Sagittarius 2021 stars: year ahead

Themes: Local community, learning
Mood lifters: Weekends away, natural settings

It’s good news! After an intense year, the vibe is becoming more buoyant. As your curiosity surges, local projects or study courses might reveal untapped talents, while more cerebral types could discover a passion for writing or teaching. Adding to the buzz, a desire to explore might take you off the beaten track – and out of your comfort zone.

Cash & career

As they say, you’re never too old to learn. If work’s been sapping your energy, it’s time to upgrade your skills and branch out; as Jupiter increases your confidence, your networking skills should prove impressive. July’s money-minded stars could conjure up new strategies, along with a generous offer or big-ticket investment.

Health & fitness

Fitness kicks are written in the stars, so leap in after January 7. If it’s social or team oriented, all the better, for local connections are being forged; some Saggies might even consider coaching or teacher training. Alternative therapies might catch your eye through autumn … and whet your appetite to learn more.

Love & friendship

Your social circle is expanding. As the weather cools down, your love for music, games or culture could point you towards a new crowd (singles, take note), while for lovebirds, exploring out-of-the-way places should strengthen bonds. For long term couples, the June 10 eclipse might usher you into a more positive and united era: fresh starts await.

Saggitarius food & fitness style

Stick of the same old same old? If you can’t always travel as much as you’d like, let food transport you. Moroccan, Chinese, Indian … cooking can be a rich cultural experience. Sultanas, currents and cinnamon are all ruled by your sign, so why not learn to brew fragrant chi tea?

Fresh air really is your magic elixir, so when in doubt, head for the great outdoors. Symbolised by the centaur, horse riding fits well with your sign, along with archery, cycling and walking. Racket sports also appeal to Sags, along with practices like yoga and Tai Chi. Find ways to combine fitness and travel, and staying healthy will be a breeze.

Sagittarius gemstones and crystals

Topaz (your ruling stone), azurite, amethyst, blue lace agate, chalcedony, garnet, lapis lazuli, smoky quartz, sodalite, turquoise (to promote serenity).

Flower Essences for Sag in 2021

Grounding: To help keep you centered even when outside your comfort zone

Focus: To help you during any new studies you undertake!

Energy: To help you with your fitness kick!

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