The times are a’changing

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Jupiter, the planet of expansion and learning, is gearing up for a major transition when he officially enters the sign of Virgo (on August 11). Over the past year, Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Leo created opportunities for love, creativity and children – along with plenty of Leonine glitz and glamour – but now the solar system’s giant will take on a more frugal, considered tone.

At it’s core Virgo wants to help, wants to do meaningful work, and wants to make the world a better place.

This down-to-earth placement will turn our collective attention towards areas involving healthcare, education, food, service to others and sustainable living. Concerns about chemicals, farming practices and global warming are likely to take centre stage, which in turn could dramatically speed up government reforms and clean energy development (yippee).

Virgo has a strong back-to-basics vibe as well, which could see more people growing their own veggies or dusting off their old sewing machines, craft gear or woodworking tools; after all, it’s the sign of precision, patience and craftsmanship.

As expansive Jupiter moves through Virgo, the sign of service and charity, more people may also decide to donate money or volunteer their time; at the very least, charitable causes and food-related issues will hit the spotlight. Natural and alternative therapies should also benefit from this year-long transit, along with co-ops, health food stores and farmer’s markets.

It’s back to the future … who knows, macramé, crochet and tie-dying might even come back!

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