Taurus 2020 stars: year ahead

Themes: Bravery, trusting your instincts, showing your true colours
Mood lifters: Singing, dancing, and spa treatments (of course!)

Up for a fresh challenge? Being an earth sign, stability is a powerful motivator for you, but this year, Uranus (the planet of change, invention and innovation) is shaking things up and encouraging you to take a few more risks than usual. New studies might catch your eye, along with intriguing new people and places; as those feet grow itchier, a move or sea-change might even materialise. It’s all about finding your own unique voice – perhaps literally!

Health & wellbeing

Being the zodiac’s foodie, exercise is an essential for you. The trick this year is step outside your usual comfort zone (flamenco, anyone?) and get that adrenaline pumping. If music’s in the mix, all the better – even if it’s in your own living room. January looks hectic, but by February you’ll be ready to rock n roll.

Love and friendship

Singing, dancing, gourmet foods … your love for life’s finer offerings is drawing like-minded people towards you. By winter, your social sector should be sparkling, and as feelings are revealed, a friendship could morph into romance. If you’re looking for love, glam up!

Home & family

Get yourself organised! These social stars could transform you into a social butterfly, but by winter you’ll be ready to cocoon. Home improvements, dinner parties or a fluffy new friend (or bub!) might keep you busy, but this year, life’s simple pleasures will bring your greatest joy.

Lift your spirits in 2020

– Feel-good music and romantic movies should hit your sweet spot
– Meditation, yoga or mindfulness could change your life

Work and money

– Mentoring, teaching or coaching could prove profitable in 2020.
– The May 23 new moon might see you revisiting a canny idea.
– Feeling the pinch? Reassess spending and expenses through June.
– Place a large coin jar in your living room’s south east corner.

Taurus food & fitness style

Good food, fine wine … life’s little luxuries are best appreciated by the discerning Taurian (it’s no coincidence that a disproportionate number of chefs share your sign), but don’t overdo it. If you’re watching your waistline, why not experiment with Japanese dishes or use smaller plates to trick the eye?

As an earthy sign, outdoorsy activities like tennis, riding and bush walking should recharge your body and your soul. If walking alone bores you, grab a friend or fill an ipod with your favourite tunes.

Taurus crystals and gemstones

Aquamarine, emerald (your birth stone and the symbol of successful love), rose quartz, rhodonite, sapphire, topaz, tourmaline (for protection).

Taurus travel style

If it doesn’t feel, taste and look good, forget it. For Taurians, the perfect holiday should relax the body and satisfy the senses. Delicious food is a prerequisite, along with plenty of pampering: spas, massages, facials … and that’s just for starters.

TRY: Luxury spa or health retreat, vineyard, farmstay, culinary tour, outback glamping, theater festival, Blue Mountains heritage hotel, Tasmanian B&B, French farmhouse.

Flower Essences for Taurus in 2020

Manifest: To align your energy with the energy of what you want to bring into your life including money, people and holidays
Truth: To help you speak up for yourself as this is the year for you to find your truth, speak it and put it into action – finding your unique voice.
Cravings Control: For times of overindulgence and help with opening up and sharing your emotions instead of trying to squash them.
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