Feng shui flying stars 2021

Each year in February the feng shui flying star energies shift, meaning that some parts of your home will become luckier and more supportive than others – or more problematic. Of course, it depends on your home’s natural feng shui (which my personal feng shui reports map and discuss), but still, cures and enhancements can worth trying, especially in the more problematic zones.

In 2021, the best feng shui energies are likely to gather around the west and north west; if your front door falls into one of these compass sectors you might be in for a bumper year. To find where these are located in your home, download one of the free compass apps and you’ll get a rough idea.

The most problematic zones in 2021 are likely to be the south east (water star 5) and the north (water star 2), so to be on the safe side, it’s worth placing a few cures.

Salt water cures can be particularly effective, along with the sound of metal; consider adding wind chimes if you like them, bells on the door, ting sha bells or piano music!

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