Virgo 2019 stars: year ahead

Could that be a move on the horizon? At the very least, 2019’s restless stars will get you dreaming. Even if you stay put, a stream of visitors and comings and goings will keep you on your toes. Easter’s auspicious patterns could expand your options, then as winter approaches, a yearning to travel and broaden your horizons could take hold … and it’s just a taste of bigger things to come.

Health & wellbeing

After a stressful year, allow yourself a little slack. Enjoy some well-deserved R&R through January, then launch into new habits and routines after February 5. With Mars firing you up, you’ll hit the ground running. As Uranus piques your curiosity from March, alternative therapies could catch your eye; some Virgos may even travel in their quest for knowledge. If stomach or back problems have flared, getting a few gripes off your chest might prove surprisingly helpful.


Let the sunshine in! Your home and family are basking in Venus’s rosy glow. January might launch off with a reunion or reconciliation, and as emotions surge, couples might rediscover old romantic feelings. Home improvements could hit the summer agenda, along with new technology or a stylish home office. As the weather cools, a family member’s announcement could spark celebrations, and adding to the buzz, an adorable new pet or baby might light up your life.

Home enhancements

– Update furnishings or homewares at the January sales
– Create a Zen Zone at home to stay cool and collected
– To lift the vibe, clear bedroom clutter and shift your bed

Attract love

– Singles, ask your friends to play cupid through July
– Trust your instincts and listen closely to your heart
– Join a club or social group after the July 3 eclipse

Attract abundance

– Boost your income by selling handmade goods
– Launch a new money-making venture after Easter

Virgo food & fitness style

Being the most health conscious sign, fresh and organic is best for you. Some may call you fussy, but being an earth-ruled sign, root crops, salads and whole foods suit you and your digestive system best. To add more variety and flavor, why not start a herb garden?

Virgos are generally one of the fittest signs … when they can find the time! Regularity is the key so if need be, draw up a schedule and stick it on the fridge. Activities that require precision, like Pilates and Iyengar yoga often appeal, along with bowling, tennis and walking. Kick things off with a personal training session, but first, grab some good shoes.

Virgo gemstones and crystals

Peridot (your special healing stone), amber, blue topaz, chrysocolla, carnelian, citrine, garnet, moonstone, opal, sodalite, sardonyx (a ruling stone). I you’d like to order crystals email … I often have a few in stock.

Virgo travel style

Simplicity is the key to a successful holiday for Virgos, along with fresh air, good company and delicious food. If you return home feeling fitter and healthier, all the better. Wellness retreats and walking holidays tick all the right boxes.

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