Harness the Virgo new moon!


Ready to embrace some healthy new habits or launch an important project? Celestial help is heading your way!

Falling in the practical, wonderfully organised sign of Virgo, Friday’s new moon (8.37pm AEST) should pack a punch – in the very best sort of way.

As this new moon cozies up to Mercury, Venus and Mars, it will absorb their energies – in particular, a desire for teamwork, planning, action and communication. These planets also add a good dollop of creativity, along with the potential for romance (thankyou Venus and Mars!). A grand trine involving Saturn adds grit and determination, making this the perfect springboard for health kicks, start-ups and projects of all sorts.

If you’re wanting to launch things off under the best possible stars, consider Tuesday September 3 to Thursday 5, under the lush Scorpio moon. This 3-day period is full of potential and fertility, making it a perfect time to plant actual seeds as well. Sunday September 8 and Monday 9 should also prove supportive, so get yourself organised and leap on in. Happy new moon … and welcome to Spring!

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2019 astrology flower essences

The Star Sign and Flower Essence Guide for 2019!

Ever tried flower essences? As the sun cruises through the wonderfully sensual, earthy sign of Taurus, it might be time! It’s also a brilliant month to dust off your old oil burner and fill your home with beautiful sounds and smells. It’s all about ‘getting back into your body’ and enjoying life.

Alisha, ‘the naughty naturopath mum’, has matched my 2019 mini forecasts to her flower essences, which are designed to support you both energetically and emotionally. Choose one (or more) that match your sun sign, or if you know your moon sign, consider using an essence that resonates on a more emotional level. If you’d like to read a longer 2019 astrology forecast for your star sign, click here.


December 23 – January 20

Ready to step into your next phase of life? With three eclipses in your sign through 2019, the cosmos has big plans for you. Children and creative endeavours should bring great satisfaction, along with shared ventures and community projects. Through winter, the zodiac’s go-getter, Mars, might even point you towards a lucrative new business arrangement – or the boss’s chair!

Your staying power is legendary, and so is that determination. Running and competitive sports may appeal when younger, but look after those knees, as they can play up; keep your joints supple with plenty of Pilates or strengthening exercises, and be sure to mix things up. Mountain climbing, boating, beach walking, weight lifting … it’s all good.

Flower Essence Blends for Capricorn

Courage: To balance the solar plexus chakra and enhance self worth and confidence for growing and evolving

Self Love: To help you nurture yourself more by increasing your sense of self worth

Like A Boss: To juggle all those big plans like a boss, you’ve got this!


January 21 – February 19

Like moths to a flame, kindred spirits are gravitating towards you. Friendships struck through 2019 could change your life, and yes, for singles they could turn romantic. As Uranus lights up your home sector from March, the seeds of change will be sown. Winter’s lucrative stars might present you with an exciting opportunity – or get you dreaming about a move!

Being the zodiac’s eccentric, you like to make a splash. Aquatic sports like swimming, sailing and aquaerobics should sooth your inner water baby, though being an air-ruled sign, flying (on trapezes, flying foxes or quite literally, in airplanes) might also hit the spot. If you’re over the gym, look for adventurous, outdoorsy sports and get that adrenaline pumping.

Flower Essences Blends for Aquarius 

Manifest: To align your energy with the energy of what you want to bring into your life

Peace: For balancing heart chakra and creating more inner peace

Intuition: To balance the third eye chakra helping you with decision making.


February 20 – March 20

If you’re not living up to your full potential, the powerful January 6 eclipse could illuminate a new path. And with Lady Luck Jupiter perched high in your chart, things could happen fast. A new job might even materialise, but factor in plenty of flexibility, for by mid-year those feet will become itchy. As restless Uranus settles into your travel zone (for roughly seven years), you’ll be dreaming for exotic worlds and far flung places. It’s time to set up a special travel savings account!

Turn up the volume and get that bootie shaking! Dancing is your astral wonder-drug, Pisces, along with watery pursuits like swimming, sailing and aquaerobics. If you can’t find a pool or beach, look for a gym that offers Zumba or bliss out with yoga. Recharge your batteries by getting back to the basics: fresh air, deep breathing, peace and quiet.

Flower Essences for Pisces

Slow Down: To lessen any blow-outs and help you stick to a more middle ground

Sweet Dreams: To help with restless nights

Bliss: To balance the sacral chakra and help you connect with yourself and others.


March 21 – April 20

The pace is increasing, but hang in there – you’re laying the foundations for future success. Autumn’s turbo-charged stars might even propel you into a new business … or back into the classroom, but it’s not all about work. Travel is also on the cards, so keep your passport up-to-date. It’s all about finding the right balance, so allow yourself a few extra treats. You deserve it!

Staying active should help to burn off some of that pent-up energy (much to the relief of your loved ones); if you’re finding it hard to stay motivated, join a team or revisit a sport that you loved as a child. Anything too slow will lose you, so choose activities that get the heart pumping. Power or Ashtanga yoga, touch footy, boxercise, marathons, mountain climbing … the sky’s the limit

Flower Essences for Aries

Like A Boss: To keep up with the pace like a boss, you’ve got this

Energy: To help keep you enthusiastic, motivated and energetic

Grounding: Balancing root chakra and to help keep you grounded throughout the changes and travel.


April 21 – May 21

As Uranus settles into your sign (for the next 7 years), a desire to change or transform your life will begin to intensify. An adventurous holiday or big-ticket purchase might set the ball rolling, and it’s just the beginning. Money-wise, 2019 might prove to be a bumper year, so brush up those investing skills or learn more about the property market; with an inheritance or payout in the pipeline, extra insights should come in handy.

Being the zodiac’s foodie, regular exercise is essential for you. Anything involving music should hit the spot, so why not try dance classes or pump up the volume at home? As an earthy sign, outdoorsy activities like tennis, riding and bushwalking should recharge your body and your soul. If walking alone bores you, grab a friend or fill an iPod with your favourite tunes.

Flower Essences for Taurus

Manifest: To align your energy with the energy of what you want to bring into your life

Grounding: Balancing root chakra and to help keep you grounded throughout the changes

Cravings Control: For times of overindulgence and help with opening up and sharing your emotions instead of trying to squash them.


May 22 – June 22

Let your inner light shine bright! As the zodiac’s dream-weaver, Neptune, stimulates your imagination, hidden skills and creative talents will be revealed. Entrepreneurial types might even dream up a lucrative business idea, but don’t go it alone, for throughout 2019 your greatest successes will be shared. Supportive people are gathering, so let yourself lean on others … and reap a few well-earned rewards.

That speedy brain of yours relates best to high intensity workouts: aerobics, cycling, jogging and group fitness sessions should hit the spot and calm those nerves. Being a natural multitasker, if you can work-out and talk at the same time, all the better. High energy dance classes like zumba and tap might strike a chord … or why not give social tennis a shot?

Flower Essences for Gemini

Help: To ease any feelings of distress and worry you may still be feeling from the previous year

Slow Down: To create more inner calm while you have so much going on

Intuition: To balance the third eye chakra helping you with decision making.


June 22 – July 23

Still worrying about the future? Periods of change and uncertainty can be stressful (especially for security-loving Crabs!), but relax, this year’s astro-forces should work in your favour. As movement swirls through your horoscope, a yearning to travel or relocate could become an obsession, while for singles, a mysterious foreigner might set you swooning. A desire to teach or support others might also take hold, but don’t overload yourself if you’re already busy.

Being a water sign, swimming and aquaerobics might hit the spot, or sports like sailing and canoeing may appeal. But let’s not forget, you’re also the zodiac’s homebody, so if swimsuits aren’t your style, stock up on fitness DVDs or convert a spare room into a chilled out space that’s just for you. Pilates and yoga should leave you supple and strong.

Flower Essence Blends for Cancer

Slow Down: To help you relax, slow down and move towards the pastimes that will benefit you

Manifest: To align your energy with the energy of what you want to bring into your life 

Courage: To balance the solar plexus chakra and enhance self worth and confidence for growing and evolving.


July 24 – August 23

Some years bring toil and trouble, but others are made for fun and self-expression (and for many Lions, this is one of them!). Injecting more joy into life might become this year’s mission, and best of all, the good vibes should prove catchy. Delays may slow you down through autumn, but the cosmos wants you to get it right. By September 2019, your efforts should begin to flourish and reap rewards, so stick with it!

As kids, little Lions are bounding with energy, so if you’ve become sedentary with age, look to childhood for inspiration. Active yoga, like ashtanga or power, might awaken your inner gymnast, or if you’re feeling brave, why not learn tango or circus skills? In the end though, anything involving people or fun is perfect: group walks, gym classes, team sports, it’s all good.

Flower Essences for Leo

Bliss: To balance the sacral chakra and help you connect with yourself and others

Truth: For balancing the throat chakra and help with expressing yourself and your needs

Slow Down: To create more inner calm while you have so much going on.


August 24 – September 23

Could that be a move on the horizon? At the very least, 2019’s restless stars will get you dreaming. Even if you stay put, a stream of visitors and comings and goings will keep you on your toes. Easter’s auspicious patterns could expand your options, then as winter approaches, a yearning to travel and broaden your horizons could take hold … and it’s just a taste of bigger things to come.

Virgos are generally one of the fittest signs … when they can find the time! Regularity is the key so if need be, draw up a schedule and stick it on the fridge. Activities that require precision, like Pilates and Iyengar yoga often appeal, along with bowling, tennis and walking. Kick things off with a personal training session, but first, grab some good shoes.

Flower Essences for Virgo

Focus: To reign in the dreamy energy when you need to focus on moving things forward

Energy: To help keep you enthusiastic, motivated and energetic

Spirit: For balancing the crown chakra helping with meditation and connecting with inner self.


September 24 – October 23

That fertile imagination is flowing thick and fast! Money-making schemes, home improvements, shared projects … just don’t try to do it all and juggle too many balls. Factor in plenty of time for family and friends, particularly through late summer, when your love and support will be crucial. Finetune your ideas during winter, then prepare for an action-packed September and October. By November, you might have good reason to celebrate!

Sweaty sports and activities might leave you cold, that’s unless dancing or socialising is involved. If exercise is a stop-start affair for you, finding a chatty exercise buddy could make all the difference. Away from the dance floor, look for activities that encourage symmetry, like walking, swimming and Pilates, or join a sporting club.

Flower Essences for Libra

Like A Boss: To keep up with the pace like a boss, you’ve got this

Female: To bring forward and assist with the fertile imagination and feminine energy

Peace: For balancing heart chakra and creating more inner peace.


October 24 – November 22

You’ve got so much to give! Not only are your people skills sparkling, your wisdom and expertise will be in high demand. Older Scorpions might even feel a calling to teach or help others. As Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, funnels positive energy into your money zone, your options should begin to open up. If you’re up for a fresh challenge, prepare to spread those wings and fly.

Feeling fit and strong makes you feel good, so don’t fall into bad habits. Grab some hand weights, or if you’re up for a challenge, try karate or self-defense classes. Squeeze in a few power walks as well … with your determination, you might end up running marathons.

Flower Essences for Scorpio

Self Love: To help you nurture yourself more by increasing your sense of self worth

Courage: To balance the solar plexus chakra and enhance self worth and confidence for growing and evolving

Cravings Control: For dealing with emotions that make you want to escape into habits or using food/substance as escape.


November 23 – December 22

Has boredom been creeping in (well, even more than usual)? Celestial help is at hand! Start thinking about what brings the greatest joy and satisfaction, for with Jupiter illuminating your sign, you’ll have passion and energy to burn in 2019. Finances could create a few headaches through autumn, but as your mindset shifts through winter, a galaxy of possibilities should unfold. This might end up being a pivotal year!

Fresh air really is your magic elixir, so when in doubt, head for the great outdoors. Symbolised by the centaur, horse riding fits well with your sign, along with archery, cycling and walking. Racket sports also appeal to Sags, along with spiritual practices like yoga and Tai Chi. Find ways to combine fitness and travel, and I promise, staying healthy will be a breeze.

Flower Essences for Sagittarius

Let it Go: To help you release and clear out the old energy

Manifest: To align your energy with the energy of what you want to bring into your life and help you to create the life you want

Grounding: Balancing root chakra and to help keep you grounded throughout the changes.

Visit www.naughtynaturopathmum.com.au to find out more or order flower essences

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8 feng shui tips for a lucky 2019

2019 Year of the PIG

The Chinese New Year (on February 4 and 5) is the perfect time to lift the vibe, so set the ball rolling with some DIY feng shui. Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Pig!

1 Beautify your entrance

An inviting entrance will draw more luck and good fortune into your home, so lavish it with love to create a bright, uplifting space. Paint, weed, wash down your door, and give your doormat a good wash (or if you’ve had a rotten year, buy a new one!). For an extra special sparkle, add solar lights to the garden or trees – and not just for the festive season, but all year round.

MOON PLANTING GUIDE: Flowers and veggies planted under fertile moon signs tend to thrive. Best planting days in February: 6, 7, 12, 13, 16, 17 … plus vines on Feb 24 or 25.

2 Declutter and clean your kitchen

Clutter can act as a barrier, trapping you in the past and making it difficult for new people and opportunities to enter your life, so if you don’t love, need or use an item, pass it on. To attract prosperity, give your your kitchen an extra-special clean, fix leaking taps and try to use all of your hotplates (to encourage a steady income).

3 Rev up romance

From February 4, 2019, the strongest romance energy will will flowing into the NORTH sector of your home, so give any rooms here a special spruce-up, along with the garden outside. Clear clutter, then add healthy pot plants, flowers, lucky bamboo, suncatchers, crystals, a birdbath or romantic images to activate the fortuitous energies!

4 Move your mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can draw light or pleasant views into a room, but reflecting dark or ugly areas will emphasize problems. Consider what is being reflected, and ask, ‘do I want more of it?’ If need be, cull mirrors, for having too many can bring confusion and turn peaceful homes into mirror-mazes. Click here for more about mirrors.

5 Lift the vibe

Energy in homes and offices can become stagnant, so fling open your windows and burn some sage to banish any bad vibes. For an extra energy boost, burn citrusy oils like bergamot and lemongrass. Then make up an everyday spritzer – with water and a half teaspoon of kaffir lime oil – not just for your home, but for yourself and your car as well!

6 Reassess artwork

Depictions of sadness or violence can conjure up negative feelings, while images of beautiful places or loved ones help to promote a sense of peace and wellbeing. Sunrises, flowers and rural scenes are especially fortuitous. If you’re looking for romance, place romantic images in the south west sector, and limit family photos in your bedroom!

7 Place a salt cure in the SW

If your bedroom or front door falls in the south west sector, placing a ‘salt water cure’ there should help to lift the vibe and harmonise the feng shui (from Feb 4, 2019). It may seem odd, but these cures can suck up negative energy like a hoover. See my salt water cure page for details or if you need support, consider booking a session with me.

8 Energise your home’s ‘tai chi’

From February 4, the auspicious ‘8 water star’ moves to the centre of your home, known as the ‘Tai Chi’, so give this area a good clean and declutter, then spritz with Kaffir lime (see tip 5) or a space clearing spray, then place crystals, lucky objects, candles or a beautiful lamp there to activate the lucky energy. Enhancing this sector should help  support your career as well.

Pay special attention to the NORTH WEST too, as this sector could attract more travel, helpful people and business success in 2019. Have a wonderful new year!

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Feng shui compass sectors

sheng cycle - 2013

Want to try some DIY feng shui? I’ve draw up a simple feng shui compass sector chart (known as a Sheng cycle), to get you started.

The old system, known as ‘Black Hat Sect School’, where the front door is used, has been largely discredited, as it was over-simplified when it first appeared in the West (in the 1980s). It was based on the compass school formula, where each direction resonates with an area in life.

Your home’s compass sectors can be found with a compass or by looking at google maps or google earth, although readings may be up to 10 degrees out, as feng shui consultants factor in magnetic declination to get a ‘true north’ reading, versus map north.  Alternatively, take note of where the sun sets (west) and rises (east).

Feng shui works on many levels, but at it’s core, ‘compass sectors’ rule particular areas of life. If family relationships are rocky, try sprucing up your home or living room’s eastern sector, starting with a good clean and declutter, then boost the energy with plants or flowers. Lucky bamboo is also a good enhancer, along with happy family photos.

Career is in the north, finances in the south east, romance in the south west, travel and helpful people in the north west, and so on. You’ll find them on the Bagua map, above. Feng shui works on deeper, more complex levels as well, but even simple changes can help to shift energies and lift the vibe.

If you’d like to book a space clearing or professional feng shui consultation email jennyblume@iprimus.com.au for a quote.

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Astrology: fertility windows

Wondering if or when kids will come along? Your astrological charts might provide some surprisingly helpful insights.

Baby - astrology fertility chartsUsing a combination of Eastern and Western charting systems, I can calculate your most fertile days, months and years. Looking back on my life, which has included numerous false starts and periods of infertility, it’s incredibly accurate.

Known as the Four Pillars of Destiny, Chinese astrology shows very specific years and periods in which conception and motherhood can occur, whilst Western astrology pinpoints special days for each month. If your time of birth is known it’s even more accurate, but your horoscope can be assessed with just a birth date.

Western astrology has always given me comprehensive results (I’ve been practicing now for 30 years!) but learning the Chinese Four Pillars system has added extra insight, particularly around relationships, fertility and motherhood. When looking from both angles, my perspective can increase dramatically.

My fee for a comprehensive written fertility report is $190.
Please email jennyblume@iprimus.com.au or phone 0411 631 940 to discuss your situation or order a confidential report. I’m always happy to help! Jenny

jennyblume_astrology and feng shui sydney

Jenny is a highly experienced intuitive astrologer and feng shui consultant. She offers seminars and consultations in the Sydney and Gold Coast regions, and for the past 12 years has been writing destiny columns and weekly star signs for Woman’s Day (Australia & NZ), Courier Newspapers and Real People, UK.

NOTE: Astrology can be incredibly helpful and enlightening, but no forecasting system is ever 100% accurate. Fate has a way springing surprises, sometimes when least expected. If health is a concern, please consult your GP.

Phone 0411 631 940 or email jennyblume@iprimus.com.au

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Cleansing with Sage

sage leaves - jenny blume feng shuisage bunch

If the vibe needs a lift, a great place to start is with white sage. It’s a classic with so many cultures, and it’s hard to beat. Perhaps it’s partly psychological, but when used regularly it can place people in an almost instant state of relaxation.

When using sage I start by partly opening windows, to let the smoke out, firstly wafting it over myself, then over any crystals or jewelry that need cleansing. State intentions if you like, or ask for protection as you wave or fan it around.

Wooden furniture needs regular saging I find, especially if items have been bought second hand. I also like to sage near my front door, and of course, after arguments (I’m married to a double Gemini!) or after periods of upset or sickness.

Whole bundles can be lit, with a bowl underneath to catch embers, or small pieces can be picked off and used. Sometimes just one dried leaf is enough for a quick cleanse, but however you prefer to sage, just be sure not to burn anything as you go.

Another favourite of mine is essential kaffir lime oil, mixed with water. It’s incredibly cleansing and revitalising, either spritzed over yourself or over hard surfaces like desks. And like sage, it’s excellent for  cleansing front doors, especially when affirmations or intentions are stated at the same time. Try spritzing it in your car as well, or simply spray it around a room to lift the vibe.

If you’re interested in a more intensive ‘space clearing’ click here to find out more. Or phone 0411 631 940 or email jennyblume@iprimus.com.au. I’m here to help!

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Free astrology podcast

In this free ‘Soul Doctor’ podcast I chat with the amazing Rebecca Dettman about all things astrological. My section starts just under 15 minutes in. Her other podcasts are pretty amazing as well … covering topics like twin flames, shamanism and psychic healing … so if you’ve got a spare hour (I like to walk while I listen), give them a go!

Listen to 32 ZODIAC RULES from Soul Doctor in Podcasts. https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/soul-doctor/id1186531290?mt=2&i=1000389357356


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