Capricorn 2019 stars: year ahead

Ready to step into your next phase of life? With three eclipses in your sign through 2019, the cosmos has big plans for you. Children and creative endeavors should bring great satisfaction, along with shared ventures and community projects. Through winter, the zodiac’s go-getter, Mars, might even point you towards a lucrative new business arrangement – or the boss’s chair!

Health & wellbeing

With taskmaster Saturn still transiting through your sign, the magic key is moderation. Find ways to unwind with minimal exertion – music, movies, tai chi, meditation – and rest when you’re tired. Mindfulness or art classes might be a smart idea through autumn, along with creative pursuits like singing, acting or dancing – just watch those knees (a Capricorn weak spot). If stress levels spike through winter, schedule in a few extra girls’ nights, then book a holiday, for by October you’ll be rearing to go!


Focus on nurturing yourself, and don’t feel guilty. Aim for a relaxed NY, then after January 6, start introducing a few lifestyle changes. As the weather cools, a surge of optimism should filter through the whole family; autumn’s loved-up stars might even attract a new pet or family member. The July 3 eclipse will jolt many couples out of ruts, and as finances hit the spotlight, plans might be reassessed. Rather than resist the tide, trust in higher powers and flow with it.

Home enhancements

– To lift the vibe, clear bedroom clutter and shift your bed
– Add scented flowers and pretty lamps to your home’s south west
– Shift rooms around under autumn’s super-stylish stars

Attract love

– Ask a few friends to play matchmaker in February
– April’s sassy stars could see singles flirting up a storm
– Wear black and gemstone colours to conjure up love

Attract abundance

– Your networking skills could open doors throughFebruary
– Create a visionboard to focus and attract exactly what you want

Capricorn travel style

Capricorns tend to be hard workers, making rest and relaxation all the more important. Being worriers, preplanned, low-stress holidays should suit best; think package tours, ocean cruises or all-inclusive resorts and you’ve got the picture.

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Capricorn food & fitness style

Your grounded nature responds best to earthy, tasty food. Being a creature of habit, you’ll always want veggies, meat, rice and pasta as your staples, but change can be as good as a holiday. To boost your calcium intake, be sure to include plenty of cheese, almonds and fish in your diet.

Your staying power is legendary, and so is that determination. Running and competitive sports may appeal when younger, but look after those knees, as they can play up; keep your joints supple with plenty of Pilates or strengthening exercises, and be sure to mix things up. Mountain climbing, boating, beach walking, weight lifting … it’s all good.

Capricorn gemstones and crystals

Jet and onyx (your ruling stones, to support self-confidence), amber, azurite, carnelian, tourmaline, peridot, clear quartz, smoky quartz, turquoise. I you’d like to order  crystals please email … I often have a few in stock.

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