Libra 2018 stars: year ahead

Ready for fun? With Mars firing up that enthusiastic side you’ll be leading the charge. These cheeky stars should work wonders for your love life (and libido!), and as your sparkle increases people will gravitate towards you. Work may keep you busy, but 2018 looks exciting, not just socially but moneywise too.

Love & friendship

Ooh la la! For many, 2018 will be bumper-to-bumper with love, sex and romantic encounters. If you’re playing the dating game, circle February 16; that’s when someone special might waltz into your life. Singles will be spoilt for choice in autumn, while couples should reconnect as they change their routines. Candlelit dinners, long walks, or even a spot of counselling should bring back those loving feelings.

Cash & career

Your cash sector is sizzling, but don’t overdo the spending or money might flow out faster than it appears. Repairs or renos may stretch the budget through autumn, but luck, the July 13 eclipse might conjure up a higher paying job. As expansive Jupiter seeks bigger challenges, you may even launch into a new enterprise. Squeezing in holidays could be a challenge, but by spring, more R&R should hit the agenda.

Health & wellbeing

Grab some friends! As your fun and fitness sector merge, tap dancing or beach volleyball might hit your funny bone. On a deeper level, therapies like kinesiology could prove effective, but if a mystery ailment flares through winter, ditch a few chemicals. As Neptune heightens your sensitivity, beautiful sounds and smells will sooth your soul. If the pressure is mounting, why not create a ‘Zen Zone’ that’s just for you?

TIP: Spring’s image-conscious stars could point you towards a cosmetic procedure.

Libra travel style

You appreciate life’s finer offerings, so forget cheap and cheerful and opt for quality instead. A luxury weekend easily trumps a budget holiday, especially if a dash of romance TRY: Second honeymoon, Barossa Valley wine tour, Hong Hong markets, cultural festivals, Floriade in Canberra, Tasmanian B&B, opal fossicking, Chelsea Garden Show, 5-star Parisian hotel.

Libra food & fitness style

For Librans, food needs to look as good as it tastes. Beautifully presented platters should have you salivating, but opt for the savoury options where possible. Lebanese food is ideal, being nutritious, tasty and colourful, but go easy on the baklava and experiment with berries instead.

Sweaty sports and activities might leave you cold, that’s unless dancing or socialising is involved. If exercise is a stop-start affair for you, finding a chatty exercise buddy could make all the difference. Away from the dance floor, look for activities that encourage symmetry, like walking, swimming and Pilates, or join a sporting club.

Libra gemstones and crystals

Opals and sapphires (your ruling gems), aquamarine, aventurine, jade, lapis lazuli, peridot, topaz, amethyst, sapphire, rose quartz (the stone of love). I you’d like to order crystals email … I often have a few in stock.

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