Gemini 2019 stars: year ahead

Let your inner light shine bright! As the zodiac’s dream-weaver, Neptune, stimulates your imagination, hidden skills and creative talents will be revealed. Entrepreneurial types might even dream up a lucrative business idea, but don’t go it alone, for throughout 2019 your greatest successes will be shared. Supportive people are gathering, so let yourself lean on others … and reap a few well-earned rewards.

Health & wellbeing

Dancing is your wonder drug this year, so pump up the music. As fitness and fun merge, link up with friends who like a laugh: tap dancing, beach volleyball, the more outrageous the better. On a more serious note, the January 6 eclipse could prompt a few changes. New routines, therapies or eating patterns could see you bounce into autumn, and others will follow your lead. October’s super fueled stars could spark a manic fitness kick … or turn you into a kickboxing queen!

Love & family

After a series of distractions, Jupiter is now stoking the love fires. Couples should find the romantic vibes drawing them closer, thanks to a shared passion or pastime. Heart-to-hearts are on the winter agenda; as plans are discussed, some lovebirds might even move in together. September’s restless stars could bring repairs and renovations, along with a steady stream of visitors. Your entire year looks busy, so keep that fridge well stocked. People are gravitating towards you.

Home enhancements

– Lash out on some stylish new dinnerware or appliances
– To lift the vibe, clear bedroom clutter and shift your bed
– Adding an extra room or granny flat might be a smart idea

Attract love

– Local clubs or theatre groups might set the scene for love
– August’s cultured stars could expand your social circle
– October’s romantic patterns might sweep you off your feet

Attract abundance

– Reassess finances or career options through April and March
– Place a citrine crystal on a sunny western windowsill

Gemini travel style

Variety really is is the spice of life for Geminis, so you need to mix it up: lazing poolside one day, cycling 50kms the next. Your ideal holiday is not only active but stimulating too, from museums and flea markets to galleries and grand gardens.

TRY: Walking or cycling holiday, hop-on hop-off train journey, Sydney (or Cannes!) Film Festival, whitewater rafting, writers’ workshop, coastal road trip, Canberra museums, Istanbul markets.

Gemini food & fitness style

Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to food. Waiting five hours between meals is just not your style, so satisfy that speedy metabolism by grazing on healthy snacks through the day – hummus dips, veggie sticks, nuts – or fuel up with lots of small, high protein meals.

That speedy brain of yours relates best to high intensity workouts: aerobics, cycling, jogging and group fitness sessions should hit the spot and calm those nerves. Being a natural multitasker, if you can work-out and talk at the same time, all the better. High energy dance classes like zumba and tap might strike a chord … or why not give social tennis a shot?

Gemini gemstones and crystals

Agate, tourmaline (your birth stones), aquamarine, chryosoprase, sapphire, tiger’s eye, rhodocrosite (for love and emotional healing). I you’d like to order crystals, email … I often have a few in stock.

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