Business feng shui

Whether you’re renovating, buying, selling, or simply need a lift, Jenny will provide you with recommendations that will optimise your work space and harmonise negative energies. Jenny combines feng shui (often pronounced foong schway or fung shoi), colour psychology and design to create feel-good spaces. Jenny will help you to:

reception - plants in feng shui*invite positive energy into your business
*choose an auspicious location or office space
*lift the vibe and clear any negative energy

*calculate best positions for staff, management and cash registers
*check for high electromagnetic fields
*choose supportive colours and artworks
*rearrange furniture to improve the feel and flow in office and retail spaces
*activate your feng shui prosperity points

As Eastern and Western cultures blend, feng shui is gaining in popularity, not only with home owners but with many businesses and corporations. It’s a little known fact that companies such as Meriton, Citibank, Virgin, Microsoft and Trump utilise feng shui. Many of Jenny’s business clients have called her back to feng shui their new, larger premises. The positive results and lift in business speak for themselves.

Onsite consultations in the Sydney, Byron and Gold Coast areas are priced from $390. Phone Jenny on 0411 631 940 or email

Find out if your new office has good feng shui BEFORE you move in, not after.
Jenny can check your potential office or retail space using google maps and streetview. After assessing surrounding landforms and compass directions, a flying star feng shui chart can then be drawn up, to assess its potential for attracting business success and good relationships. Email or phone 0411 631 940.


Reception & front door
Symbolising the gateway between you and the outside world, doors play a crucial role in feng shui. Ideally, they should allow luck and energy to flow freely into your office, while giving a sense of protection. They should be neither too big (beneficial chi can leak out), nor too small. Revolving doors are best of all, followed by sliding doors – just be sure they open smoothly. A well-lit entrance will attract good vibes into your workspace, whereas dirty glass, creaky hinges and cluttered reception areas hinder the flow of ‘chi’.

Prints and artwork
Paintings and artwork displayed in offices should conjure up positive feelings. If the subject touches on poverty, solitude or ugliness it will bring both you and your clients down. Images of mountains convey feelings of stability and solid backing, while sun splashed landscapes can lift the spirit and reduce anxiety. As water corresponds with money, aquatic scenes are said to stimulate finances, but don’t let “the water flow out the window or door”.

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Client testimonials

” I opened a new office in early 2018. I was previously working from home and work was going well. As soon as I opened the new office, work dropped off the face of the earth. No matter what I did, I couldn’t make anything work and almost closed my business. A customer told me one day that there was a bad feeling near my back door. I asked around and somebody told me due to the building being so old and next door to a pub, it can get a bad energy. After some research on Google I found Jenny and got her in to do a clearing. From that day onward, I have never been busier! I can’t thank Jenny enough. Whatever she did, it worked!” – JS, Sydney business owner, June 2019

“I want to say how lovely your space clearing was. The space felt tangibly different when I came home. I felt the stillness and lightness immediately. I’ve taken on board our conversation and put in practice a few rituals you suggested … you helped me to shift focus onto things I love and let go of what’s not needed. It felt like a penny dropped … The energy in the place has changed significantly since your clearing … our cat has been more mellow as well.” – HT, Sydney (December 2016)

” I contacted Jenny after my house was the scene of a terrible argument. My partner and I had rented it out on airbnb and had to return early as our neighbours awoke to the unpleasant sounds of the argument. I was very rattled by this situation as I care very much about the energy in my home and believe all that negativity would have been very unhealthy for my partner, puppy dog and I. Jenny was very warm and compassionate in her correspondence, swiftly organising a space clearing so I did not even have to return to the house until after she was done.

‘The difference between when I walked in on the day of the incident and when I returned after Jenny had done her work was incredible. The house felt light and warm. The whole place was filled with a serene calm and I was no longer afraid of the negative energy as I knew it had been cleared by Jenny’s work. I am very grateful for her service and would recommend her to anyone who needs to refresh their home. Thank you Jenny!’ – CR, Freshwater, Sydney (October 2016)

“We have now worked with Jenny on our office and our home. We were experiencing poor results with our business when we decided to engage Jenny’s services. As a result of an office space clearing and implementation of feng shui remedies the fortunes of our business were reversed resulting in improved work environment for staff and a turn around in profit. We we highly recommend Jenny to assist you in enhancing your home or work environment.” – AW, Feng shui & space clearing, Sydney (October 2014)