Cancer 2020 stars: year ahead

Themes: Nurturing existing relationships and forming new ones
Mood lifters: Shared fitness kicks, candlelit dinners and romance

Splash out on some fun new outfits, for you’re turning into the queen of the popularity stakes! As jovial Jupiter heats up your social sector, people will gather like bees to a honeypot (and yes, that could include a lover for singles).

And without even knowing it, your networking skills will power up too; a new business partner might even appear. Creative and fundraising endeavours should prove especially successful, so put those talents to good use.

Health & wellbeing

Need a pick-me-up? Making changes should be a cinch under 2020’s positive patterns, but for longevity, partner up with a like-minded friend or loved one. Clubs and team sports might appeal through summer, while autumn could bring head-clearing walks and roadtrips.

Love and friendship

Group activities will bring out your best, particularly if education, fundraising or fitness is in the mix; you might even step into a leadership role. As people bask in your glow, singles may find themselves spoiled for choice. Destiny is pointing you towards some fascinating people!

Home & family

As your taste for the exotic grows, an interest in usual foods and decorating styles could become an obsession. October’s busy stars could highlight a work-family imbalance, but changes this year should leave you in a happier, healthier place.

Lift your spirits

– Beautiful fabrics and art should reflect you ‘new you’
– Feel-good films and concerts will leave you on a high
– Music with a Latin beat could set the scene for romance

Work and money

– Don’t be shy about taking on a more senior role at work or within a club.
– Mid-January could bring a windfall or stroke of luck; just don’t gamble!
– Circle August 19! It could mark the start of a lucrative new cycle.

Cancer food & fitness style

Your sign craves anything moist and yummy, from juicy melons to casseroles, soups, cakes and risottos… and then, the desserts. With Cancer ruling all things aquatic, it may be time to learn more about seafood. Okay, so you may draw the line at crabs!

Being a water sign, swimming and aquaerobics might hit the spot, or sports like sailing and canoeing may appeal. But let’s not forget, you’re also the zodiac’s homebody, so if swimsuits aren’t your style, stock up on fitness DVDs or convert a spare room into a chilled out space that’s just for you. Pilates and yoga should leave you supple and strong.

Cancer travel style

Sentimental Cancerians love a trip down memory lane, so childhood holiday haunts, catch-ups with friends and historical towns often strike a chord. Alternatively, campervans and houseboats can create a cosy home away from home.

TRY: Caravan or campervan trip, heritage hotel or B&B, Sovereign Hill in Ballarat,  houseboat, family reunion, casino, seaside cabin, train journey, gourmet food and wine region, Pacific island cruise, Scottish or Irish castle

Cancerian gemstones and crystals

Amber, calcite, citrine, emerald, moonstone (soothing and intuitive), opal, pink tourmaline, pearl (your ruling gem).

Flower Essence Blends for Cancer in 2020

Self Love: To support you in making this year more about YOU
Energy: This will help you keep up with your new social and work life balance
Bliss: To balance the sacral chakra and help you connect with yourself and others
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