Mercury retrogrades

meditating at sunriseMercury, the planet of communication and travel, is coming to a standstill today (February 7), at least from our perspective, as he shifts into a month-long retrograde phase. It’s well known, at least amongst astrologers, that Mercury retrogrades can feel like an exercise in frustration (and patience!), but insights gained over these slower, more reflective periods can be invaluable, even if we can’t see it at the time.

Delays and hiccups often prove to be fortuitous as they give us an opportunity to reassess and improve our plans. Pivotal people from our past often pop back onto the scene under Mercury retrogrades or forgotten dreams bubble up to the surface. If we’ve taken a wrong turn, retrograde periods can help to get us back on track.

Adding an interesting edge to this particular retrograde (they occur roughly three times a year) is Mercury’s mystical rendezvous with dreamy Neptune. Occurring in the sign of Pisces, this super-sensitized aspect is perfect for strengthening our connection to the spiritual world; think meditation, dream interpretation, artistic or musical expression, spiritual healing work, psychic development or communion with nature. Slow down, soak it all up and enjoy!

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