Make space for the new!

Surrounding yourself with clutter can weigh you down, and even worse, it can act as a barrier, making it difficult for new people and opportunities to enter your life. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

*Your home’s entrance should receive special attention as it represents both your approach to life as you walk out, and your impression as you walk in. Keep it as clean, beautiful and clutter free as possible .

*The same goes for furniture that looks bad or that you never use. Ditch it, sell it or give it away; consider getting rid of objects that conjure up sad or unpleasant memories, too. If you’re not sure about heirlooms or valuable items, pack them away in a labeled storage box and reassess after a year.

*Unhealthy plants should be given some special TLC in the garden or completely removed from your home. While you’re at it, toss any dried flowers and ditch cracked or rusty pots. Dying plants are a negative influence, so don’t put it off!

*Stray paperwork should be collected together and collated. If you don’t already have one, buy a filing cabinet or try an expander file. Alternately, create a ring binder especially for bills, or set up an in/out-tray near your computer. You’ll feel organised in no time!

*Books, magazines and DVDs that you’re unlikely to read or watch again should be given away. Clear some space for fresh stories to enter your life.

*Wooden furniture can exude a strong psychic resonance, so if Aunt Olive’s oak wardrobe doesn’t hold fond memories, consider selling it or move it into the spare room. At the very least, give it a good cleansing with sage. Your bedroom should be your sacred space.

*Clothes that don’t fit or haven’t been worn for a couple of years should be donated to charity, sold or given away. If you’re not sure, pack them into a box. If you don’t open the box within a year, donate it.

*Artwork that makes you feel sad should be sold, or if you can’t bear to part with it, moved to an out-of-the-way room. Seeing a sad, ugly or lonely scene every day will eventually rub off on your psyche. If you want to invite joy in your life, opt for feelgood artwork.

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Bedroom feng shui

end table 023Feng shui doesn’t just deal with trinkets and furniture placement, it’s about creating a flowing, feel good environment that appeals to all of the senses. Your sleep, health and relationships will all reap the rewards.

Bed placement

Kids love sleeping in corners, but for adults space on either side of the bed is much preferred. Diagonal from the door is ideal, but at the very least, avoid facing your feet out the door (in the coffin position) or you’ll be up and down all night. It’s even worse for kids!

Energy fields

Beds absorb our energy, so if you’ve separated and want to move on, treat yourself to a new mattress and fresh bed linen. And speaking of energy, check that your bed isn’t positioned near a meter box; harmful emfs can extend up to 1.5 metres.

Regularly moving and rearranging your furniture will draw fresh energy into your bedroom. Even if it’s moved back on the same day, you should feel a lift.

Yin vs yang

To encourage relaxation bedrooms should be more yin (soft) than yang (hard). This can be achieved with cushions, throws, curtains or rugs. Lamps and diffused lighting can also soften the energy, along with heating when required.

Romance activators

When practical, arrange items in pairs: rabbits, birds, candles, flowers and hearts are all well suited to bedrooms. Mandarin ducks are also a classic symbol of romance.

Orchids represent fertility and sensuality in feng shui, making them one of the few recommended plants for bedrooms. Depending on your ‘flying stars’ (a more complex school of feng shui), lucky bamboo may also be recommended.

Finally, don’t forget about the power of smell! Ylang ylang’s exotic qualities work as an aphrodisiac for many, while essential oils like Cedarwood, Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose and Sandalwood can also increase desire. Sweet dreams!

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Colour therapy at work

Colours can have an instant impact, but they can also affect us in more subtle ways.

Red is well known as an appetite enhancer (KFC and McDonalds might be onto something!), making it an ideal choice for restaurants and fast food outlets, but if you want to turn people off their food, use purple, mauve or black.

Yellow stimulates the mind, making it a perfect choice for call centres or workplaces where people need to stay alert. Yellow can also work well in schools and study areas, as it aids concentration.

Shades of orange and yellow can also be used to lift the spirits and cheer up patients in hospitals, while bright orange is said to lessen emotional shock – making it an excellent hue for emergency rooms.

pinkprisonShades of pink and peach tend to calm people down, making them ideal colours for prisons, hospital waiting rooms and counseling centres. Some US prisons have even tried painting cells pink, and as a result, noticed less aggression*.

Blue can also calm the mind and reduce stress, but day in day out, some people can find blue a depressing colour – especially if a person’s spirits or energy levels are already low.

Shades of turquoise and aqua, on the other hand, are creative, invigorating colours, making them ideal for media industries and design-related professions. As they aid communication, they can also be a great choice for boardrooms and conference centres.

Green is the colour of balance and growth, making it ideal for health industries, mediation rooms and legal offices. It can also help patients to heal, making it a perfect colour for rehab centres.

*In 1979, directors of a Naval correctional centre in Seattle, US, painted some prison confinement cells pink in order to determine the effects this might have on prisoners. The rates of assault before and after the interior was painted pink were then monitored.

According to the Navy’s report, “Since the initiation of this procedure, there have been no incidents of erratic or hostile behavior during the initial phase of confinement”. Only fifteen minutes of exposure was enough to ensure that the potential for violent or aggressive behavior had been reduced, the report observed.

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Top 3 DIY feng shui tips

garden - improve your feng shuiTIP 1: Beautify your entrance

To attract uplifting energy make your home, make your entrance as attractive as possible. Scented flowers, colourful plants, garden furniture, bird life and outdoor lights can really energize a home, whereas cracked paths, peeling paint, broken fences and overgrown trees or plants will drag it down. Don’t forget to cast a critical eye over your doormat and front door as well.

TIP 2: Clear the clutter

With the Easter eclipse still reverberating, now’s the time to clear your cupboards, purge the pantry or cast out anything that stirs up unpleasant memories. Ditch, donate or sell clothes that you haven’t worn in years and if you don’t have one, buy a filing cabinet. Clutter can hold you back and trap you in the past, so make space for fresh stories to enter your life.

TIP 3: Support your wealth corner

Not sure where your finance sector is? Grab a compass and locate the south-eastern part of your home – it’s especially lucky this year; search out this auspicious sector in your living room too, then start beautifying. Plants, flowers and wooden items should all support this sector. For extra oomph, display a group of crystals – wealth-attracting citrine are ideal.

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Ready for more romance in 2016?


If you’re looking for love and romance, what does 2016 have in store? Being a fire monkey year, forget about treading the same old paths – we’ll all be searching for more excitement and stimulation. That’s great news for singles, but if you’re in a long term relationship, injecting a little more fun into things might be a smart idea.

Nip potential relationship problems in the bud by shaking up your usual routines. With Mars hanging around in the freedom-loving sign of Sagittarius for five months (an unusually long time) trips away and outdoor activities will help many couples to reconnect and rekindle those old romantic feelings; according to Western astrology, the period from March through to late September is tailor-made for travel and exploration, but if you’re stuck at home why not explore some national parks or out-of-the-way spots.

For singles, sporting and outdoor-focused clubs are likely to scene the scene for fun, and with the chatty Monkey Year spurring everyone on, the conversation should flow freely. It’s also a great year to book an adventurous trip away with friends; you might even bump into romance along the way.

To enhance your prosperity and romantic feng shui over the coming year, clear any clutter or broken items from the south west and western parts of your home (grab a compass if need be). Clearing out your bedroom is also be a good idea, especially under and around your bed. Don’t hang onto the past – make space for new people and experiences.

If you’ve had a rotten year, splurge on some fresh bed linen or if you’ve gone through a breakup consider buying a whole new bed, for mattresses and furniture can really hang onto bad vibes. At the very least, give it a good sage or even better, book a professional ‘space clearing’. The energy shift will be instant.

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Welcome to the Year of the Monkey

Basic RGB

I hope you made it through 2015 intact! It was not the easiest of years for many people, but fresh starts await. The new year is always a great time to make changes, so why not start by writing a wish list?

Fire Monkey Years

According to Chinese astrology, Monkey years tend to be social, fast-paced, exciting and unpredictable. Think about monkeys, with their cheeky, restless nature and you’ll get the picture. Being a fire monkey (the last one was in 1956), the creative, changeable vibe will be even stronger. Looking back, 1956 brought us Rock ‘n’ Roll, the emergence of ‘teenagers’, uprisings against communism and the space race … a pretty amazing year.
The coming year is likely to contain plenty of twists and turns (stock markets could be in for more of a battering), but it should also be brimming over with inventive ideas, technical leaps and truly amazing creativity.

Being a metal ruled creature, some feng shui experts are recommending investing in gold, silver and earth or property-related fields.

Love and relationships in 2016

Forget about treading the same old paths, for monkeys get bored easily. Whether single or attached, we’ll be searching for more excitement, stimulation and variety. If you’re in a long term relationship, injecting a little more fun into things might be a smart idea. Nip potential relationship problems in the bud by shaking up routines.


For singles, sporting and outdoor-focused clubs are likely to scene the scene for fun, and with the chatty Monkey spurring everyone on, the conversation should flow freely. It’s a great year to book an adventurous trip away – or a second honeymoon. Singles might even bump into love along the way.

Good health in 2016

If you find that you or a loved one are experiencing more health problems this year, try placing a feng shui cure near the centre of your home to soak up negative energy.
A calabash can sometimes help or you could make a ‘salt water cure’ remedy – see my instructions page. Alternatively, you could order an annual feng shui update to assess your home’s energies in more detail.

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Welcome to 2016!

Searching for stability? It’s been a rollercoaster few years for many people, but the celestial ups and downs should begin to even out as the year unfolds. A tension-filled square between Pluto and Uranus has been exerting a powerful influence since mid-2012, but after a final square off in March some of the pressure should ease.

This particular celestial dance actually began back in the mid-60s with their conjunction, bringing issues around freedom, change, power and equality to the forefront of consciousness, so it’s all part of a much bigger picture. If your sun, moon or any personal planets fall in the middle degrees of any cardinal sign – Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn – you’ve probably been copping the full brunt.

Action-oriented Mars normally races through the sky, but this year he’ll be hanging around in freedom loving Sagittarius for five months – an unusually long time. Faraway places are likely to exert a powerful pull from March until late September, along with adventurous, outdoorsy pastimes and foreign people and philosophies.

After Easter, many of us will be pushed us out of our comfort zones, and quite literally, out the front door.

Saturn’s two-year journey through Sagittarius will keep large-scale global and environmental issues in the spotlight for the entire year, but in a case of celestial synchronicity, Jupiter’s Virgo transit (until September) should help us to stay grounded as we’re drawn to a simpler lifestyle… natural foods, old-style crafts, farmers markets, alternative therapies and community events.

Jupiter’s move into luxury-loving Libra on September 10 will shift the mood as it draws many of us towards life’s finer offerings – delicious food (watch that sweet tooth!), the arts, live entertainment and a good dose of romance. It bodes well for singles, especially when we factor in the chatty, flirtatious Monkey, who’s set to dominate the year. Dating websites, jewelry stores, fashion departments and romantic restaurants should do a roaring trade.

If you’re ready to embrace a more active, outgoing and romantic lifestyle, the stars will be working in your favour. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!

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