Aquarius 2022 stars: year ahead

Major 2022 theme: Finding the right balance
Mood lifters: Image overhauls, quiet getaways
Lucky charms: Aquamarine, turquoise, orchids

Trying to hold back time? With Saturn lighting up your centre stage, going with the flow might be an easier, more productive option. Comings and goings, both at work and on the family front, could increase through autumn, and by winter, a move or renovation could mark the end of an era. On the upside, as your self-discipline ramps up, you could hit some impressive health and fitness goals!

LOVE: If you’ve turned into a worry-wart, schedule in some fun. Concerts, comedy nights, games days … and that’s just for starters. Local clubs or projects might keep you busy through autumn, while spring could propel you into a dynamic new pastime – or a passion-filled romance.

WORK: Saturn may be cracking the whip, but are you happy? If your stress levels are spiking, the May eclipses could trigger a reappraisal, and by late spring, you could land a new job. Jupiter might increase your income this year, but watch that spending, for expenses will grow as well.

WELLNESS: Schedule more ‘you time’, and recharge those batteries. Holidays could lead to lightbulb moments that prompt important changes – and without a balanced lifestyle, the pressure will take a toll. A blossoming interest in natural therapies might turn you into a home herbalist.

STAR TIP: Make top quality relaxation a priority this year.

Flower Essence Blends for Aquarius 

Let it Go to help you let go of some of that worry-wart thinking and controlling
Self Love to turn attention inwards to schedule more ‘you time’
Peace it’s time to allow yourself to be in the ‘flow’

aquarius iconAquarius food & fitness style

Sticking to recipes may be your greatest challenge, but those personal touches can turn meals into masterpieces. Unusual ingredients should make cooking more fun, so try to include rare herbs and spices. Your sign also rules citrus, so pull out that juicer and start experimenting.

Being the zodiac’s eccentric, you like to make a splash. Aquatic sports like sailing and aquaerobics should sooth your inner water baby, though being an air-ruled sign, flying (on trapezes, flying foxes or in airplanes) might also hit the spot. If you’re over the gym, look for adventurous sports and get that adrenaline pumping.

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