Capricorn 2022 stars: year ahead

Major 2022 theme: Supporting and inspiring others
Mood lifters: Arts and crafts, meditation, walking
Lucky charms: Amethyst, turquoise, pansies

You’re turning into the zodiac’s mover and shaker, Capricorn. Whether it’s on the family front, in the office, or within the wider community, your actions will ripple out. With Pluto and Mars powering up that determined streak, you might even launch a business or champion a cause that’s caught your heart. If you’ve always dreamed of teaching or helping others, these proactive stars could make it happen.

LOVE: All for one and one for all! Your community-minded spirit should attract like-minded people through autumn, and for singles, romantic sparks might fly. Those confidence levels may be climbing, but tone down that assertive streak, particularly at home, or noses will be put out of joint.

WORK: If your job feels stifling, you’re in luck. Jupiter is poised to expand both your options and your skills. As the weather cools, workplace training or online courses could put you back in the game. It’s all about following your heart. It’s time to embrace your power and make a difference!

WELLNESS: Doors are opening, but you’ll need to look the part. Disciplines like Pilates might grab your attention (strengthening your core could avert future problems), along with hypnosis or meditation. Spring could bring a health overhaul, leaving you in great shape for summer.

STAR TIP: Your greatest pleasure will come from helping others.

Flower Essence Blends for Capricorn

Like A Boss for all that moving and shaking this year!
Grounding will help you feel grounded as your energy ripples out to help others
Focus to help with any business launch or championing those heartfelt causes

Capricorn food & fitness style

Your grounded nature responds best to earthy, tasty food. Being a creature of habit, you’ll always want veggies, meat, rice and pasta as your staples, but change can be as good as a holiday. To boost calcium levels, include plenty of cheese, almonds and fish in your diet.

Your staying power is legendary, and so is that Capricorn determination. Running and competitive sports may appeal when younger, but look after those knees, as they can play up; keep your joints supple with plenty of Pilates or strengthening exercises, and be sure to mix things up. Boating, beach walking, weight lifting … it’s all good.capricorn icon

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