Aquarius 2020 stars: year ahead

Themes: Expanding your world – and your thinking
Mood lifters: Games, puzzles and quiet holidays

As your quest for meaning intensifies, you’ll be drawn towards some fascinating people and places. For some, a major move might materialise, while for others, an inventive idea will create a buzz.

Winter should provide a taste of things to come, so if you’re feeling uncertain or a tad overwhelmed, sample a few options – and don’t be afraid to backtrack or update your skills. By next summer you should be ready to roll!

Health & wellbeing

Feeling adventurous? Outdoor pursuits like hiking and cycling could lure you in this year, along with camping or caravanning; by mid-spring, a full-scale expedition might beckon. With serious Saturn nudging you into action, you’re up for a challenge – just watch those knees.

Love and friendship

Get ready to mingle! Lively new people are about to enter your orbit, via the kids or a local club. By March, your social life should be pumping, while singles could find themselves flirting up a storm – even if it is online. Games and sporting events look like fun through winter; you might even play coach.

Home & family

Home improvements may keep you busy, but amongst the chaos, there’s plenty of fun. Late-Autumn could bring a stream of visitors (and tradies!), while winter’s quieter patterns could rekindle the romance for couples. Time for a bedroom makeover – or that second honeymoon.

Lift your spirits in 2020

– Scented herbs, fragrant flowers and essential oils
– Beautiful art and photos could transform your home
– Pop a tourmaline crystal in you bag for protection

Work and money

– More responsibility is heading your way, so get yourself sorted – perhaps literally!
– Autumn could conjure up an exciting business or money-making idea, but do your research carefully. Meticulous planning is the key to your future success.

Aquarius travel style

Being freedom-lovers, Aquarians like to explore and do their own thing. Stumbling across an unspoilt beach, a virgin rainforest or an exotic bazar is what it’s all about. Aquatic settings often exert a pull, but so do activities that get the heart pumping.

TRY: Sailing the Whitsundays, campervaning, hiking in NZ, cycling holiday, snorkeling in Vanuatu, coastal road trip, outback camping, Observatory visit, Canberra art galleries and museums, Amalfi Coast trek

Aquarius food & fitness style

Sticking to recipes may be your greatest challenge, but those personal touches can turn meals into masterpieces. Unusual ingredients should make cooking more fun, so try to include rare herbs and spices. Your sign also rules citrus, so pull out that juicer and start experimenting.

Being the zodiac’s eccentric, you like to make a splash. Aquatic sports like swimming, sailing and aquaerobics should sooth your inner water baby, though being an air-ruled sign, flying (on trapezes, flying foxes or in airplanes) might also hit the spot. If you’re over the gym, look for adventurous sports and get that adrenaline pumping.

Aquarius gemstones and crystals

Aquamarine and amethyst (your ruling stones), angelite, blue celestite, chrysoprase, fluorite, moonstone, turquoise – to support clear communication.

Flower Essences Blends for Aquarius in 2020

Spirit: To support your quest for meaning and allow you to be open to what needs to be heard from your higher self
Focus: To help support you with any new skill updates and increase your mental clarity and concentration.
Intuition: To balance the third eye chakra helping you with decision making
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