Leo 2018 stars: year ahead

It’s the organised new you! This year, it’s all about making improvements – to your home, your health and your quality of life. As Jupiter heightens those nesting instincts, you might even move or renovate. By 2019 a new business might be up and running, along with an exciting creative project, so brush up your skills.

Love & friendship

Surrounded by drama? Dealing with meltdowns can be exhausting, so draw a few boundaries and schedule plenty of debriefs with friends: their off-beat take on things will be just the tonic you need. August could bring a breakthrough or decision for couples, and as spring unfolds, a fresh sense of optimism should begin to shine through. By summer, celebrations may be in order … and it’s just a taste of things to come!

Cash & career

Decisions, decisions. The cosmos is encouraging you to step up, but if playing politics is getting you down, winter’s restless stars will get you thinking. Shake-ups may feel unsettling, but Uranus is paving the way for fresh challenges. Just avoid following the crowd, for successes will stem from your unique talents. August’s lucky stars could bring a gorgeous gift or offer – or perhaps it will be you giving a helping hand?

Health & wellbeing

As Saturn turns your discipline dial to high, a desire to improve your health could become an obsession. Forming new habits should be a cinch, especially after the January 17 new moon, so dust off your exercise gear and prepare to kick goals. Autumn’s outdoorsy stars might step things up a notch, but if you’re feeling frazzled, look to Zen pursuits like yoga and Tai Chi. A winter retreat might be worth its weight in gold.

TIP: Talks through winter may be intense but could lead to life-changing decisions.


Leo food & fitness style

Leos aren’t known for their love of moderation. But forget the old ‘feast or famine’ approach and instead aim for high-energy meals that include plenty of protein. Cooking is a creative outlet for you, so look for unusual tableware and serving platters and turn everyday meals into feasts.

As kids, little Lions are bounding with energy, so if you’ve become sedentary with age, look to childhood for inspiration. Active yoga, like ashtanga or power, might awaken your inner gymnast, or if you’re feeling brave, why not learn tango or circus skills? In the end though, anything involving people or fun is perfect: group walks, gym classes, team sports, it’s all good.

Leo gemstones and crystals

Carnelian, cat’s or tiger’s eye, citrine (like the sun’s rays), golden beryl, orange calcite, clear quartz, rhodochrosite, ruby, topaz. I you’d like to order any crystals please email me at jennyblume@iprimus.com.au … I often have a few in stock.

Leo travel style

This energetic sign loves excitement and adventure, but rather than roughing it, luxury and glamour are more their style. Of course, if adrenaline is involved they’re likely to be first in line. Rollercoasters, theatre tours, bungee jumps, it’s all good.

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