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My fascination with the unseen world began in childhood, learning palmistry and analysing stars signs for school friends. A passion for colour and design also blossomed, leading to a successful career as a graphic designer, stylist and art director.

In my mid 20s I embarked on a 3-year course with The Sydney Astrology Centre, and since then have straddled the worlds of design, feng shui and astrology.

Over the past decade, my interests have expanded to cover interior design and feng shui. Qualifications in feng shui (Flying Stars, Compass and Form School), space clearing and Chinese astrology were obtained through ACES, Dr Jin Peh and the Australian Feng Shui Academy.

Along with astrology readings, space clearings and feng shui consultions, I write feng shui columns and weekly astrology forecasts (since 2006) for Woman’s Day and New Idea magazines.

I cover the Gold Coast, Tweed and Byron regions, along with Sydney and NSW Central Coast. Call/text 0411 631 940 or email jennyblume@iprimus.com.au


Highly experienced and fully qualified – professional member of IFSA and AFSC

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Client reviews

“Jenny is such a beautiful warm reader with a wealth of knowledge. She is very talented at bringing together all the pieces of your chart and making it easy to understand! The most talented reader I’ve come across for astrology! The accuracy is incredible.” – NC, April 2021

“Jenny was instrumental in our decision making process for our renovations… without Jenny’s help we would have had expensive changes further down the process (Jenny helped us with floor plans and layouts before I employed a draftsman to get our plans formally drawn up). She has made a daunting process very enjoyable … we can’t wait to invite Jenny over and show her the results of her expert help in all it’s glory when we have finished the works. Many thanks!” – FM, May 2022

“Things are wonderful since your space clearing … we have all slept soundly for a month! Our daughter is now sleeping in her bed ALL NIGHT with no night wakes. That has never happened in the entire time we have lived in this house. Plus I finally fell pregnant after trying for a year and a half. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GIFT!” – EW, October 2020

“Jenny was SO accommodating and kind. She understood why I was reaching out for a reading even more than I did and was able to help bring me much needed clarity and answers in regards to my path and my future. I was able to walk away from the reading feeling clarity, feeling a sense of direction, and being warned about things to look out for that will not benefit me down the track.
I couldn’t recommend Jenny more ❤❤ ” – JV, May 2022

“Thank you again for my reading … so insightful … has lifted a weight off my shoulders!” – DR, October 2021

“Thank you so much for your help and advice. After making the changes suggested in your feng Shui report the problems with our neighbours disappeared almost overnight. Things were so tense, but it’s completely turned around … what a relief, I can’t thank you enough!” – GM, March 2021

“My session with Jenny was so insightful and full of meaning it’s like she had read my mind and put it all out in front of me in a simple way I can process. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone wanting to know more about their life and direction x” – IK, August 2021

“Jen has a very deep knowledge and gift in astrology. The reading was enlightening, guiding and confirming for me and I left feeling a sense of hope and possibility. Thanks again for your reading … it was amazing!” – KW, February 2021

“I have now had two phone readings with Jenny and both have left me with so much clarity, confidence and a drive to be more proactive. I highly recommend Jenny as her accuracy and energy is amazing and I always feel like I gain so much in just a short interaction. “AL, March 2021

“Your reading was so insightful and it has given me confidence to move forward with my plans and dreams. I’m sure we’ll chat again in the future … thank you for sharing your gift!” – CW xx October 2020 (phone reading)

“Jenny is amazing at what she does. We called upon her for a feng shui report of our home and we weren’t disappointed. We are yet to make all the changes and cures but the ones we have made are already paying off for us in the most unexpected ways. I also had a reading with Jenny and she was so on point, already, things she said are happening. I can’t thank Jenny enough for her kindness and amazing abilities. Jenny is a true Gem and I will recommend her to anyone.” – KM, January 2020

“After looking into a number of astrologers I came across Jenny. She had the experience and the outlook I was seeking at an affordable price and I am very glad I scheduled a reading. Jenny was able to accommodate me on short notice and provided me with a very informative and insightful reading over the phone.
Jenny was lovely, passionate and made things easy to comprehend. I plan to seek her guidance again in the future and would highly recommend her.” – AL, August 2020

“Amazing energy, loved my astro reading by Jenny …. so accurate and spot on …. highly recommend this lovely lady …. truly talented and gifted. Thanks Jenny x” – MH, February 2020

“Amazing space clearing and Feng Shui experience with Jenny. We recently moved into a new home and desperately needed some help to get rid of the old energy and some Feng Shui no no’s! Thank you Jenny! The house and us are feeling so much better since your visit.” – LS, August 2018

“I opened a new office in early 2018. I was previously working from home and work was going well. As soon as I opened the new office, work dropped off the face of the earth. No matter what I did, I couldn’t make anything work and almost closed my business.

A customer told me one day that there was a bad feeling near my back door. I asked around and somebody told me due to the building being so old and next door to a pub, it can get a bad energy. After some research on Google I found Jenny and got her in to do a clearing. From that day onward, I have never been busier! I can’t thank Jenny enough. Whatever she did, it worked!” – JS, June 2019

“What a beautiful, kind, compassionate and articulate woman. Astrology sessions with Jenny leave me feeling confident and proactive about what is to come in my life. Jenny offers in depth insight and wisdom across all aspects of life, leading you to find clarity and direction to move forward and in alignment with your highest good. Very grateful to have such a wonderful astrologer :)” – TH, August 2018

“Just wanted to say thank you. Things really improved after we employed your cures. Months after the space clearing and Feng Shui report, we are feeling quite vibrant and successful. Our relationship is getting better and better, and our work is becoming really meaningful. Our home is such a comfortable place to be, and we feel lucky and grateful every time we walk in the door. Thank you!” – PY, January 2018

“Jenny is a wonderful, intuitive and warm astrologer who has helped to provide guidance and insight at times when it has been difficult to find the right path.” – SA, January 2018

“Every year at the time of the Chinese New Year, I ask Jenny to do the feng shui for my house to balance the energies and to adjust the cures. I find it important to understand the energies for that year and find Jenny’s cures are essential. I also have Jenny calculate my astrological chart … I find Jenny is extremely knowledgeable and accurate in her predictions.” – IK, December 2017

“I just want to let you know how grateful I am. After your space clearing and feng shui consultation my home feels so much lighter … it seems to have released a lot of stagnant energy. Your decorating and feng shui suggestions have worked so well … it feels so relaxing and serene. I could not ask for a better vibe or look. You have turned this place into the sanctuary I was looking for. Thank you so much!”– KM, May 2017

“What an inspiration you are! Everything you mentioned was 100% accurate and you have cemented my ideas and leanings beautifully. Thank you so much for your amazing reading.” – KS, June 2017

“Jenny, thank you so much for a great reading. It was spot on in so many aspects …” – DS, May 2017

“I consulted Jenny at the height of a very upsetting situation. The first thing that struck me was her calming, welcoming aura that put me immediately at ease. Quite a skill with readings in a commercial setting (as it was on that occasion). She intuitively picked things up that completely resonated with my situation.

With her combination of predictions/observations based on astrological analysis and her intuitive insights, I came away feeling very assured and much more “together”. In the subsequent 3 months her predictions have unfolded as fact. Quite uncanny, especially compared with other readers I have consulted. There were no wild promises, but measured and intelligent encouragement for some things and cautions for others.” – JA, November 2018

“I want to say how lovely your space clearing was. The space felt tangibly different when I came home. I felt the stillness and lightness immediately. I’ve taken on board our conversation and put in practice a few rituals you suggested … you helped me to shift focus onto things I love and let go of what’s not needed. It felt like a penny dropped … The energy in the place has changed significantly since your clearing … our cat has been more mellow as well.” – HT, December 2016

“I met Jenny in May 2016, when she performed a space clearing and Feng Shui consultation at my Sydney home. The space clearing was wonderful and could feel the higher vibrations resonating. Afterwards, my home was ‘sparkling’, it felt lighter and was filled with love and hope. In the ensuing months, I’ve implemented most of the remedies recommended. Some noticeable developments since have been:

  • During vicious storms a tree in my backyard dropped branches onto neighbouring properties, damaging them, but my house was unharmed.
  • My sisters and I were gifted a substantial amount of money from our parents – this was highly unusual and ‘out-of-the-blue’.
  • I continue to have lucky windfalls with many minor wins in lotteries and competitions.
  • My significant relationship continues to grow and solidify
  • After deliberately stimulating the career and finance areas of my home, I was head hunted for a new role, which I accepted. However, when I gave notice my current employer counter-offered. I’ve chosen to stay and have received a substantial pay increase and promotion.

So many fantastic ‘coincidences’ have occurred in my life since Jenny’s visit, and I wanted to convey the positive effects her space clearing and remedies have had on my life and relationships. Thank you!” – WP, May 2016

“I can highly recommend Jenny – she has an extraordinary gift. After my reading I felt more focused, reinvigorated and had greater clarity. There’s nothing like it to get out of a funk!” – ST, August 2016

” I contacted Jenny after my house was the scene of a terrible argument. My partner and I had rented it out on airbnb and had to return early as our neighbours awoke to the unpleasant sounds of the argument. I was very rattled by this situation as I care very much about the energy in my home and believe all that negativity would have been very unhealthy for my partner, puppy dog and I. Jenny was very warm and compassionate in her correspondence, swiftly organising a space clearing so I did not even have to return to the house until after she was done.

‘The difference between when I walked in on the day of the incident and when I returned after Jenny had done her work was incredible. The house felt light and warm. The whole place was filled with a serene calm and I was no longer afraid of the negative energy as I knew it had been cleared by Jenny’s work. I am very grateful for her service and would recommend her to anyone who needs to refresh their home. Thank you Jenny!’ – CR, October 2016

“Thank you so much Jenny, for the amazing chart readings. The accuracy of the readings was overwhelming. A number of the career/hobby points you spoke about align so closely with events/phases that have occurred in my life so far, it is almost scary! It has also helped not only myself, but those close to me understand my characteristic traits. It has been very eye-opening. I am looking forward to seeing how the future aligns with my reading and it is something I will be listening to from time to time!” – TM, April 2016

“I must let you know how effective your recent space clearing and feng shui consultation was. As you know my main issues were negativity, anxiety, poor sleeping patterns and restlessness. My three rescue dogs whom were also very anxious due to their past sad experiences, were immediately calm and settled … and they continue to be which astounds me, and for that I’m very grateful.I have undertaken all your feng shui recommendations and am feeling very positive and happy in my home and work life. My anxiety and restlessness has been considerably reduced, so life now feels much happier and smoother. I can’t thank you enough!”  – JA, November 2015

“Thank you, I just had a listen to your astrology recording and I am blown away. I think my chart knows me better then I know myself! So many bottled up thoughts and feelings came to the surface and I connected 100% with the whole reading. I’m speechless … it was the best experience. Thank you Jenny!” SH, May 2016

“We have now worked with Jenny on our office and our home. We were experiencing poor results with our business when we decided to engage Jenny’s services. As a result of an office space clearing and implementation of feng shui remedies the fortunes of our business were reversed resulting in improved work environment for staff and a turn around in profit. We highly recommend Jenny to assist you in enhancing your home or work environment.” – AW, October 2014

“I just wanted to tell you that I found a reading you did for me back in the 1990s. I have listened to it about four times and wanted to tell you how amazingly accurate it was. At the time I thought it was good but looking back now it is soooo good. The grown up me sees all of my characteristics you described and I am blown away by your skills!” – JS, (from mid 90s)

“Thank you so much for a great afternoon last Sunday. You are amazing with your knowledge – and your passion for your teachings is inspiring! – CH, feng shui workshop, July 2015

“When Jenny arrived, our house lit up immediately. I knew from the moment she walked in that she was going to transform our lovely but stifled home into something a bit more homely and peaceful. I enjoyed every minute of the energy clearing, and when Jenny was almost done, I could feel the energy at work. Big time. Each room felt lighter, more inviting, and tremendously more joyous.

Since the clearing I’ve felt the need to clear out each space physically, to get rid of clutter and keep only those things that matter. Sleep has been deep and thoroughly refreshing. Also, I feel protected. I’m forever grateful to Jenny for her work in our home. Thank you x” – KF, March 2014

“Thanks so much for your astrology reading Jenny. Accurate, accurate, accurate! It was quite spooky actually. All very relevant and very informative… ” – TC, August 2014

“I moved into an inner city terrace late last year, and the vibe felt strange right from the start. I felt quite unmotivated (I work from a home studio) and just wasn’t as ‘up’ as I normally would be. The back bedroom actually felt quite spooky, and when I mentioned this to a friend she told me about Jenny.

“I decided to get Jenny in to do a space clearing, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. The vibe seemed to improve almost overnight, and my work picked up too. She gave me some great feng shui tips as well, and suggested a new position for my bed which has really improved my sleep. Thanks!” – MB, April 2012

“What a difference our space clearing has made. My family and I were constantly sick, and had a run of bad luck, but since Jenny’s space clearing we have seldom been sick (just the odd sniffle) and feel as if a great weight has been lifted from our lives. It wasn’t instant, but certainly after the first few weeks we felt healthier, happier and better than ever. I can’t recommend Jenny highly enough.

Six months later we invited Jenny back in to do a feng shui consultation, and that was also a success. I landed a better job within six weeks and as a result, our finances really picked up. Thank you.” – AS, April 2011

Phone 0411 631 940 or email jennyblume@iprimus.com.au

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