Feng shui for love, prosperity and good health

Jenny Blume - Feng shui for home's entrance

As a feng shui consultant, Jenny’s goal is to create flowing, uplifting homes and workspaces. As cures and enhancements are implemented, and the five elements are harmonised, your health, wealth and relationships should all feel the positive effects. A home that that been properly ‘feng shuied’ feels warm and inviting, not only to you, but to everyone who enters. When needed, space clearings can lift the energy even higher.

Previous clients have benefited from unexpected job offers, better relationships with family and neighbours, improved health, more relaxed pets, surprise windfalls, long desired pregnancies, enhanced creativity and a fresh sense of energy and enthusiasm.

Jenny combines four schools of feng shui with modern design principles to create uplifting environments. Jenny will:

* invite positive energy into your environment
* lift the vibe and clear negative energy
* better support health and relationships
* turn your home into an inviting space
* check for high electromagnetic fields
* choose supportive colours and artworks
* rearrange furniture to improve flow
* find best sleep/study directions for residents
* find best positions for management & staff
* activate your special ‘prosperity points’
* assess a home or office before you buy

Jenny works with clients via email or in person (mainly in the Sydney, Byron Bay and Gold Coast regions); when possible it’s best to see and feel a space. Sometimes a problem, like a stagnant pond or negative artwork, has become a blind spot, so Jenny helps her clients to see their surroundings through fresh eyes.

What do Jenny’s feng shui consultations include? * Optimum room/furniture layouts * Professional advice on colours, styling and artwork * Chinese astrology, to determine supportive directions * Advice on attracting prosperity, luck, love and supportive people * Gauss meter check for high EMFs * Written report and friendly advice.

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Feng shui & space clearing services 

feng shui & sydney feng shui & space clearing - jenny blumeSpace clearings. These are ideal for shifting negative energy, especially after moving into a home or office, or if you need a lift. Jenny conducts space clearings and house blessings in the Sydney, Byron and Gold Coast regions. Price guide AU$290-390. Click here for info

Mini feng shui report. These reports summarize the positive and negative energy within your home and make recommendations on how to support health, wealth and relationships. Beds, desks and water features can then be positioned in the best places. Price guide $260-390

Comprehensive feng shui report. This service includes an onsite visit, followed by a detailed report (12-15 pages) within 1 week. Suggestions on layouts, colours, water features, mirrors and images will harmonise your home and support health, wealth and relationships. Your report will include best directions. Follow up advice is included, along with a salt water cure. Price guide, average size home $480-590 *A travel surcharge may apply in certain instances.

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