Pisces 2021 stars: year ahead

Themes: Finding your calling, learning new skills
Mood lifters: Music, meditation, hypnosis

If life’s taken on a slightly surreal vibe, 2021 should leave you with a fresh sense of clarity and purpose. Intriguing new paths will be illuminated through late autumn, so open your eyes and let yourself ponder the possibilities. As Jupiter shifts into your sign (from mid-May until July 29), your surging confidence should attract attention, not just socially, but professionally as well. You’ll be in high demand!

Cash & career

Searching for more? Under autumn’s industrious stars, tapping into a new income stream might suddenly seem doable; business-minded Fish may even learn more about stocks or the property market. July’s illuminating sky might reveal new paths, but if you’re unsure, wait, for next year (2022) should bring even more opportunities. In the meantime, update your home office!

Health & fitness

Feeling flat? Tweak your diet in early January, then look into chilled out pursuits like yoga, swimming and bush walking. From August, shared fitness kicks might be more your style, or a group getaway could open your eyes to new ways of living. If sensitives or headaches have flared, reassess chemicals around your home or go organic. Neptune transits tend to heighten the senses, which has it’s pros and cons!

Love & friendship

Purposeful activities should bring out your best in 2021, especially if local clubs or charities are involved, while May’s sensual stars could turn up the romance dial. For lovebirds, things might hit fever pitch through July. Foodies and creative types might enter your orbit through autumn, while winter might point you towards a sportier crowd (singles, take note)!

Pisces food & fitness style

Your sensitive system responds well to light foods such as stir-fries, salads and Asian-style soups. Fish (either fresh or tinned) and lean meat are also great, but steer clear of fatty cuts. Many Pisceans suffer from allergies, especially in childhood, so where possible, go chemical free.

Turn up the volume and get that bootie shaking! Dancing is your astral wonder-drug, Pisces, along with watery pursuits like sailing and aquaerobics. If you can’t find a pool or beach, look for a gym that offers Zumba or bliss out with yoga. Recharge your batteries by getting back to the basics: fresh air, deep breathing, peace and quiet.

Pisces gemstones and crystals

Rose quartz (to attract love and romance), amethyst and moonstone (your ruling stones), blue lace agate, fluorite, turquoise.

Flower Essences for Pisces in 2021

Grounding: To help you feel more stable and centred  

Protect To assist your sensitive empath nature

Cleanse To help emotionally support your eliminative channels

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