Sagittarius 2022 stars: year ahead

Major 2022 theme: Aligning your body, mind and spirit
Mood lifters: Weekends away, natural settings
Lucky charms: Topaz, horses, carnations

It’s all about making improvements this year – to your home, health and quality of life. Creative or wellness worlds could capture your attention, and as your knowledge expands, like-minded people will appear. Mars could highlight underlying issues for couples through spring, but talks should feel constructive. You’re not just reinventing yourself this year, but transforming your relationships too.

LOVE: Summer might vanish in a blur of reunions and getaways, while autumn’s magical patterns could conjure up romance. For couples, a shared vision (or a new home!) might reignite that old sense of teamwork, while on the dating scene, winter could whip up a flurry of fun and activity.

WORK: Are you living your best life? If not, actions taken in 2022 could turn things around. Pursuing a passion could make sense, but not just for personal satisfaction, but for your career and finances. With your specialised knowledge, you may even discover a talent for teaching, counselling or healing.

WELLNESS: Activities that encourage symmetry, like Pilates, yoga or swimming, could iron out a few creases, and best of all, they’ll calm that busy brain. As Jupiter powers up your positive thinking in winter, your health should improve in leaps and bounds. It’s all in the mind, as they say.

STAR TIP: Don’t be shy about sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

Flower Essence Blends for Sagittarius

Truth to support you in constructive talks and transforming relationships
Slow Down to help calm that busy brain of yours
Cleanse to support your emotions as your health improves

Sagitarius food & fitness style

Stick of the same old same old? If you can’t always travel as much as you’d like, let food transport you. Moroccan, Chinese, Indian … cooking can be a rich cultural experience. Sultanas, currents and cinnamon are all ruled by your sign, so why not learn to brew fragrant chi tea?

Fresh air really is your magic elixir, so when in doubt, head for the great outdoors. Symbolised by the centaur, horse riding fits well with your sign, along with archery, cycling and walking. Racket sports also appeal to Sags, along with practices like yoga and Tai Chi. Find ways to combine fitness and travel, and staying healthy will be a breeze.

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