Astrology fertility charts

Wondering if or when kids will come along? Your astrological chart can provide helpful insights.

Using a combination of Eastern and Western charting systems, I can calculate your most fertile days, months and years. Looking back on my life, which has included numerous false starts and periods of infertility, it’s incredibly accurate.

Known as the Four Pillars of Destiny, Chinese astrology shows very specific years and periods in which conception and motherhood can occur, whilst Western astrology pinpoints special days for each month. If your time of birth is known it’s even more accurate, but your horoscope can be assessed with just a birth date.

Western astrology has always given me comprehensive results (I’ve been practicing for 30 years) but learning the Chinese Four Pillars system has added extra insight, particularly around relationships, fertility and motherhood. When looking from both angles, my perspective increases dramatically.

My fee for a comprehensive written fertility report $190.
Please email or phone 0411 631 940 to discuss your situation or order a confidential report. I’m always happy to help! Jenny

Theories abound when it comes to fertility. Here are a couple that resonate:

Do some babysitting
Holding a baby is good, but babysitting over a period of hours or even days is even better. Not only does it boost confidence in your mothering skills, but it seems to stir up some important hormones as well. David Bowie’s wife Imram swears by it – apparently it is a well-know fertility booster in Africa. Personally, I can give this theory a big tick!

Make space in your life
A naturopath once suggested this to me, and it seems to make sense. Cramming your life full of activities and ‘busyness’ is not only exhausting, but on a deeper level it leaves little space for a new baby to enter your life.

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