It’s eclipse season!

total eclipse - astrologyNew moons often bring fresh starts, but eclipses* can bring revolutions.

Okay, eclipses don’t have a great reputation, but they can spur us into making sweeping (and often, long overdue) changes in our lives. If you’ve been resisting the tide or hanging onto something that’s holding you back, try to let go – or the cosmos might do it for you. Scorpio moons deal symbolically with death and rebirth, so making fresh starts will rarely be easier. Whether it’s your fitness, finances or love life that needs attention, try to take some proactive steps, even if they’re only small. Fitness programs begun under this strong, steadfast sign tend to build muscle fast.
On the investment front, keep digging around and researching your options, then make a move after November 10, when Mercury shifts back into forward gear. With the eclipse reverberating for the whole of November, insights gained over this period might prove to be profound; they might even set you on a whole new path. This sign also rules mysteries and the underworld, so don’t be surprised if you uncover some big secrets as well.

*The eclipse will occur on Sunday evening, AEST. Total solar eclipses, like this one, occur when the moon passes exactly in front of the sun, so they always coincide with the new moon. Unfortunately, this one won’t be visible from Asia or Australia. We have to wait until next April for that!

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