Cancer 2018 stars: year ahead

You’re a caring person, but if ‘me time’ has been squeezed out of the picture, the rules may need a rethink. Those creative juices – and that business brain! – need an outlet, and after the dynamic July 13 eclipse, there’ll be no holding back. It’s all about reinventing yourself and putting those amazing talents to use.

Love & friendship

No more Ms Nice Guy! Saturn is about to shake up your love sphere, so if cracks appear, don’t ignore them: they will only grow wider. If things feel wobbly through April, make time to talk or reconnect through shared pursuits. For singles, a creative type might press all the right buttons; under spring’s heart-charged patterns, lovebirds may even move in together or a long-term lover could propose marriage.

Cash & career

Your inner wheeler and dealer is poised for action. Auctions and online sales could prove profitable, so brush up those computer skills. At work, autumn shake-ups are almost guaranteed, but, the April new moon could bring a lightbulb moment. July’s lucky stars could conjure up a gorgeous gift, and as your confidence climbs, a business idea may get you excited. Rally support or do your homework until August, then dive in!

Health & wellbeing

Woohoo! Saturn’s exit from your health sector spells good news. Not should those energy levels lift, aches and pains might ease almost overnight. Adding to the buzz, Jupiter is adding more fun to the mix, while Neptune is enhancing that creative streak. Music should feed your soul, along with therapies like Reiki and kinesiology. Jupiter tends to enhance fertility, so if family expansion is on your wishlist, get cracking.

TIP: Find an outlet and pour those pent-up emotions into a creative project.

Health & wellbeing

Feeling a little stiff? Blame Saturn … then look for pastimes that promote flexibility and mobility. Yoga, dancing and swimming should loosen you up, along with massages and sessions in the sauna. Shaping a new you should be easy under autumn’s disciplined sky: diets, weight training or a spot of surgery could produce pleasing results, while spring’s chatty stars might point you towards social tennis or a fun walking group. From October, a wonderfully fertile energy will begin to flood your chart, so take care – or go for it.

Cancer food & fitness style

Your sign craves anything moist and yummy, from juicy melons to casseroles, soups, cakes and risottos… and then, the desserts. With Cancer ruling all things aquatic, it may be time to learn more about seafood. Okay, so you may draw the line at crabs, but your thighs will thank you.

Being a water sign, swimming and aquaerobics might hit the spot, or sports like sailing and canoeing may appeal. But let’s not forget, you’re also the zodiac’s homebody, so if swimsuits aren’t your style, stock up on fitness DVDs or convert a spare room into a chilled out space that’s just for you. Pilates and yoga should leave you supple and strong.

Cancer travel style

Sentimental Cancerians love a trip down memory lane, so childhood holiday haunts, catch-ups with friends and historical towns often strike a chord. Alternatively, campervans and houseboats can create a cosy home away from home.

TRY: Caravan or campervan trip, heritage hotel or B&B, Sovereign Hill in Ballarat,  houseboat, family reunion, casino, seaside cabin, train journey, gourmet food and wine region, Pacific island cruise, Scottish or Irish castle

Cancerian gemstones and crystals

Amber, calcite, citrine, emerald, moonstone (soothing and intuitive), opal, pink tourmaline, pearl (your ruling gem). I you’d like to order crystals email … I often have a few in stock.

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