Love signs

Looking for love? Star signs can be surprisingly helpful, although when magic happens rules tend to fly out the window. This is just a general guide … you’ll need to organise a personal reading to get the full rundown. Relationships are my specialty!

ARIES: Lively Leos and Sags are traditionally your perfect pairings, but don’t discount chatty air signs – Geminis, Librans and Aquarians.

TAURUS: Virgos, Capricorns and Taurians may share your down-to-earth values, but the water signs – Pisceans, Scorpions and Cancerians – could inspire great things.

GEMINI: Aquarians, Geminis and Librans should click instantly, along with the fun-loving fire signs: Aries, Sagittarians and Leos.

CANCER: Pisceans and Scorpios are your traditional love matches, but the earth signs – Taurians, Capricorns and Virgos – should keep you grouded.

LEO: Relationships with Aries, fellow Leos and Sags should sizzle, with Geminis, Aquarians and romantic Librans should run a close second.

VIRGO: Taurians, Virgos and Capricorns may be your rock, but for a burst of passion and emotion, consider a Cancerian or Scorpion.

LIBRA: Geminis and Aquarians are your classic love matches, but the feisty fire signs – Aries, Leos and Sags – might send sparks flying.

SCORPIO: Passionate Cancerians, Scorpions and Pisceans should hit the emotional spot, along with earthy Virgos and Capricorns.

SAGITTARIUS: Leos, Aries and fellow Sags often click instantly, or for a more cerebral connection try an air sign – Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

CAPRICORN: Virgos, Taurians and Capricorns (the zodiac’s earth signs) may feel comfy, but if you’re after fireworks find a Scorpio or Pisces.

AQUARIUS: Geminis, Librans and fellow Aquarians should click instantly, or let a feisty Leo, Sag or Aries light your fire.

PISCES: Scorpions, Cancerians and fellow Fish may feel like kindred spirits but Capricorns and Taurians aren’t far behind!

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DIY feng shui projects

Jenny Blume - Feng shui for home's entrance

Whether you’e a true believer or not, there’s a lot to be said for many of the principals of feng shui, in creating a happier, calmer and more organised home. Why not try these quick tips yourself and see what effect they have?

Beautify your entrance

To draw the best possible energy into your living space, make your home’s entrance is as clutter-free and inviting as possible. Not only will you attract more luck and good fortune into your life, you’ll attract more visitors too. Weeds, cracks and peeling paint convey poverty in feng shui, while creaky gates and overgrown gardens subconsciously say ‘stay away’. For an instant lift, jazz up your entrance with extra lighting or pop in a load of fragrant flowers or culinary herbs.

Reassess your art

Step back and take a good look at what you’re inviting into your home. Depictions of sadness and violence can conjure up negative feelings, while images of beautiful places or people you love tend to promote a sense of peace and wellbeing. If you’re after romance, avoid displaying lonely or solitary figures in adult bedrooms, and parents, don’t overdo photos of kids. Sunrises, landscapes, aquatic scenes and mountains are especially fortuitous.

Move your mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can draw more natural light and pleasant views into your living space, but reflecting dark corners or boring walls will only emphasise your problems. It’s said that mirrors facing the front door can scare people (and good fortune) away, while reflecting bathroom doors can magnify health problems. Attract abundance by reflecting your dining table or a big bowl of fruit.  Click for more on mirrors 

Clean your kitchen

In feng shui, the kitchen symbolises a household’s health and wealth, so try to keep your kitchen as clean and well aired as possible; broken taps and appliances should be promptly repaired or replaced and the stove kept sparkling clean. To encourage a steady income, use all hotplates regularly, rather than favourites. Make your kitchen an inviting place to spend time in; food cooked in a calm atmosphere will nourish the soul and warm the heart.

Shift your furniture around

Sounds ridiculously simple, but moving your furniture around can shift energy within your home or office. Wipe down walls, vacuum and declutter as you go, then spritz some kaffir lime oil for an extra lift. As one of my favourite feng shui masters recently said, to change your life you must first change your habits – and your surroundings. Even sitting in a different chair will start the process!

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Lucky feng shui for 2017

chinese-astrology-fire-rooster-2017As we move into the Year of the Rooster, your home’s feng shui and prosperity points will begin to shift. Fire rooster ruled years tend to be unpredictable and a tad hyperactive, but don’t panic, for the rooster can be highly stimulating, inventive, romantic and exciting too. He likes to strut his stuff!

To attract luck and prosperity in 2017, grab a compass and place a few celestial cures around your home and garden on February 4. Feng shui cures are usually applied on the Solar New Year (which is always February 4) rather than the Lunar New Year (January 28).

Of course, you can place cures at any time in 2017. The principle of ‘better late than never’ applies when it comes to creating good feng shui in your home or office. And don’t forget, the New Year is an ideal time to clear your cupboards and cast out anything that you don’t use or love. If you need help or a Space Clearing click here.

• Residents of east facing homes should attract loads of good luck this year. Place red objects (such as flowers or candles), lamps, crystals or sparkling sun catchers in the eastern part of your home or garden to enhance your good fortune.

• The south east is also extremely lucky this year – great news if your home faces this direction, or your bedroom falls in this compass sector (ooh la la!). Add candles, lamps and splashes of red for extra pizazz.

• If your home or front door faces towards the south, feng shui ‘cures’ should be placed to harmonise the energy. Metal windchimes, bells, red objects and lucky bamboo should all work well. Avoid crystals or water features here (just for this year). Consider setting up a salt water cure for extra protection. Click here for instructions.

• To attract love and romance keep your home’s south west as clean and attractive as possible – and this year, avoid too much renovating, metal (such as wind chimes) or water in this sector. Display romantic images, burn sweet smelling oils, plant herbs, display flowers (silk are fine), or simply throw open the curtains and let the sunlight stream in.

• Flower essence drops are helpful for many people, particularly in times of change and transition. Check out a few suggested blends under your star sign forecast.

Wishing you a wonderful new year, Jenny x

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Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017, the year of excess and inspiration! With Jupiter blowing everything out of proportion and unpredictable Uranus fanning the flames, life certainly won’t be boring. These over-the-top stars want it all, but don’t get too carried away, especially on the financial front. With Neptune obscuring the facts, risky ventures might prove to be just that.

On the flipside, these eccentric, passionate patterns could work wonders after dark, not just for lovers, but for artists and performers as well. As we search for escapism, music, comedy and old-style entertainment could enter a golden era. You might even feel a yearning to sing or dance yourself … or a yearning to express yourself could reveal your inner artist. Bring on the fun and games!

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Make space for the new!

Surrounding yourself with clutter can weigh you down, and even worse, it can act as a barrier, making it difficult for new people and opportunities to enter your life. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

*Your home’s entrance should receive special attention as it represents both your approach to life as you walk out, and your impression as you walk in. Keep it as clean, beautiful and clutter free as possible .

*The same goes for furniture that looks bad or that you never use. Ditch it, sell it or give it away; consider getting rid of objects that conjure up sad or unpleasant memories, too. If you’re not sure about heirlooms or valuable items, pack them away in a labeled storage box and reassess after a year.

*Unhealthy plants should be given some special TLC in the garden or completely removed from your home. While you’re at it, toss any dried flowers and ditch cracked or rusty pots. Dying plants are a negative influence, so don’t put it off!

*Stray paperwork should be collected together and collated. If you don’t already have one, buy a filing cabinet or try an expander file. Alternately, create a ring binder especially for bills, or set up an in/out-tray near your computer. You’ll feel organised in no time!

*Books, magazines and DVDs that you’re unlikely to read or watch again should be given away. Clear some space for fresh stories to enter your life.

*Wooden furniture can exude a strong psychic resonance, so if Aunt Olive’s oak wardrobe doesn’t hold fond memories, consider selling it or move it into the spare room. At the very least, give it a good cleansing with sage. Your bedroom should be your sacred space.

*Clothes that don’t fit or haven’t been worn for a couple of years should be donated to charity, sold or given away. If you’re not sure, pack them into a box. If you don’t open the box within a year, donate it.

*Artwork that makes you feel sad should be sold, or if you can’t bear to part with it, moved to an out-of-the-way room. Seeing a sad, ugly or lonely scene every day will eventually rub off on your psyche. If you want to invite joy in your life, opt for feelgood artwork.

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Feng shui for love, prosperity and good health

Jenny Blume - Feng shui for home's entrance

As a feng shui consultant, my goal is to create uplifting homes and workspaces. As cures and enhancements are implemented, and the five elements are harmonised, your health, wealth and relationships should all feel the positive effects. A home that that been properly ‘feng shuied’ feels warm and inviting, not only to you, but to everyone who enters. When needed, space clearings can lift the energy even higher.

Previous clients have benefited from unexpected job offers, better relationships with family and neighbours, improved health, more relaxed pets, surprise windfalls, long desired pregnancies, enhanced creativity and a fresh sense of energy and enthusiasm.

I work with clients via phone, email or in person, mainly in the Sydney, Byron Bay, Tweed and Gold Coast area.

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Feng shui romance activators

Feng shui energies change from year to year, and from home to home, but for everyone, an inviting bedroom and attractive ‘south west’ sector will help to activate romantic energies. You’ll need a compass to find your ‘relationship sector’, or try Google maps.

  • If single, place bedside tables and lamps on both sides of your bed, and turn both on at least once a week.
  • Display a pair of Mandarin Ducks in your bedroom; when possible, opt for pairs of objects rather than single items.
  • Assess the artwork in your bedroom and remove anything that conjures up lonliness or sadness; limit family photos.
  • Place two rose quartz crystals – the stone of love – in the south west or by your bed.
  • Display peonies, either real, silk or depicted, to attract romance; these work especially well in the south west.
  • Declutter nearyour bed, and lift the vibe with low-key lighting and sensual essential oils like ylang ylang.

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Colour therapy at work

Colours can have an instant impact, but they can also affect us in more subtle ways.

Red is well known as an appetite enhancer (KFC and McDonalds might be onto something!), making it an ideal choice for restaurants and fast food outlets, but if you want to turn people off their food, use purple, mauve or black.

Yellow stimulates the mind, making it a perfect choice for call centres or workplaces where people need to stay alert. Yellow can also work well in schools and study areas, as it aids concentration.

Shades of orange and yellow can also be used to lift the spirits and cheer up patients in hospitals, while bright orange is said to lessen emotional shock – making it an excellent hue for emergency rooms.

pinkprisonShades of pink and peach tend to calm people down, making them ideal colours for prisons, hospital waiting rooms and counseling centres. Some US prisons have even tried painting cells pink, and as a result, noticed less aggression*.

Blue can also calm the mind and reduce stress, but day in day out, some people can find blue a depressing colour – especially if a person’s spirits or energy levels are already low.

Shades of turquoise and aqua, on the other hand, are creative, invigorating colours, making them ideal for media industries and design-related professions. As they aid communication, they can also be a great choice for boardrooms and conference centres.

Green is the colour of balance and growth, making it ideal for health industries, mediation rooms and legal offices. It can also help patients to heal, making it a perfect colour for rehab centres.

*In 1979, directors of a Naval correctional centre in Seattle, US, painted some prison confinement cells pink in order to determine the effects this might have on prisoners. The rates of assault before and after the interior was painted pink were then monitored.

According to the Navy’s report, “Since the initiation of this procedure, there have been no incidents of erratic or hostile behavior during the initial phase of confinement”. Only fifteen minutes of exposure was enough to ensure that the potential for violent or aggressive behavior had been reduced, the report observed.

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The Ascendant

At the eastern point of the horoscope sits the Ascendant, or rising sign. It represents the personality that we project to the world, our persona. People usually come across as their ascendant or ‘rising sign’ when we first meet them, and these traits can either work in harmony or in tension with the sun sign (which rules the inner self). Some people hide behind their ascendant, turning it into a sort of mask, while others embrace and integrate the characteristics.

Along with the persona, the ascendant rules the physical body, so someone with Cancer rising may be have a rounded face and a sensitive, nurturing nature, while a Gemini ascendant might bring an angular appearance and a chatty, jittery edge (nail-biting can be a dead giveaway).

Of course, if you have a planet sitting near the ascendant or situated in the first house, this will add complexity to the picture, but the interpretations below should form a good starting point.

mstreep chart sample.
I’ve used Meryl Streep’s chart to show where the ascendant or rising sign is … see the red circle on the left? That’s it. Her ascendant is ruled by Leo, while her sun is in Cancer. Hence, her love for drama and taking risks.

astrology symbolsOnce you know your ascendant, you can read up on the traits and see if they suit. It’s also worth reading my weekly and yearly astrology forecasts for your ascendant as well as your sun sign. They can resonate in a big way!

If you don’t know your own ascendant, try casting a free chart at

Your sun sign is just the tip of the iceberg!


People with Aries ascendants tend to move quickly, talk quickly, and act without hesitation; in fact their boundless energy and enthusiasm are often legendary. Due to their confidence, they often come across as natural leaders and entrepreneurs, although their impulsive, excitable nature can lead to mishaps, especially when angry.
Traits: active or sporty, magnetic, extroverted, competitive, confident, headstrong, enterprising, often ruddy complexion


People with Taurus ascendants tend to take a more considered, slow and steady approach, but once their mind is made up, there’s no stopping them. Their senses are generally highly attuned, giving a love for good food, soft fabrics, music and finer things in life; comfort, quality and luxury often rank high on their list of priorities.
Traits: stable, dependable, refined, musical or artistic, stubborn, determined, acquisitive, often strong, sturdy or thick-set


People with Gemini on the ascendant tend to be energetic, agile and always on the go; they generally love a chat, and due to their natural curiosity, are often drawn towards books, films and media-related fields. Nervous habits are common in this sign, but plenty of exercise and physical activity can help to calm them down.
Traits: versatile, well-read, expressive, edgy, curious, active, impulsive, talkative, restless, often slim, tall or boney


People with Cancer on their ascendant tend to be sensitive, caring souls; their home is their sanctuary, and like a crab, they retreat into their shell when threatened. Parenthood and teaching professions often appeal, along with food, health and finance-related fields, for comfort and material security are important to this sign.
Traits: sensitive, sympathetic, feeling, moody, intuitive, defensive, home loving, often pale, plump or round in the face.


People with Leo on their ascendant need to be noticed. The bigger and more glamourous, the better, especially when it comes to cars, clothes and their hair (or mane). Their confident, extroverted approach makes them natural performers, managers, motivators and salespeople, but beneath the exterior, the ego can be surprisingly fragile.
Traits: friendly, confident, loyal, glamourous, creative, dramatic, bossy, opinionated, restless, often bald or have ‘big hair’


People with Virgo on their ascendant tend to be intelligent, exacting, competent and discriminating. Their attention to detail is often impressive, but over-thinking things can lead to worry and negative thinking, or even OCD. A preference for stylish items and quality clothing often surfaces early, along with a love for facts and figures.
Traits: practical, methodical, hard-working, reliable, exacting, health-conscious, anxious, face often develops fine worry lines


People with Libra on their ascendant tend to be talkative, charming and charismatic. Their aesthetic eye is usually well developed, leading to a love for fashion, design and the performing arts. Relationships are often a preoccupation, along with issues involving justice and fair play. Their refined, stylish manner can be a dead giveaway.
Traits: diplomatic, stylish, romantic, cultured, chatty, indecisive, often well-dressed, with wide-set eyes or attractive features


People with Scorpio on their ascendant tend to be private or secretive, especially when they feel emotionally exposed. Power and control are strong life themes, but when harnessed correctly, these traits can bring great influence and success. An air of mystery and charisma often acts as a magnet to the opposite sex.
Traits: passionate, driven, intense, secretive, sexual, powerful, competitive, often drawn to mysterious people, situations and places


People with Sagittarius on their ascendant often crave freedom and fresh air. Travel can be a major theme or they may be drawn to foreign philosophies, people and places; their search for answers often lasts a lifetime. Known for their sense of humour and outgoing nature, they are often quite private, or even aloof.
Traits: friendly, talented, generous, unpredictable, outdoorsy, adventurous, restless, often drawn to travel and the outdoors


People with Capricorn on their ascendant tend to feel old before their time; even as children they may feel more responsible and serious than others, but as they age they become more carefree. Still, they place high value on hard work, rules and respect; their sensible, grounded nature often makes them pillars of society.
Traits: practical, conservative, careful, industrious, wise, judgmental, reliable, organised, often tall or wiry with a lined face


People with Aquarius on their ascendant value originality, freedom and independence; they’re the scientists, innovators and eccentrics of the zodiac, but a surprisingly stubborn, sceptical streak can run deep. Often opinionated and always up for a chat, people with this rising sign follow the beat of their own drum.
Traits: friendly, inventive, unique, eccentric, freedom-loving, determined, stubborn, often drawn to colourful people and clothes


People with Pisces on their ascendant tend to feel emotions deeply and resonate with other-worldly spheres. Mysticism, healing and the arts may attract them from an early age, but when ungrounded, escapist tendencies can surface in negative ways. Being creative souls, finding healthy, expressive outlets is essential.
Traits: sensitive, creative, caring, moody, imaginative, mystical, escapist, compassionate, often pale skin and cold extremities

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The Saturn-Neptune dilemma

As Saturn and Neptune form an exact square overhead (a stressful 90 degree aspect), many of us will begin to question life’s bigger issues … especially around areas involving freedom, control, creativity, spirituality, security and responsibility.

Saturn pushes us towards structure, routine, responsibility and so called ‘sensible thinking’, while Neptune rules more idealistic, ethereal worlds, along with confusion, deception and escapism (yes, watch those wines). As you can see, it’s not the most natural pairing. One planet deals with cold hard facts, the other with the alluring realm of dreams and illusion.

But Neptune is urging us to loosen our grip and see what happens, especially if our lives have become too structured and serious. It doesn’t deal with black and white, good and bad. Instead, it encourages us to dig deeper, to experience life more fully and reach out with love and compassion. It reminds us that we are connected to everything and everyone, whether we like it or not.

Depending on where they fall in your horoscope the effects may be subtle or intense … ranging from a shift in perception to an entire new philosophy on life, although with a full moon heightening the energy, the effects are likely to be strong.

If you’re unsure what to do, a great place to start would be with a dream diary or a few yoga or meditation classes. Take your time and let things percolate. Your subconscious will be unusually accessible over this period, so try to tune in.

* The Saturn-Neptune square first aligns on 26 November 2015, then again in mid-June and early September, 2016. It’s part of a larger 36-year cycle that began in 1989 and ends in 2026.