Bring on the fun!

Jupiter has now cruised into Leo, the sign of creativity, celebration, theatre, play and childlike joy. After soaking up a strong Cancerian energy for the last 12 months – think nesting, nurturing and emotional intensity – many of us are ready for a good dose of adventure and excitement.
Theatres and theme parks should do a roaring trade over the coming year, along with jewellers, boutiques and party supply stores.
Being the planet of luck, learning and expansion, growth will come as we step out of our comfort zones, rally our courage and interact with the wider world. Leo is like the teenager of the zodiac: excitable, enthusiastic and brimming over with energy, but sometimes those apron springs can be strong.
If you’re over cooking and renovating shows, it’s time to switch off the telly and inject more fun and laughter into your life … dance, travel, learn something new. Live life to the full!


Neptune retrograde … time to dream!

full moon jenny blume feng shuiNeptune, the zodiac’s ruler of dreams and illusions, has just moved into a six-month-long retrograde phase (where it appears to move backwards, at least from our earthly perspective). Until mid-November most of us will feel more connected to our imagination, intuition and spirituality. For people with a strong Pisces or Neptune energy in their birth chart (especially 4-7 degrees Pisces) the coming months will shift you into an unusually deep but highly perceptive place. Dreams may become more vivid or prophetic, while for musical and artistic types, inspiration should flow more freely. An interest in healing or the mystical arts might also surface, or you could tap into psychic abilities or previously hidden talents.

For all of us, our compassion, spirituality and imagination will be heightened, but on the flipside, paranoia, hypersensitivity and escapist tendencies could flare. Due to this heightened sensitivity, it’s important to steer clear of negative influences and situations. Exposure to alcohol, drugs, chemicals and toxins should be limited; as we become more open and vulnerable, draining people and negative relationships might also need to be avoided. As your perception becomes more acute, it is important to listen to closely to your inner voice; it’s also important to talk or write about what you are feeling and sensing, because Neptune retrogrades can sometimes produce a type of psychic overload for sensitive types. Don’t try to hold it all in.

On the upside, Neptune retrogrades often bring an abundance of creativity, compassion, understanding, healing and inspiration. If we can manage to stay grounded over the next six months (immerse yourself in nature, listen to beautiful music, practice meditation or yoga) our inner worlds will have an amazing opportunity to blossom and grow.

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Shake ups on the financial front

image Tomorrow’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Taurus will pull the focus onto finances and domestic matters for many people. After an unsettled, restless period, engaging in earthy, physical activities such as cooking, gardening, crafting and cleaning should feel wonderfully grounding over the coming weeks. Yes, it’s time to get your hands dirty!
For many, finances and living arrangements will come under the spotlight, but it’s worth remembering that along with change and upheaval, new moon eclipses often herald fresh starts – or even complete transformations. With a Cardinal grand cross adding fuel to the changeable energy, this is the perfect time to make a special wish, seek some professional advice or draw up a new financial plan.
The upcoming eclipse is known as an annular rather than total as it will occur when the moon is close to its farthest distance from the Earth, making it too small to cover the sun completely. The resulting effect looks like a ring of fire, as the sun peeps out from behind the moon.
Weather permitting, Australians will see the moon cover about 65 percent of the sun’s disk, which will be visible on Tuesday, shortly before sunset in Melbourne and Sydney and earlier in the afternoon in Western Australia.

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Best house plants

air purifying house-plants

As feng shui is about creating a supportive, feel-good environment, indoor plants are often recommended. They can help to harmonise a balance home, and often work best in the east and south east sectors (although this can change, depending on your home’s unique energies).

Plants only do they look and feel good, they can greatly improve the air quality. NASA tested various plants for use on space stations; here are some that rated the best.

1. Bamboo palms: Unrelated to true bamboos, these plants are excellent at improving air quality. They remove formaldehyde and act as a natural humidifier.

2. Snake Plant: Another excellent choice, especially for darker corners, this hardy plant is commonly called the mother-in-law’s tongue because of its sharpness.

3. Areca Palm: Not only do these palms look great, NASA found that they are one of the best air purifying plants for general air cleanliness.

4. Spider Plant: A great indoor plant for removing carbon monoxide and other toxins or impurities. Spider plants are one of three plants NASA deems best at removing formaldehyde from the air.

5. Peace Lily: Peace lilies could be called the ‘clean-all’. They’re perfect for bathrooms or laundry as they’re known for removing mould spores.

6. Gerbera Daisy: Not only do these flowers remove benzene from the air, they’re known to improve sleep by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off more oxygen overnight.

Other plants that tested well were: English Ivy, Heartleaf philodendron, Elephant ear philodendron, Weeping figs, Rubber plants.


  • Plants with heart or oval shaped leaves create a calming vibe, making them an ideal choice for entrances, landings and living areas. As round-leaved plants are said to attract wealth, try placing one or two Jade plants or ‘money trees’ near your front door.
  • Fruiting plants like cumquats are also said to attract good fortune, along with scented, flowering plants like jasmine and gardenias.
  • Bamboo is another popular choice, as it represents strength, longevity and protection; small ‘lucky bamboo’ plants make ideal gifts, especially for older people.
  • On the flip-side, pointy-leaved plants such as palms and cactuses will add a masculine energy to your home. This can be useful for livening up quiet corners, but when placed in a prominent position, spiky plants can create a prickly, argumentative energy.
  • Plants are not generally recommended for bedrooms, with the exception being orchids, which represent love, sensuality and fertility; alternatively, place one in your living area to invite more luck and family harmony into your home.

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You can’t hold back the tide!

solar eclipse

Can you hear the air crackling? The build up to Tuesday’s eclipse is now in full force. Adding to the tension, the Cardinal grand cross (involving heavy-hitters Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars) which has been hanging around for months, is tightening and stirring up suppressed feelings and fears. Yes, grand crosses can bring challenges, but they can also illuminate unexplored avenues. Every obstacle (and grand crosses are sure to bring some) has the potential to awaken our higher self and show us how strong we really are.

Eclipses on the other hand, can be likened to flicking on a bright light, just briefly, in a dark room. For a moment, we get a glimpse of something normally hidden from view; they can even spark ‘Eureka’ moments. Often, they mark important turning points in our lives, or unforeseen events conspire to change our path. Whenever an eclipse has fallen over one of my ‘personal’ planets (I allow up to 4 degrees), I’ve been forced into making a major change … which is not always bad. I got sick and gave up smoking under one, lost weight after another and also left a stressful job. The more proactive you can be, the better.

Suffice to say, we may have an intense few months ahead, but periods like this often prove to be pivotal, both personally and on a globally as well.

If you find yourselves struggling with difficult emotions, in yourself or a loved one, don’t ignore them, for over the coming months those very emotions may provide the fuel for deep transformation. Change can be scary, but rather than trying to hold back the tide, flow with it and you should end up in more honest and satisfying place. There’s no doubt that these are challenging times, but periods of change and upheaval often prove to be the most liberating, even if we can’t see it at the time.

Be kind to yourself over this unsettled period by doing things that you love. If you feel overwhelmed, plenty of walks, exercise and heart-to-hearts should help you to feel grounded. Another way to process the thoughts and feelings that arise is to start a journal; simply write it all down and let it flow.

Crystal pendulums

Pendulums for sale

Pendulums are not only beautiful and fun to use, they can help you to tap into your natural intuition. Most people start getting clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers within 10 minutes.

How to use your pendulum
Start by sitting or standing in a relaxed position, preferably with uncrossed legs. The first thing you must do is discover how your pendulum is going to respond to your questions.
Hold the small ball at the top of your pendulum’s chain lightly between your thumb and pointer finger and ask, “Show me a yes.” Just relax and it should soon start to move, either swinging in a circular motion (clockwise or anti-clockwise) or crossing your palm in a straight line. After you’ve obtained the ‘yes’ direction, stop the pendulum and ask “Show me no.” Soon, the pendulum will show you the direction indicating the direction for a ‘no’.

Caring for your pendulum
Crystals should be cleansed regularly, either with a special cleansing solution or with sage smoke. Moonlight can also cleanse and recharge crystals – I like to cleanse my crystals under the full moon.

Due to overstocking for a recent fair, I have a variety of pendulums for sale, including amethyst, rose quartz, tiger’s eye and clear quartz balls and points. Priced from $10 – $13 (near wholesale) plus $5 postage in Australia for up to 6; NZ postage: $10 for up to 6. Great gifts!

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How feng shui consultations work

Jenny Blume - Feng shui for home's entranceFeng shui is all about harmonising the energy in and around your home to create a supportive, feel-good environment. Ideally, all homes would be designed and built according to feng shui principles (wouldn’t that be bliss!), but most changes and improvements can be made at any stage. When a home or work space has been properly balanced, health, finances and relationships should all reap the rewards.

Clients are often not sure what to expect, so here’s an excerpt from a recent Q&A that might give you more of an idea.

Q&A with Jenny …

How does a feng shui session work?

“I work with clients via email or in person (mainly in the Sydney, Byron bay and Gold Coast regions); when possible it’s best to actually see and feel a space. Sometimes a major feng shui problem, like a stagnant pond, a diseased tree or a negative artwork has become a blind spot, so I help my clients to see their surroundings through fresh eyes. Sometimes a space clearing is also needed, to shift negative energy.

I start by sending my client a questionnaire, then generally, I spend an hour or two onsite, discussing their situation, noting surrounding landforms (like roads and trees), furniture arrangements, colours, plants, artworks and feeling the flow of energy throughout the space. Afterwards, I draw up the more complex ‘flying stars’ (like an astrology chart for the home) and write a report that gives suggestions and remedies for each room.

Suggested changes can include moving beds, changing colours, adding particular artworks, shifting rugs or plants, or placing specific ‘cures’ like water or crystals in certain sensitive spots around the property. Sometimes, one room is more supportive to health and relationships than another, so I discuss priorities and possible room arrangements with the client. In offices, desks may need to be moved or entrances may need enhancing or changing. I also locate and activate the prosperity point, which every home and office has.

Most importantly, I also check for high electromagnetic fields (emfs) with a Gauss meter, especially near beds or desks, as spending time in these fields can place a real strain on the immune system. You’d be surprised how many people are sleeping near wall wiring or meter boxes!”

If you’d like to book a consultation with Jenny or make an enquiry email or phone 0411 631 940.


Gauss meter check in bedroomIMPORTANT NOTE: Radiation & electrical fields (emfs)
Feng shui looks at the total environment, so these days, electricity and wireless radiation need to be assessed. Magnetic fields and electrical currents can greatly disturb sleep and play havoc with your health, so always turn off electric blankets before retiring and keep televisions, reading lamps, phones and computers well away from your bed. Phone chargers and cordless cradles exert a particularly strong field, so shift them out of the room altogether. Check also that your bed isn’t positioned near an outside meter box or major wall wiring.

With the help of a Gauss meter, Jenny can easily check your home’s radiation levels, especially around beds and study areas; safer options and furniture positions can then be discussed. Click here to find out more about Jenny’s consultations and safety checks.

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