Cancer 2021 stars: year ahead

Themes: Goal setting, finding financial security
Mood lifters: Winter getaways, nature walks

This year, it’s all about making improvements – or even total transformations – to your home, your health, your image, and your finances as well. Recent events may have strained important relationships, but the celestial pressure is being released. Whether you’re single or attached, it’s onwards and upwards!

Cash & career

You’ll be full of smart strategies this year, not just financially, but on the work and home fronts too. Weigh up options (including moving or downsizing) through February then as autumn approaches, prepare for progress. Falling in your finance sector, the May 26 eclipse might propel you into a whole new era.

Health & fitness

Been overdoing things? The transformational February 12 new moon could prompt a reappraisal. Autumn’s health-conscious stars should snap you back to reality (and hopefully back into shape!). Sporty Crabs might even join a club, and for singles, the benefits might be twofold. Your energetic approach looks impressive!

Love & friendship

People you meet during 2021 should prove to be inspirational, even if they are a tad eccentric, so keep an open mind. May’s sensual new moon might send romantic sparks flying, or ooh-la-la, an existing friendship might morph into more. August looks wonderfully social, with a local club or interest introducing you to a whole new crowd.

Cancer food & fitness style

Your sign craves anything moist and yummy, from juicy melons to casseroles, soups, cakes and risottos… and then, the desserts. With Cancer ruling all things aquatic, it may be time to learn more about seafood. Okay, so you may draw the line at crabs!

Being a water sign, swimming and aquaerobics might hit the spot, or sports like sailing and canoeing may appeal. But let’s not forget, you’re also the zodiac’s homebody, so if swimsuits aren’t your style, stock up on fitness DVDs or convert a spare room into a chilled out space that’s just for you. Pilates and yoga should leave you supple and strong.

Cancerian gemstones and crystals

Amber, calcite, citrine, emerald, moonstone (soothing and intuitive), opal, pink tourmaline, pearl (your ruling gem).

Flower Essence Blends for Cancer in 2021

Like A Boss: To help support the juggle and taking action after your goal setting

Peace: To help balance the heart chakra and heal relationships with yourself and others

Cravings Control: For times of overindulgence and help with opening up and sharing your emotions instead of trying to squash them.

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