Taurus 2017 stars: your year ahead

Ready for good news? If you’ve turned into a worry-wart of late, 2017 should leave you in a healthier, happier place. After a hectic few months it’s time to ease off that accelerator, at least for a while, and reap a few well-earned rewards. There might even be a spirit-lifting holiday in the works, while for younger Bulls, exciting study- or travel-related plans could take shape.

Spring should bring a whirl of social events: weddings, parties, fundraisers … and for couples, a romantic getaway might be icing on the cake. Setting up an online bank account might be a smart idea, for over the next few years those itchy feet will need scratching.

2017 keywords: social, expressive, security-conscious, unbalanced, health-oriented … worry about security

Love & friendship

Searching for balance and harmony? That Taurean work ethic is admirable, but don’t let your personal life pay the price. The key is multitasking: shared walks, lunchtime yoga or family-friendly pastimes like boating or hiking. For long term couples, September’s sparkling sky should recharge your relationship and your spirits, while singles might bump into romance as they get fit. A dashing new love interest might even waltz into your life. Jupiter’s arrival in your love and passion sphere from mid-October spells F-U-N!

Cash & career

As that savvy streak intensifies, your ability to strike a deal might prove impressive. Home improvements could beckon through February, but don’t overdo it, for winter’s unsettled patterns might bring a change of heart. As the August eclipse reverberates, some Bulls might even decide to switch jobs or relocate. More flexibility and a better work-life balance may be overriding concerns. October’s lucky stars could bring pleasant surprises and cash bonuses, and as your situation improves, a dream could move a step closer.

Health & wellbeing

If your energy levels fluctuating, look for ways to lower those stress levels, then rein in that sweet tooth. Whether it’s via hypnosis, counseling or marathon heart-to-hearts, autumn will bring lightbulb moments – and a new plan of attack. An alternative therapy like Reiki might even reel you in. Music should also prove therapeutic, so grab an ipod or if you’re a frustrated soprano, join a local choir. As Jupiter increases the social whirl through spring, watch those wines and stock your freezer with healthy, home-cooked meals.

Taurus food & fitness style

Good food, fine wine … life’s little luxuries are best appreciated by the discerning Taurian (it’s no coincidence that a disproportionate number of chefs share your sign), but don’t overdo it. If you’re watching your waistline, why not experiment with Japanese dishes or use smaller plates to trick the eye?

Being the zodiac’s foodie, regular exercise is essential for you. Anything involving music should hit the spot, so why not try dance classes or pump up the volume at home?

As an earthy sign, outdoorsy activities like tennis, riding and bush walking should recharge your body and your soul. If walking alone bores you, grab a friend or fill an ipod with your favourite tunes.

Taurus crystals and gemstones

Aquamarine, emerald (your birth stone and the symbol of successful love), rose quartz, rhodonite, sapphire, topaz, tourmaline. I you’d like to order any crystals please email  jennyblume@iprimus.com.au … I often have a few in stock.

Taurus travel style

If it doesn’t feel, taste and look good, forget it. For Taurians, the perfect holiday should relax the body and satisfy the senses. Delicious food is a prerequisite, along with plenty of pampering: spas, massages, facials … and that’s just for starters.

TRY: Luxury spa or health retreat, vineyard, farmstay, culinary tour, outback glamping, theater festival, Blue Mountains heritage hotel, Tasmanian B&B, French farmhouse.

Flower essences for 2017

Alisha, the ‘Naughty Naturopath Mum’, and I got together recently and matched up a few flower essence blends to each star sign; her drops are formulated to support your energetic shifts throughout 2017.
Help: To ease any feelings of distress and worry you may be feeling from the previous year
Sweet dreams: For anyone finding that worry is impairing sleep
Bliss: To balance the sacral chakra and help you connect with yourself and others

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