Astrology video forecasts: 2020

Life’s been turned upside-down for so many of us! Even if we can’t control the ‘big picture’, astrology can help us to flow with the shifting energies and choose good days for particular tasks.

Each week I’ll post a 5-minute forecast (with my lovely friend Deb), looking at the main influences for the week ahead. Plus, I’ll take a closer look at the outer planets – in particular, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto – as they appear to be driving in our current situation. When viewed over decades, striking patterns begin to emerge.

Weekly astrology & tarot forecast:  Monday May 4 to Sunday May 10
Another week, another supermoon! Luckily, Thursday’s Scorpio full moon could prove useful as it triggers revelations and reconciliations. Find out more, above.

Weekly astrology & tarot forecast:  Monday April 27 to Sunday May 3
Thanks to the building (waxing) moon, this might end up being a surprisingly productive week!

Weekly astrology & tarot forecast:  Monday April 20 to Sunday 26
Thursday’s new moon should usher many of us into a new phase, so stay tuned for flashes of inspiration (hello Uranus!) and some brilliant ideas. Look out for a special new moon forecast midweek, where I’ll delve deeper.

Uranus in 2020
Could Uranus, aka ‘the disrupter’, be playing a role in the current covid-money market situation? After assessing its previous three 84-year cycles, the answer is YES! All is explained in this 16 minute video, above.

Weekly astrology & tarot forecast:  Monday April 13 to Sunday 19

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