Feng shui for homesellers

Feng shui consultants believe that an inviting entrance not only attracts good fortune, it also attracts people – and potential buyers.


1. Clean and declutter your home, both inside and out, and check that paths, gates and fences are all in good order. On an unconscious level, dirt, weeds and peeling paint can conjure up feelings of poverty.
2. First impressions count, so do your own drive-by. Is your house number obvious? What subconscious symbols might people pick up on?
3. Smell can repel or attract, so fill your home with pleasant aromas. Coffee, scented flowers, lavender and vanilla will all help to lift the vibe. Go easy on the incense, though, or buyers may think you’re hiding something.
4. Place pots of yellow flowers near your front door or pop some fresh flowers into a vase. Not only is yellow a happy, uplifting colour, it’s said to encourage sales.

Feng shui & styling tips for home sellers
By combining her skills in feng shui, colour and design, Jenny can offer cost-effective suggestions to improve your home’s appeal and attract buyers.  Priced from $200 (for on-site assessments) to $350-$550 for full written reports.
Jenny also offers a special ‘Home Seller’s Package’, that includes styling and feng shui advice for selling; astrological timing; feng shui appraisals on potential properties; a space clearing and traditional feng shui report on your new home or office; colour advice.

Click here to find out more about Jenny

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