatibility or find best wedding dates, business launch dates or fertility dates (using your lunar cycle).

Along with personal readings I write weekly feng shui columns and astrology forecasts for Woman’s Day, New Idea and Real People magazines.

Call 0411 631 940 or email astrologerjen@gmail.com

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Feng shui & colour

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Jenny Blume space clearing

Space clearings

Weekly astrology forecasts

You can read my weekly forecasts for each star sign in Woman’s Day, New Idea (Aust & NZ) or Real People (UK). Alternatively, my friend Deb and I post a weekly ‘5 Minute Forecast’ on Facebook each Sunday. Using a combination of astrology and tarot we discuss energies and possibilities for the week ahead.

Follow our shared facebook page for weekly updates  https://www.facebook.com/5-minute-forecast-102490138032410/ Deb and I also run ‘Bliss Bubble’ retreats in the Tweed Valley.

Client reviews

My session with Jenny was so insightful and full of meaning it’s like she had read my mind and put it all out infront of me in a simple way I can process. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone wanting to know more about their life and direction x” – IK, sydney NSW

“Jenny is amazing at what she does. We called upon her for a feng shui report of our home and weren’t disappointed … it’s already paying off for us in the most unexpected ways. Jenny is a true Gem and I recommend her to anyone.” – KM, NSW

“I have now had two phone readings with Jenny and both have left me with so much clarity, confidence and a drive to be more proactive. I highly recommend Jenny as her accuracy and energy is amazing and I always feel like I gain so much in just a short interaction. “ – AL, Canberra

“Thank you so much for your help with our home design … love, love, love your suggestions! Pretty much every point you’ve mentioned were things I’ve at least considered changing … so happy I found you. The suggestions you’ve made are going to make a huge difference!!” – TC, Brisbane

“What an amazing feng shui and space clearing experience with Jenny. We recently moved and desperately needed help to get rid of old energy. The house and us are feeling so much better since your visit. Thank you so much!” – LS, Gold Coast

“Thank you SO much for your help and advice. After making the changes suggested in your feng shui report the problems with our neighbours disappeared almost overnight. Things were so tense but it’s totally turned around … what a relief. I can’t thank you enough!” – GM, Hornsby

“I can highly recommend Jenny – she has an extraordinary gift. After my reading I felt more focused, reinvigorated and had far greater clarity. There’s nothing like it to get out of a funk!” – ST, Mullumbimby

“Things really improved after we employed your cures. Months after the space clearing and feng shui, we feel more vibrant and successful. Our relationship is better and better. We feel grateful every time we walk in the door! – PY, Dural

“Every year I ask Jenny to feng shui my house, balance the energies and adjust cures. I also have Jenny calculate my astrological chart … I find Jenny is extremely knowledgeable and accurate in her predictions” – IK, Randwick

“I just want to let you know how grateful I am. After your space clearing and feng shui consultation my home feels so much lighter … stagnant energy has been released. Your color advice and decorating suggestions worked beautifully too!” – KM, Turramurra

“I must let you know how effective your space clearing and feng shui was. My rescue dogs were immediately calm and settled … life now feels so much happier and smoother. I can’t thank you enough!” – JA, Botany

“Amazing energy, loved my astro reading by Jenny …. so accurate and spot on …. highly recommend this lovely lady …. truly talented and gifted. Thanks Jenny x” – MH, Gold Coast

“Jenny is such a beautiful warm reader with a wealth of knowledge. She is very talented at bringing together all the pieces of your chart and making it easy to understand! The most talented reader I’ve come across for astrology! The accuracy is incredible.”– NC, Sutherland

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Call 0411 631 940 or email astrologerjen@gmail.com

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