Aries 2018 stars: year ahead

Thinking of slowing down? With so much on offer, that’s unlikely this year! Not only are your career and finance sectors beginning to shimmer, that adventurous streak is hankering for action. By spring, you’ll be full of amazing ideas and rearing to go, but until then, balance all that hard work with plenty of play.

Love & friendship

Wishing for more hours in the day? Don’t let your relationships get squeezed out! Make time for family and friends, and if need be, schedule in regular date nights. Easter could bring a spirit-lifting celebration, while May’s sensual stars will awaken that romantic streak. June will bring a whirl of social events … singles might be swept off their feet. Look for someone who’s cute and canny, your winning combo.

Cash & career

Look out world! Saturn is turning you into a mover and shaker – just watch those workaholic tendencies. As your natural enthusiasm increases, obstacles will turn into stepping stones and your reputation will grow. Autumn’s business-savvy stars could propel you into a more responsible role, while winter’s fortuitous patterns might boost your bottom line. Moneywise, you’re on the brink of a whole new era!

Health & wellbeing

Life looks busy, but staying healthy isn’t optional, it’s essential. Group exercise should keep you motivated, so join forces with friends or colleagues. From autumn, social pursuits like tennis should hit the spot, along with stress-busting yoga or Tai Chi. If bad habits creep in through winter, circle September 10: under the supercharged new moon health kicks should fly. By October, they’ll be no holding you back!

Aries food & fitness style

Aries, your big personality needs big flavours. Onions, leeks and chillies fit perfectly with your palate, as does almost anything Asian or Indian. Being a busy person, it’s all about maximum flavor in minimum time, so cooking up big batches and freezing portions for later makes sense.

Staying active should help to burn off some of that pent-up energy (much to the relief of your loved ones); if you’re finding it hard to stay motivated, join a team or revisit a sport that you loved as a child. Anything too slow will lose you, so choose activities that get the heart pumping. Power or Ashtanga yoga, touch footy, boxercise, marathons, mountain climbing … the sky’s the limit!

Aries travel style

Sure, it’s nice to lounge around, but when it comes to vacations Aries tend to lean towards outdoorsy, adrenaline-fueled activities. Theme parks, road trips, mountain treks … that pioneering spirit needs to break free, at least once in a while.

TRY: Theme park, Treetop challenge course, Tasmanian hike, Jetboating in NZ, Parasailing in Hawaii, charity road race, Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and the Larapinta Trail in Central Australia, Machu Picctu trek.

Aries crystals and gemstones

Diamonds, rubies (unless anger is an issue), carnelian, amethyst (very soothing), aquamarine, aventurine, garnet, citrine, topaz. I you’d like to order crystals email … I often have a few in stock.

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