Capricorn 2021 stars: year ahead

Themes: Financial security, personal values
Mood lifters: Arts and crafts, quirky people, walking

Feel that fresh spring in your step? As serious Saturn farewells your sign, your renewed zest for life should be clear to all. You’re up for fresh challenges, and with Jupiter stimulating your cash zone, Lady Luck is on your side. From May, your community-minded side might be hard to suppress; a talent for teaching, coaching or fundraising may even arise. Don’t hold back, dive on in!

Cash & career

Your touch looks golden this year! Okay, February could bring a few delays or missteps, but as autumn unfolds, the stars should align. Managerial talents might even appear, along with a well-deserved reward or promotion at work. Negotiations might keep you busy through June, but they should swing in your favour.

Health & fitness

Rules and routines are flying out the window! Your activity levels – and enthusiasm! – should rise markedly from May, and by midyear your overhaul should hit full swing. June’s uncertain sky could prompt a rethink, but new therapies and health strategies (or supplements and medications!) might work a treat.

Love & friendship

As your mojo returns, it’s time to touch base with neglected friends, dust off your dancing shoes and kick up those heels. Through autumn, a fun new crowd might hit the scene, possibly through the kids or a local club, while for singles, friends might do some sneaky matchmaking. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

Capricorn food & fitness style

Your grounded nature responds best to earthy, tasty food. Being a creature of habit, you’ll always want veggies, meat, rice and pasta as your staples, but change can be as good as a holiday. To boost calcium levels, include plenty of cheese, almonds and fish in your diet.

Your staying power is legendary, and so is that determination. Running and competitive sports may appeal when younger, but look after those knees, as they can play up; keep your joints supple with plenty of Pilates or strengthening exercises, and be sure to mix things up. Boating, beach walking, weight lifting … it’s all good.

Capricorn gemstones and crystals

Jet and onyx (your ruling stones, to support self-confidence), amber, azurite, carnelian, tourmaline, peridot, clear quartz, smoky quartz, turquoise.

Flower Essence Blends for Capricorn in 2021

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