Taurus 2021 stars: year ahead

Themes: Reinvention, resourcefulness, courage
Mood lifters: Cards and board games, delicious but nutritious food

Your transformation is far from finished, Taurus, in fact it’s only just begun; January’s restless stars could spark an image overhaul, along with a health and fitness kick. Someone’s disapproval may leave you with a dilemma, but stand your ground. With Jupiter spurring you on, set your sights high and believe in yourself!

Cash & career

A little effort will go a long way this year, so don’t be shy – and don’t let someone’s jealously take the gloss off your success. Mid-February might bring a golden opportunity, while business and financial strategies devised through June could pay off fast. The July 10 new moon might open doors – and boost your bank balance!

Health & fitness

On your marks! When go-getter Mars enters your sign on January 7 (staying until March 4), you should notice the pace – and those flagging energy levels – picking up. Fitness programs should fly, but rein in those workaholic tendencies and watch that takeaway food. Make fitness and good health a priority!

Love & friendship

You might work hard this year, but you’ll play hard too; clubs and group projects should keep you busy, especially through March and May. July’s nostalgic sky could send you on a sentimental journey, while September’s sparkling new moon could move a relationship to the next level. Could that be wedding bells?

Taurus food & fitness style

Good food, fine wine … life’s little luxuries are best appreciated by the discerning Taurian (it’s no coincidence that a disproportionate number of chefs share your sign), but don’t overdo it. If you’re watching your waistline, why not experiment with Japanese dishes or use smaller plates to trick the eye?

As an earthy sign, outdoorsy activities like tennis, riding and bush walking should recharge your body and your soul. If walking alone bores you, grab a friend or fill an ipod with your favourite tunes.

Taurus crystals and gemstones

Aquamarine, emerald (your birth stone and the symbol of successful love), rose quartz, rhodonite, sapphire, topaz, tourmaline (for protection).

Flower Essences for Taurus in 2021

Courage: To help you keep going and stand your ground

Self Love: To keep you believing in yourself and putting yourself first!

Cravings Control: For times of overindulgence and help with opening up and sharing your emotions instead of trying to squash them.

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