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Jupiter, the planet of expansion and learning, is gearing up for a major transition when he officially enters the sign of Virgo (on August 11). Over the past year, Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Leo created opportunities for love, creativity and children – along with plenty of Leonine glitz and glamour – but now the solar system’s giant will take on a more frugal, considered tone.

At it’s core Virgo wants to help, wants to do meaningful work, and wants to make the world a better place.

This down-to-earth placement will turn our collective attention towards areas involving healthcare, education, food, service to others and sustainable living. Concerns about chemicals, farming practices and global warming are likely to take centre stage, which in turn could dramatically speed up government reforms and clean energy development (yippee).

Virgo has a strong back-to-basics vibe as well, which could see more people growing their own veggies or dusting off their old sewing machines, craft gear or woodworking tools; after all, it’s the sign of precision, patience and craftsmanship.

As expansive Jupiter moves through Virgo, the sign of service and charity, more people may also decide to donate money or volunteer their time; at the very least, charitable causes and food-related issues will hit the spotlight. Natural and alternative therapies should also benefit from this year-long transit, along with co-ops, health food stores and farmer’s markets.

It’s back to the future … who knows, macramé, crochet and tie-dying might even come back!

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Bedroom feng shui basics

As most of us spend a third of our lives in the bedroom, it’s worth getting it right. Why not start with these feng shui basics?

Ideally, your bed should be positioned diagonally from the door, against a solid wall. Placing beds directly under windows is not generally recommended, but if it’s unavoidable, be sure to draw the curtains or blind at night. Facing ensuite doors should also be avoided, as the watery energy may adversely affect your health (don’t forget to close the door as well).

When possible, bedside tables should be placed at the sides of your bed, as these help to anchor and protect the bed. If you’re looking for love, don’t just have one bedside table; place a table at either side, to ‘make space’ for someone else – even before they materialise.

Try not to position your bed directly under a beam; when running across your body they can affect your health (for example, across the stomach may bring digestive problems), while lengthways can cause rifts in relationships.

Feng shui looks at the total environment, so electromagnetic fields should be assessed (if possible, with a Gauss meter). Spending time in high fields can disturb sleep and play havoc with your health, so always turn off electric blankets, move chargers and modems, and check that you’re not sleeping near a meter box.

I always check for high electromagnetic fields when visiting clients, (for a space clearing or feng shui consultation), and find problems in roughly every six homes! Luckily, the solution is often as simple as shifting the bed.

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Gold Coast/Tweed workshop

Jenny Blume Gold Coast astrology & feng shui seminarAstrology & feng shui workshop

Understand your astrology chart and the moon’s cycles * Find out what Mars sign and ascendant you were born under * Use feng shui to improve health and energise your home * Learn about placement and colour * Free crystal pendulum and dowsing lesson

When: Sunday June 28, from 1.30-4.15pm
Where: Kirra Hill Cultural Centre, $65/$50con

To book a place call 0411631940 or

Jenny will be available for space clearings and feng shui consultations in the Byron/Gold Coast region from mid-June.

Time to slow down and ressess

Happy New Moon! Falling in the sign of Taurus, the May 18 new moon highlights issues around food, comfort, love and money. Interestingly, Mercury is at a standstill today as he prepares to go retrograde for the next three weeks, but don’t panic: it’s a great time to revisit old ideas or delve deeper into your needs and desires. Something that passed you by might even come back into your life, a sort of second chance. The key to success over the coming month is slow down, revise and research … don’t push things through before they’re fully cooked.

On a cautionary note, Mercury retrogrades often disrupt movement and communication, so allow more time for traveling over this period, avoid buying electronics or installing software and be sure to double-check important documents (hidden details may come to light in the following weeks).

Sabian Symbols, where every degree of the zodiac (all 360 of them) is connected to an image, often contain interesting insights. Following is an excerpt from Lynda Hill’s book: The new Moon is occurring at 27 degrees of Taurus: AN OLD INDIAN WOMAN SELLING BEADS AND TRINKETS  ‘An Old Indian Woman’ is ‘Selling Beads and Trinkets’. She probably spends a great deal of her time selling these small products of her culture for very little reward. The modern world often shows little regard and doesn’t respect the crafts and skills that are well respected within her tribe. Meaning: Do not underestimate yourself or restrict yourself to what you think others believe you are capable of. Everybody has talents and abilities, including you.

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Lucky feng shui directions in 2015



Why are some years luckier than others? One reason is that the feng shui energies shift from year to year. Until February 2016, the luckiest direction is north.

Energise your home’s northern sector

Use your home’s north-facing rooms more frequently, or if it’s practical, enter through a north-facing door. Add touches of red to your home or garden’s north, such as flowers, red-leaved plants and red pots.

Add red to your home’s south west

The south west is the second luckiest direction this year (after the north), so try to use this part of your home more and add bright pink or red flowers. Add shades of pink and red to the south west to energise your love life.

Keep the western part of your home quiet

To avoid bad luck in 2015, keep the western part of your home quiet this year, and delay renovations if possible. Metal objects, like coins and windchimes will help to harmonize the energy, so hang a bell on your front door if it faces west.

Feng shui consultations

Whether you’re buying, selling or simply need a lift, Jenny will provide you with recommendations that will support you health, wealth and relationships. Jenny combines feng shui, colour and design to create uplifting, feel-good homes and work spaces. Jenny will help you to: feng shui yellow flowers for selling homes* invite positive energy into your environment * lift the vibe and clear negative energy * check for high emfs with a Gauss meter * choose supportive colours and artwork * rearrange furniture to improve flow * find your colours and directions * activate your prosperity points 

Jenny works with clients via email or in person (mainly in the Sydney and Gold Coast regions); when possible it’s best to actually see and feel a home or office. Sometimes a major feng shui problem, like stagnant water or negative artwork, has become a blind spot, so Jenny helps clients to see their surroundings through fresh eyes. jenny blume - sydney feng shui, space clearing & astrology

What do Jenny’s feng shui consultations include? * Optimum room/furniture layouts for bedrooms and living areas * Professional advice on colours, styling and artwork * Best colours, sleep and study directions * In offices, best positions for staff, plus best meeting rooms * Advice on attracting prosperity, luck and people into your home High EMF check * Written report and action plan * Ongoing support * Gift with onsite consultations

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What does 2015 have in store?

jenny blume astrology and feng shui - sydney

If you’ve been searching for equilibrium, it’s good news. Okay, things might get off to a slow start (let’s say relaxed!), but the Easter Supermoon should usher in a more productive, optimistic era. As the turbulent celestial energy begins to stabilise and subside, it should be easier to get a firm footing and reach our goals.

On a larger scale, Saturn’s shift into big-picture Sagittarius will propel environmental and global issues into the spotlight for the next two years (and see your feet grow itchy!), then from winter, Jupiter’s move into earthy Virgo territory could fuel a growing interest in whole foods, natural therapies, old-style crafts and wellbeing. I don’t know about you, but getting back to the basics sounds good to me!

20140118-204539.jpgPersonal astrology readings
Want to know where you’re heading … or curious about your career, relationships or hidden talents? Your sun sign is just the tip of the iceberg!

Jenny offers personal astrology readings, including an annual forecast (roughly 60 minutes) for AU$180 or $190 written. Once  recorded, a private link will be sent to you. Annual astrology forecasts $140. Phone 0411 631 940 (Australia) or email

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8 feng shui tips for 2015

jenny blume feng shui - colourful doormat

As they say, it’s out with the old, and in with the new! New Year is the perfect time to make fresh starts and lift the vibe, so get the ball rolling with some DIY feng shui. Have a happy 2015!

1 Attract more luck

An inviting entrance will draw good fortune into your home, so lavish it with love to create a bright, uplifting space.

Give your doormat a wash or if you’ve had a really rotten year, buy a new one.

Good lighting can really enhance a home’s feng shui, especially if your entrance is hard to find; for an extra sparkle, add solar lights to the garden or trees – and not just for the festive season but year round.

TIP: Fruiting trees, like cumquats and mandarins, can attract more luck and fertility into your home.

MOON GUIDE: Flowers and leafy veggies planted under fertile moon signs tend to thrive. Best days in January: 1, 23, 24

2 Clear the clutter

Clutter can act as a type of barrier, trapping you in the past and making it difficult for new people and opportunities to enter your life. If you don’t love, need or use an item, pass it on!

3 Clean your kitchen

In feng shui a clean, attractive kitchen is a sign of health and prosperity. To encourage a steady income, use all of your hotplates, and if your back faces the door when cooking, add a mirror or reflective splashback.

4 Move your mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can draw light or pleasant views into a room, but reflecting dark or ugly areas will emphasize problems. Mirrors in bedrooms can ‘double’ arguments, so cover them up at night if you want to calm the vibe. Avoid reflecting your front door, or you’ll scare people away.

5 Cleanse your space

Energy in homes can become stagnant, so fling open your windows then burn some sage to banish bad vibes. To boost your energy levels, burn citrusy oils like lemongrass or bergamot.

6 Reassess your art

Think carefully about what you’ve inviting into your home. Depictions of sadness or violence will conjure up negative feelings, while images of beautiful places or loved ones will promote a sense of peace and wellbeing. Sunrises, flowers and rural scenes are especially fortuitous.

7 Rev up romance

Support your bedroom’s relationship sector, located in the south west, with crystals, candles, pink items, romantic images or silk flowers. Display items like rabbits, birds or elephants in pairs.

8 Fix leaking taps

According to feng shui, water and wealth go hand in hand. Start by fixing leaky taps, as they represent money going down the drain, then tackle any mold or stagnant water around your home.

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