Aries 2020 stars: year ahead

Themes: Balance, moderation, teamwork and tolerance
Mood lifters: Immersing yourself in nature or beautiful music

Can you really have it all? With hard working Saturn spurring you on, you’re going to give it a red hot try! Yes, 2020 looks like a big year for you, not just at work, but fitness-wise too. Keeping up may prove challenging for us mere mortals, but being ruled by Mars, your staying-power borders on supernatural. Even so, you may find moderation is the key to true happiness, particularly as spring unfolds.

Health & wellbeing

Squeezing everything in won’t be easy this year, but for you, physical activity is the perfect anecdote to stress and anxiety. Team sports and walking groups could feature through late autumn, while spring’s artistic patterns might propel you onto the dance floor – or the stage!

Love & friendship

As your world expands, you’ll see people through different eyes (friends or coworkers may even morph in lovers). Winter should bring a whirl of social and fundraising events, along with an adventurous project or driving holiday. If you’re looking for love, venture further afield in August.

Home & family

Your guidance may be prized at work, but on the family front, it’s another story. Shared projects and pastimes should strengthen bonds, not just for couples, but with kids too. Winter could bring a decorating spree, and by spring, the renewed solidary should be clear to all.

Work and money

– Your inventive, left-field ideas could pay off in a big way.
– April’s supercharged new moon could turn a dream into a reality.
– Late August could bring an amazing opportunity at work.
– Pop a citrine crystal in your wallet for extra money luck.

Lift your spirits in 2020

– Sailing and watery settings should sooth your soul
– Lavender oil, burned or spritzed, should act like a balm
– Team pursuits might turn you into a winner this year

Aries food & fitness style

Aries, your big personality needs big flavours. Onions, leeks and chillies fit perfectly with your palate, as does almost anything Asian or Indian. Being a busy person, it’s all about maximum flavor in minimum time, so cooking up big batches and freezing portions for later makes sense.

Staying active should help to burn off some of that pent-up energy (much to the relief of your loved ones); if you’re finding it hard to stay motivated, join a team or revisit a sport that you loved as a child. Anything too slow will lose you, so choose activities that get the heart pumping. Power or Ashtanga yoga, touch footy, boxercise, marathons, mountain climbing … the sky’s the limit!

Aries travel style

Sure, it’s nice to lounge around, but when it comes to vacations Aries tend to lean towards outdoorsy, adrenaline-fueled activities. Theme parks, road trips, mountain treks … that pioneering spirit needs to break free, at least once in a while.

TRY: Theme park, Treetop challenge course, Tasmanian hike, Jetboating in NZ, Parasailing in Hawaii, charity road race, Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and the Larapinta Trail in Central Australia, Machu Picctu trek.

Aries crystals and gemstones

Diamonds, rubies (unless anger is an issue), carnelian, amethyst (very soothing), aquamarine, aventurine, garnet, citrine, topaz.

Flower Essences for Aries in 2020

Like A Boss: To support you while you keep up with the pace you set yourself
Slow Down: To help bring in some balance and moderation while you fit so much into your year
Grounding: Balancing the root chakra and to keep you grounded through a busy year.
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