Astrology with Jenny Blume
Astrology readings

Astrology is so much more than sun signs … it’s a wonderfully rich system that acts like a blueprint for life. Your birth chart not only indicates talents, aptitudes and interests, it gives deeper insights into your relationships, and can even explain why you’re here!

Predictive astrology compares current planetary positions to your birth chart, enabling you to see exactly what’s going on. We all experience cycles in life, and astrology allows us to flow with them and act ‘when the time’s ripe’. After 30 years of practice the accuracy still blows me away.

Call 0411 631 940 if you’d like to book a private session (from $80), in person or by phone. The insights and messages can be life changing!

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Recent phone client review

“After looking into a number of astrologers I came across Jenny. She had the experience and the outlook I was seeking at an affordable price and I am very glad I scheduled a reading. Jenny was able to accommodate me on short notice and provided me with a very informative and insightful reading over the phone.
Jenny was lovely, passionate and made things easy to comprehend. I plan to seek her guidance again in the future and would highly recommend her.” – AL, August 2020