Starsign facts & 2019 astrology forecasts

zodiac signs in mars.

Click on your sun sign, below, to view your 2019 forecast. To gain more info find your ascendant or rising sign, then read that forecast as well. Find your ascendant sign here.

It’s worth remembering that these astrology forecasts are quite general, as they cover one twelfth of the population. If you’re looking for a high degree of detail and accuracy, I recommend a personal reading (see details below).

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Personal astrology readings

Want to know where you’re heading … or curious about your career, relationships, health, wealth, children, past lives or karmic lessons?
With 30 years of professional experience, Jenny has built a reputation as one of Australia’s leading astrologers. Along with writing weekly forecasts for Woman’s Day and Real People, she offers private, highly intuitive readings, in person or via the phone.
Comprehensive reading (recommended for first-timers), using Western and Chinese astrology. These 60-70 minute readings include an emailed sheet, giving best colours, lucky dates and fortuitous directions, plus an MP3 link to download, AU$150
40 minute readings $80; 60 minute readings $120; shorter readings available for existing clients.

To book a personal reading call 0411 631 940 or email

Client testimonials

“What a beautiful, kind, compassionate and articulate woman. Astrology sessions with Jenny leave me feeling confident and proactive about what is to come in my life. Jenny offers in-depth insight and wisdom across all aspects of your life, leading you to find clarity and direction to move forward and in alignment with your highest good. Very grateful to have such a wonderful astrologer :)” – TH, August 2018

‘I consulted Jenny at the height of a very upsetting and confusing situation. The first thing that struck me was her calming, welcoming aura that put me immediately at ease. Quite a skill with readings in a commercial setting (as it was on that occasion). She intuitively picked things up that completely resonated with my situation. With her combination of predictions/observations based on astrological analysis and her intuitive insights, I came away feeling very assured and much more “together”. In the subsequent 3 months her predictions have unfolded as fact. Quite uncanny, especially compared with other readers I have consulted. There were no wild promises, but measured and intelligent encouragement for some things and cautions for others.’ – JA, November 2018

“What an inspiration you are! Everything you mentioned was 100% accurate and you have cemented my ideas and leanings beautifully. Thank you so much for your amazing reading.” – KM, Sydney, (June 2017)

“Thank you Jenny for my astrology reading. My reading was so accurate! You’re also very intuitive and have a lovely way about you, I felt very comfortable having you visit my home. and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with you. Thanks again x” – JR, Gold Coast, 2018

“Jenny is a wonderful, intuitive, warm astrologer who has helped to provide guidance and insight at times when it has been difficult to find the right path.” – SA, Sydney, January 2018

‘Jenny, thank you so much for a great reading. It was spot on in so many aspects …’ – DS, Gold Coast, December 2017

“Every year at the time of the Chinese New Year, I ask Jenny to do the feng shui for my house to balance the energies and to adjust the cures. I find it important to understand the energies for that year and find Jenny’s cures are essential. I also have Jenny calculate my astrological chart … I find Jenny is extremely knowledgeable and accurate in her predictions.” – IK, Sydney astrology and feng shui client, December 2017

“Thank you, I just had a listen to your astrology recording and I am blown away. I think my chart knows me better then I know myself! So many bottled up thoughts and feelings came to the surface and I connected 100% with the whole reading. I’m speechless … it was the best experience. Thank you Jenny!” – SH, Sydney (May 2016)

“Thank you so much Jenny, for the amazing transits and natal chart readings. The accuracy of the readings was overwhelming. A number of the career/hobby points you spoke about align so closely with events/phases that have occurred in my life so far, it is almost scary! It has also helped not only myself, but those close to me understand my characteristic traits. It has been very eye-opening. I am looking forward to seeing how the future aligns with my reading and it is something I will be listening to from time to time!” – TM, Newcastle (May 2016)

“Thanks so much for your astrology reading Jenny. Accurate accurate accurate… all very relevant and very informative. ” – TC, Sydney (August 2014)

“I want to say how lovely your space clearing was. The space felt tangibly different when I came home. I felt the stillness and lightness immediately. I’ve taken on board our conversation and put in practice a few rituals you suggested … you helped me to shift focus onto things I love and let go of what’s not needed. It felt like a penny dropped … The energy in the place has changed significantly since your clearing … our cat has been more mellow as well.” – HT, Sydney (December 2016)

“I just wanted to tell you that I found a reading you did for me in the mid 90s. I have listened to it about four times and wanted to tell you how amazingly accurate it was. At the time I thought it was good but looking back now it is sooooo good. The grown up me sees all of my characteristics you described and I am totally blown away by your skills!” – JS, astrology reading (from mid 1990s)

“Thank you so much for a great afternoon last Sunday. You are amazing with your knowledge – and your passion for your teachings is inspiring! – Cheryl, Gold Coast workshop (July 2015)

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