Lunar fertility

Finding what works for you
Some people cruise through pregnancy – from conception to birth – while for others, simply conceiving can be a major hurdle. Whilst a medical approach may end up working for some, a more holistic approach may give great results for someone else. In most cases, seeing a naturopath is a good first step.

How does the astrological method work?
Everyone knows that women ovulate roughly 14 days before each period, but many astrologers believe that another window of fertility exists. This might help to explain why so many babies are conceived during supposedly ‘safe’ times – even just before a due period. Personally, I’ve found the ‘lunar cycles’ to work amazingly well, although if there are underlying problems, seeking specialised medical help is always a good idea.

The sun-moon connection
Everyone is born with an individual horoscope which maps the position of the sun, moon and planets for the moment of birth. The angle between the sun and the moon holds great significance in astrology, and it’s this angle that seems to resonate and create a ‘second window of fertility’. Once every 29 days, when the sun and moon match your original birth pattern, ovulation and conception can take place – in addition to your usual mid-cycle period of fertility. Basically, you get two chances each month rather than one.

Theories and old wives tales abound when it comes to falling pregnant. Here are a couple that stand out from the crowd…
Do some babysitting
Holding a baby is good, but babysitting over a period of hours or even days is even better. Not only does it boost confidence in your mothering skills, but it seems to stir up some important hormones as well. David Bowie’s wife Imram swears by it – apparently it is a well-know fertility booster in Africa. Personally, I can give this fertility theory a big tick!
Make space in your life
A naturopath once suggested this to me, and it seems to make sense. Cramming your life full of activities and ‘busyness’ is not only exhausting, but on a deeper level it leaves little space for a new baby to enter your life. And don’t forget to think positive thoughts … not ‘ifs’ but ‘whens’.

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