Aquarius 2018 stars: year ahead

Fuel up! Things may start at a relaxed pace, but when Mars bursts into your sign on May 17, life will speed up. Not only will you take on something new, fears will be conquered, and goals will be kicked. Balancing your personal needs with work and family won’t be easy, but there will be plenty of feel-good pit stops.

Love & friendship

“I am woman, hear me roar!” As Mars boosts your bravado, a desire to assert yourself will grow and intensify. Relationships may be tested, but loving couples should emerge united. There’s loads of fun in store too. Venus will transform you into a social butterfly through April (singles take note), and by June, your feminine charms will hit peak. If that adventurous spirit needs satisfying, plan in plenty of trips away.

Cash & career

Your hard work will pay dividends this year, not just financially but career-wise as well. Many Aquarians are hitting an eleven-year high, just don’t stretch yourself too thin or winter could bring a reappraisal. Loyalties will be tested through spring, but as your confidence grows, you’ll play the game like a pro. If shyness has been holding you back, sign up for a public speaking course and let that inner light shine.

Health & wellbeing

Forget about lounging around this year! Physical activity will help to burn off that stress, so take your trainers to work or invest in a bike. Throughout autumn, that adventurous, outdoorsy streak will be hard to contain, while winter’s reflective patterns could point you towards nature retreats and romantic getaways. If the mid-July eclipse brings a wake-up call, don’t ignore it: even small changes could make a difference.

TIP: Niggling pain? Release the tension with regular massages and Pilates classes.

Aquarius travel style

Being freedom-lovers, Aquarians like to explore and do their own thing. Stumbling across an unspoilt beach, a virgin rainforest or an exotic bazar is what it’s all about. Aquatic settings often exert a pull, but so do activities that get the heart pumping.

TRY: Sailing the Whitsundays, campervaning, hiking in NZ, cycling holiday, snorkeling in Vanuatu, coastal road trip, outback camping, Observatory visit, Canberra art galleries and museums, Amalfi Coast trek

Aquarius food & fitness style

Sticking to recipes may be your greatest challenge, but those personal touches can turn meals into masterpieces. Unusual ingredients should make cooking more fun, so try to include rare herbs and spices. Your sign also rules citrus, so pull out that juicer and start experimenting.

Being the zodiac’s eccentric, you like to make a splash. Aquatic sports like swimming, sailing and aquaerobics should sooth your inner water baby, though being an air-ruled sign, flying (on trapezes, flying foxes or quite literally, in airplanes) might also hit the spot. If you’re over the gym, look for adventurous, outdoorsy sports and get that adrenaline pumping.

Aquarius gemstones and crystals

Aquamarine and amethyst (your ruling stones), angelite, blue celestite, chrysoprase, fluorite, moonstone, turquoise – to support clear communication. Please email if you’d like to order crystals.

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