Feng shui colour therapy


Colours often have an instant and very obvious impact, but they can also affect us in more subtle ways.

Red is well known as an appetite enhancer (Red Rooster and McDonalds might be onto something!), making it an ideal colour for restaurants and fast food outlets, but if you want to turn people off their food, use purple, mauve or black.

Yellow stimulates the intellect, making it an excellent choice for busy call centres or workplaces where people need to stay alert. Yellow can also work well in schools and study areas, as it aids concentration.

Shades of orange and yellow can lift the spirits and cheer up patients in hospitals, while bright orange is said to lessen emotional shock – making this an excellent hue for emergency rooms and intensive care units.

Pinks and peaches can lessen fears and calm people down, making them ideal colours for prisons, hospital waiting rooms and counseling centres; interestingly, hot pink is said to help people kick addictions.

Blue can help to calm the mind and reduce stress, but day in, day out, some people can find blue quite a depressing colour. Always add warm accents to balance blue rooms, but avoid it all together if you suffer from depression. Grey can also be a bit of a downer, so be sure to add a few colourful touches (yellow is ideal) and use it in moderation.

Turquoise and aqua, on the other hand, are creative, invigorating colours, making them ideal for media industries and design-related professions. These lively colours also aid communication, making them a good choice for boardrooms and conference centres.

Dark blue is the colour of authority, stability and respect, which might be why it works so well for police officers, while violet is associated with high ideals and service to others.

Green is the colour of balance, harmony and growth, making it ideal for health industries, natural therapy centres, mediation rooms and legal offices. It can also help patients to heal, making it an excellent colour for rehabilitation centres.

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