Scorpio 2021 stars: year ahead

Themes: Home improvements, family harmony
Mood lifters: Working up a sweat, aromatherapy

As they say, bigger isn’t always better. Jupiter may be expanding your options, but if life is complicated enough, don’t ruin things by taking on too much. Home-related projects may keep you busy as the weather cools down, along with a series of parties and milestone events. Autumn might even conjure up a dash of romance, and ooh-la-la, not with your usual type!

Cash & career

Change is inevitable this year, so don’t fight it. May looks super-productive, but hang on … June’s turbocharged eclipse could propel you into top gear, both at work and on the financial front, while spring’s visionary stars could bring renovations or even a relocation. A midyear payout or windfall might feel like serendipity!

Health & fitness

Fallen into bad habits of late? Dust off some old sporting gear or get fit while you overhaul your home or garden. By April, you’ll be itching for bigger challenges – or a complete physical transformation; a spot of surgery might even beckon. August could bring a fun group fitness kick, just in time for spring!

Love & friendship

If the old work-family balancing act has been keeping you busy, May should usher in a more social (and romantic) vibe. As sparks fly, brewing passions might prove hard to contain; that’s good news for singles, but watch out if you’re already attached. If you’re craving a change of scenery, May and July look promising!

Scorpio food & fitness style

If you’re a typical Scorpio, you lean towards rich, strong flavours (and men!). But alas, your stomach may not always agree. A few dietary changes could make a big difference: try lighter, more frequent meals, and if boredom is a problem, challenge yourself to trying a new recipe each week.

Feeling fit and strong makes you feel good, so don’t fall into bad habits. Grab some hand weights, or if you’re up for a challenge, try karate or self-defense classes. Squeeze in a few power walks as well … you might end up running marathons. Alternatively, liven things up by learning to belly dance … or go Latin.

Scorpio gemstones and crystals

Topaz and malachite (your ruling stones), beryl, emerald, garnet, herkimer, diamonds, malachite, obsidian (for protection), ruby, topaz, turquoise, peridot (for healing).

Flower Essences for Scorpio in 2021

Spirit: To help you with guidance and connection while things are changing

Slow Down: To help you not take on too much and to help support you when things feel turbo charged!

Energy: To help motivate you to work up a sweat! 

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