Leo 2021 stars: year ahead

Themes: Networking, finding work-life balance, rekindling romance
Mood lifters: Social soirees, live entertainment, comedies

There’s nothing wrong with thinking big, especially being a Leo. If you’ve been yearning for something more, you might finally strike gold. In fact, with your love and money sectors both activated, 2021 could mark a major turning point. Just don’t overdo it or your health – and relationships – could pay the price. It’s all about balance and compromise this year.

Cash & career

Life looks busy! Career-minded Lions might step into a new position, while March’s canny stars could boost your bank balance. 2021 could bring opportunities galore, so sign up for a few Toastmasters classes or some life coaching if fear is holding you back. Financially, winter might bring a fascinating glimpse of things to come. Get that bubbly on ice!

Health & fitness

Meet the healthier, happier you. From mid-January it’s all systems go, so grab a motivated friend or partner and look for ways to combine fitness with fun. February could bring a health and fitness rethink, but new strategies and approaches might work a treat. Look outside the box!

Love & friendship

Relationships are in the spotlight! With Jupiter stoking the fires, couples might rekindle old sparks, while singles might date up a storm. Okay, Saturn could expose a few cracks for long term couples, but repairs made through 2021 should leave you feeling stronger and hopefully more united. Socially, June could bring a series of farewells, but space is being made for fresh faces. Your world is expanding – and so is your social circle.

Leo food & fitness style

Leos aren’t known for their love of moderation. But forget the old ‘feast or famine’ approach and instead aim for high-energy meals that include plenty of protein. Cooking is a creative outlet for you, so look for unusual tableware and serving platters and turn everyday meals into feasts.

As kids, little Lions are bounding with energy, so if you’ve become sedentary with age, look to childhood for inspiration. Active yoga, like ashtanga or power, might awaken your inner gymnast, or if you’re feeling brave, why not learn tango or circus skills?

Leo gemstones and crystals

Carnelian, cat’s or tiger’s eye, citrine (like the sun’s rays), golden beryl, orange calcite, clear quartz, rhodochrosite, ruby, topaz.

Flower Essences for Leo in 2021

Mojo: Sounds like you need your mojo with you this year Leo!

Help: To help support you when the cracks appear

Slow Down: To help prevent you from overdoing things!

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