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Feng shui - Sydney and Gold Coast with Jenny Blume

Feng shui consultations

Any space we spend time in should nourish and recharge our spirits. Not only will your home or office feel more harmonious after being ‘feng shuied’, it will support health, wealth and relationships in a much stronger way. As cures, enhancements and remedies are placed, the positive effects are often immediately felt.

As a professional feng shui (often pronounced fung shway) consultant, I will help you to:

*invite luck and prosperity into your life
*clear your home or office of negative energy

*create restful, sleep-inducing bedrooms
*place mirrors, art and water in best positions

*calculate your best sleep & study directions
*choose harmonious colours and artworks
*attract more travel, creativity and romance
*activate your auspicious ‘prosperity points’

Feng shui offices with Jenny Blume

Business feng shui

Feng shui is gaining in popularity, not only with home owners but with businesses, large and small. It’s a little-known fact that Meriton, Citibank, Virgin, IBM and Microsoft all utilise feng shui.

Over the past few years, I have had great success helping businesses to prosper and grow. One corporate client tripled business in the following year, while others have expanded and moved to larger premises.

Call me on 0411 631 940 or email jennyblume@iprimus.com.au for a chat or quote.

Feng shui home for sale

Feng shui for buyers & sellers

By combining my skills in feng shui and design, I can offer cost-effective suggestions to attract buyers. Clients have had great success, with one recent sale attracting a record breaking price.

Alternatively, before buying a property, I can assess potential for health, wealth and harmonious relationships; this can be done remotely using online plans and google maps. Pre-purchase feng shui reports: $190 average

Radiation & electrical fields (emfs)

High electromagnetic fields, known as EMFs, can affect sleep and weaken the immune system. With the help of a Gauss Meter I check for high radiation, especially in homes with health issues.

Feng shui colour swatches - Jenny BlumeColor advice

Well-chosen colours will not only harmonise your home and provide a psychological lift, they can improve your feng shui. Being a designer, advising on colours and artwork is a speciality!


Onsite feng shui reports start from $250, for smaller home units; average 3-4 bedrooms homes range from $340-480, depending on distance and complexity. Prices include an onsite visit, EMF check and written report within 1 week.

When consulting I use a combination of feng shui schools, including compass, form school and flying stars (a more complex system that factors in time).

For a free quote phone 0411 631 940 or email jennyblume@iprimus.com.au

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