Pisces 2018 stars: year ahead

Let that imagination soar! As Jupiter heightens your curiosity, new people, places and topics will draw you in; 2018’s adventurous stars might even bring a mind-expanding holiday. As your dreams begin to change, so too will your circle of friends, but the cosmos is creating space for people who will help you to evolve.

Love & friendship

Smile! External pressures may be growing, but for couples, 2018 should bring a fresh sense of solidarity. April’s hyperactive planets will propel you into your local community, but as winter approaches, faraway places will set the scene for love. As a bonus, the July eclipse might bring a beautiful baby or lover, for you or a child. Saturn may expose someone’s true colours, but don’t stress, loving relationships will thrive.

Cash & career

If your job’s wearing you down, change is on the horizon. Some Fish may even switch careers, or a creative pastime could become lucrative, but even if you’re staying put, skills will be improved with training or conferences. Expenses may be steep through autumn, but injections of cash may come from unusual places (or generous people!). By November, you’ll be spoilt for choice, so start imaging the future you want.

Health & wellbeing

Knowledge is a powerful tool, so start swatting up! As you learn more, pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. The January 31 eclipse could highlight an underlying issue, but it might also prompt big changes, including a new fitness kick. If sensitivities flare up through winter, reassess medicines, organise tests (hormones in particular) and look at natural therapies. As always, yoga and meditation suit you perfectly.

TIP: If spending spirals over Easter, the April 16 new moon should get you back on track.

Pisces travel style

Holidays that refresh the body and sooth the soul tend to suit Pisceans best. Whether it’s reconnecting with nature or soaking up some culture, regular recharges are essential. Out of the way retreats, urban art galleries, poolside deckchairs … it’s all good.

TRY: Beachside shack, Seaworld on Gold Coast, Moree hot springs, film festival, yoga retreat, Murray River houseboat, Philip Island penguin tour, Louvre in Paris, swimming with dolphins

Pisces food & fitness style

Your sensitive system responds well to light foods such as stir-fries, salads and Asian-style soups. Fish (either fresh or tinned) and lean meat are also great, but steer clear of fatty cuts. Many Pisceans suffer from allergies, especially in childhood, so where possible, go chemical free.

Turn up the volume and get that bootie shaking! Dancing is your astral wonder-drug, Pisces, along with watery pursuits like swimming, sailing and aquaerobics. If you can’t find a pool or beach, look for a gym that offers Zumba or bliss out with yoga. Recharge your batteries by getting back to the basics: fresh air, deep breathing, peace and quiet.

Pisces gemstones and crystals

Rose quartz (to attract love and romance), amethyst and moonstone (your ruling stones), blue lace agate, fluorite, turquoise. I you’d like to order crystals email me at jennyblume@iprimus.com.au … I often have a few in stock.

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